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Discussion: WHAT R U TRYING to do LVSSA?

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March 27, 2005
Men's 50
535 posts
This wk our club will be voting on new rules. One will be to use a 4" wider by 6" longer mat. If, u don't want this, THEN E-MAIL the following persons.
March 28, 2005
192 posts
I wish I could vote but they will not let me play there either this year with the Mavericks. My AAA team will not come to the LVSSA ever again and I don't know why so I am sol.
March 28, 2005
mad dog
Men's 65
4149 posts
hi stoney,as one who pitches i'm all for the bigger mat.i firgure the batter has an advantage anyway so lets help the pitcher.hey its slowpitch and u know where the ball has to hit for it to be a strike.jmo
March 28, 2005
Men's 50
3114 posts
Bigger mat is better.
With the 4-3 balls/strikes situation
the batter has the advantage.
It helps contribute to a one-sided idea that offense is more integral to the game than defense.
And that just ain't so...

March 28, 2005
Men's 50
535 posts
With a wider & longer mat, the ball will not have to cross the plate. With pitchers toss' the ball 5' behind the rubber & or 3' from the left or right side of the rubber, there will be more strikes. Just remember that some pitchers can toss up curve balls & some balls will ride the wind. Also, the batters box is only 3.5' wide. Pitchers will now get the short, long, & wider strike zone.
Have fun hitting a ball that is tossed 3' from one side of the rubber, that curves 2' to 4' due to the wind & a good pitchers ability.
March 28, 2005
Men's 70
515 posts
If SPA does this it may even up the pitcher a little bit with the batter.
The SPA has a batters box that is basically a big round circle from the 3rd base line around back of the umpire to the 1st base side.
It is about 10 feet wide.
I ask an umpire at a tournament in Plano, "What is this big circle"?
He said I could stand anywhere in this 10' circle and hit the ball.
For a batter that wants to go to right field there is no way a pitcher can put a pitch on the inside of the plate the batter can nnot step back and hit to right field. I do not think that is fair, but that is the way it appears to be done.
Stoneman, if all orgs does this guess we will find out what happens.
Have a good season.
March 29, 2005
stig 52
Men's 50
46 posts
I have palyed in Plano and other SPA Tournaments and have never heard or seen the batter's circle. The rule book calls for a 3' X 7' batters box. I agree the mat should be wider but also the batters box should be longer in front of the plate. In order to hit a short pitch on the front of the plate it requires a batter to be standing or running further in front of the plate in order to catch the ball higher.
March 29, 2005
59 posts
Stoneman, I too had been adamantly opposed to such a strike mat until we played the last 5 years or so in Canada where this extened plate was used. It really works great, and NO, I am not a pitcher. We are a Major Plus team and it actually improved the game. It is better than the 3 ball 2 strike form or using the umpire's discretion regarding the ball passing through some imaginary strike zone. Canada's games generally last 7 innings and we see no increase in strike-outs. It reduces the number of walks and did not increase strike-outs because the batter can step in or out as the pitch reaches it's apex. I just wish we could adopt it uniformly. Of course, no one likes change, but it really is not a major issue during the game.
March 30, 2005
Men's 50
64 posts
Would it make sense to keep the mat size the same in all associations, whatever the size is so long as it's the same? AND...on another topic. Would it make sense to have the LVSSA 50s tournament the weekend of Oct 15/16 & or 17th if needed? (17th is the Monday) That way we & many other 50s teams could play in all three tournaments during the two-week stretch...Huntsman Oct 10/14 - LVSSA Oct 15/16/17 & SSUSA in Phoenix Oct 20/23.

Based on current scheduling; our team will play Huntsman and then have nothing to do for 5-days until the SSWC tournaments starts in Phoenix and we could be available to play during that time period of Oct 15 17.
March 30, 2005
Men's 40
48 posts
10' circle as a batters box?? Sounds a little odd. I will say that having a larger mat is better for the pitchers. As for the hitters, this is no different than playing in ASA, NSA, ISA or USSSA where it's a strike zone format. Full count, gotta be, make an adjustment and go for it. I don't really think the larger mat will make much difference to the guys who can hit....which covers most of us old farts!

BTW-Walk; I'm in SoCal...I know a few of the Mavericks, Mike Adair, Bully, just curious who you are. Saw you guys play at The Yard a few months back. Your squad looked good. You all should do well this year.
Will you be in Reno in June? Hope to meet you sometime.

Mike Williams
Old School 40's
May 8, 2005
Men's 55
6 posts
The best thing to do is to get rid of the stupid mat and go back to real softball. The mat discreminates against the shoter players and promotes walks ,which lenghtens games. A ball pitched at 6' can land 5 ' behind the plate and still be a strike on taller players without the mat. also , you are taught all your life to not swing at a pitch that would hit the plate. However, if we must play with a mat ,I am for a larger mat.
May 8, 2005
Gary Heifner
248 posts
I personally like the mat. Too many umps have a different opinion on what a strike is. I believe that a larger mat when combined with the plate as a strike will give the pitchers a huge advantage. Most of us are rotational hitters. We place our feet in one sport and hit. A good pitcher will really make it rough on a rotational hitters. I believe you will see a lot of hitters go more linear or as some call it a 2 step or shuffle hitter. Those who are already doing it will have quite an advantage.
May 9, 2005
Legends 11
44 posts
I agree with both widing the mat and lengthing it as well. I don't travel thousands of miles a year to walk (only if pitchers are really struggling). Come on guys, the game is suppossed to be fun so let's go to HIT! Widen the "MAT"
May 9, 2005
Men's 60
76 posts
I agree with wider mat,but this may cause more batters hiting the middle.I do not like the idea of 6 " longer mat with plate being a strike its just to big a strike zone to cover without running in box which most hitters do not do & a rule was just put in to eliminate running in batters box
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