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Discussion: Nor cal and So cal

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Oct. 26, 2009
158 posts
Nor cal and So cal
I think with the number of talented teams, it would be nice if we could get the souther ca. teams and norther ca. teams to play each other more. Also maybe halfway through the year an all-star game north vs south and help make money for both organizations. 40 -70. I realyy see alot of room for promotion and freindship. I am sure that most senior bat and shoe manufactures would help out. We have some nice facilities and we should make this a yearly event.
Oct. 26, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
I tried to do that for 3-4 years, some nor cal came down some so cal teams also came up, but ncssa kind a blackballed me because I was taking from their tourneys and wouldn't post tournaments.
T's were too costly in reality to do at either the Fresno main complex with 5 fields or the FOD with only 3. Both were 1525.00 field use for both days, back then, plus additional add ons for city and then the umps, awards, & ins, make it out of reach for the FOD which I could use the U-2 at and only border line at the regional where you can't use the U-2. At least back then...
That was my goal and my theme as it were.
Would be nice though.
Oct. 26, 2009
158 posts
Well i would offer my services as to help organize this event. Why would nor-cal even be worried, this creates different teams instead of all the same teams. I know the umpire in chief from usssa and im sure they would be willing to help. I played in a usssa senior tournament in concord and it was great. I remember in the old days we used to play LA teams all the time and it wasn't about money, it was the sportman's ship and freindships that people made. Im sure there r some pretty good sponsors that would step up and a small entrance feel and an organization formed to sell food. We made tostada's sold them for 2.00 and i think it cost us 30 cents to make them. We can do this and people as far as shirts, food umpires and feilds can be organized with the help of volunteers. U had a great idea so lets make it happen.
Oct. 26, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
1. Quality umps in this area are lacking only a few GOOD ones. I had a no show at one of these I put on which caused a problem.
Only reason I can verify now, is that the current TD's basically are the same ones as back then. They want the $$ going into their pocket instead of another or trying to build another area for competition to make travel easier for both sides. (my idea) Like your stepping on some toes or something.
Good old days are just that; Days past. But the all about the money is the new breed of TD. as it were it seems.
2. Finding dates that would NOT CONFLICT with any up or down would be a problem, The same teams go to the same tourneys put on by the same TD, almost like clockwork.
3. Finding a date available for either park would take almost an act of congress, because they use a priority based system. I.e. if you have been there recently or often you get 1st dibs as it were, etc , etc., with other considerations as well.
If you have not put a tournament on yourself, and I mean by your self or say with one other person, you do not know what it takes, i.e. the time, calls, trouble, scheduling rating, etc.
There are roughly 5-6 teams from the so that would travel up, and MAYBE 4-5 come down.
Break even BACK THEN was 12 teams. That is the most I ever got.

I'd be glad to supply you with team names, but I know some have split, gone up in rankings and age.
My web site is long since shut down, ( or org) but you might find remnants of what I offered and all somewhere.
Best chance here is the FOD, but would have to split weekends and last I was there the grass sucked. The park sat vacant & unused for almost 2 years. Just started back up this year. I know the league fees increased 50 a team to 400 and only 10 games... so I doubt it is feasible given the rise in cost and you'd be limited to 18 teams, so you don't play at night... Getting dark now earlier so bad to even think about it except to PLAN for...
There is no way possible to avoid a conflict from another assn. North, South or SSUSA. All you can do is try to pick a weekend away from what you assume to be a big event for another assn. That is what I tried to do.
Then you have the problem that some team like to only go every other weekend, so trying to squeeze in is another problem...

Long read but that is the crux of it all.
Oct. 26, 2009
65 posts
Look for tournaments in Santa Maria (2), Morro Bay (3), Paso Robles (2), Tulare and Hanford areas next year.
Some teams from Northern Cal showed up and a good amount of teams from Southern Cal showed up. The TD was Ike Pursell and he balances the tourney entries to insure the competition is as equal as possible. The NCSSA has his web sight availalbe for the Fresno area. Contact him for his entire schedule.
Oct. 26, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
You and I both know Ike has illegal stuff going on, but what ASA doesn't know, obviously doesn't affect it. Some good teams were, at Paso for the so called TOC they have, last time, I'll agree, but with some mixed ages playing & illegal player(s) too. Family run for the most part. But it's a tournament. Probably much better that Fernando Perales ever did out of Merced, that's for sure.
So, in PHX, who did you play for Game On or Torres? Maybe both, since I see you with both and both were there.
Oct. 28, 2009
Omar Khayyam
1241 posts
Keep thinking taits! I love the idea of a nocal/socal tournament and/or all-star teams meeting in mid state. Only time we ever see socal teams is in Reno and it is fun to play an unknown team from one's own state. Why not poll the managers and see if you could get some firm commitments before trying to put together a tournament. Most guys on my team would go Fresno/Bakersfield I would guess (they drive to Palm Springs and to Medford). Keep dreaming and trying. Good idea, barrym.
Oct. 28, 2009
158 posts
Look we are all adults and love softball, thats why we play. I see no reason than our selves why we couldn't make this happen. Are life's are not getting any longer.If there is a will there is a way someone had to start senior softball. Bragging rights are good in sports and just think of all the fun and freinds you meet and family members can come together for picnics or whatever. As long as we don't interfer with senior softball rules it just another tournament.
Nov. 1, 2009
12 posts
OTE would love to go play Nor Cal teams. We would go to Fresno or Bakerfieds to play as longs it does not conflict with schedule in the up and coming season. If anybody can make this happen just give me a call.

Jerry Smith
Nov. 1, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Terrific idea, Barry.
NorCal Association can be found
at NCSSA on the web and more contacts
can be made and gotten there.
In the roster section
coaches names and phone numbers
are visible atop the rosters
for each team.
Nov. 1, 2009
Men's 60
873 posts
I asked Terry 2 years ago about rotating the Cal Cup between So Cal & Nor Cal, he told me they were already looking into it, last year I talked to Fran about the same thing, she told me if we can find appropiate fields they would be willing to look at it again. We do the leg work they reap the benifits.
Nov. 2, 2009
353 posts
The first of October I held a tourney in Merced, with 6 of the top teams in Nor Cal. (1)5 Spot,(2)Eastbay Oldies, (8)Stanislaus Slugger, (15)Conklin Brother (17)No Dice,(19)Quicksilver They used it as a tune up for the World in Phoenix and for the Huntsman Games. Contact the teams that played thru link on the NCSSA website link for teams & rooster. They too can provide info on the City of Merced, parks, balls and rule variances, ect.
I would love for this Tourney to be a venue for a Nor Cal- So Cal event. I would use the ranking systems of Nor Cal, Senior Softball Summit Rankings from all of the Associations to bracket teams. The only obstacle I see is the registration fees when held in north or south. I would make the Nor Cal fee as a part of the entry fee. Then there is no issue other than bragging rights. I plan to hold 3 tourneys next year it would be good to play in an early event. Lets' get this going! For more info contact me at (209)617-2824
Nov. 2, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
You better find a better place to play than Atwater.
Herb ??? Rainbow???
Tuneup for Phx maybe, but Quicksilver was the only one to attend Huntsman.
NCSSA doesn't rank like the other assns or even close, in reality. One would have to separate all ages from each side of the list and put it together to come up with something close.
Tulare is out for use of the U-2, Fresno wavers on it.
But it would be nice to see them meet in the middle & play, as I called it.
Nov. 3, 2009
353 posts
I will be using Merced next year for tourney as stated above. 3 fields available At joe Herb and one more At Berisconni Park at the north east end of town.If there is a high interest then (24+ teams)I would use the Atwater fields.
The Stanislaus Sluggers didn't travel to the world or St. George. Quicksilver went to St. George and earned Medals. The other 4 went to Phoenix.
We didn't go to the World this year due to injuries suffered in the Vegas World Master tourney. Trying to get back on track. Did well in Pleasanton a couple weeks ago. Now gettng ready for Winter world in Vegas.
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