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Discussion: To sue or not to sue

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Nov. 5, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
To sue or not to sue
Mr. Meyer let us use
his fallow farm field
to start our little league.
The fathers of our community
were grateful,
agreed and enforced that
no one would sue him or anyone else while on his field
as this would both punish Mr. Meyer
for his generosity
and cause the entire community
to lose the use of the field
and all it's benefits.

I remember my father telling me how lawyers and litigious citizens
could and would ruin the sense of community we were taught was necessary
to live together well
if we weren't careful.
We needed to work things out
with one another, boy to boy,
man to man, family to family
and I can talk till tomorrow remembering all the sit-downs,
pow-ows, and meetings
that were called and held
to settle conflicts
within our community.
Those were the best of times for us
in Hartsdale, New York, and
truly our golden years.

I got my arm broken and jaw hit
playing senior softball
in the last 2 years.
Some guys told me
I should try and sue for damages.
Sue who?
Don Clatterbaugh,
my ex-teammate and friend?
Fran and Dave of SSUSA whose generosity and consideration provided me
with the opportunity to play senior softball this year?
And possibly risk
making playing softball so expensive
me and my friends might not be able
to play anymore?
Or dumbing down the balls so players can't enjoy playing softball
in a way most of them love it
and want to play?
Hell no.

I was raised that suing
a member of my community was wrong,
selfish and self centered,
could cause many others to lose opportunities and experiences
they deserved and worked hard to enjoy.
And suing often brings outsiders like lawyers, judges and media in,
making THEM powerful
inside a community without the identity and caring of its consituents.
The stakes and consequences change
and soon
everything is out of whack,
perspective is lost,
costs are high,
punishments are excessive
and long lived,
the community gets fractured
and it's fabric torn.
All because one or both parties,
selfishly didn't want
to settle their beef.

I'm hearing that someone wants
to sue me for things
I've said on the website.
I don't want to sue anyone
for things anyone has said about me, right or wrong.
That's not the way I operate or think is best for me or our community.

I like to make my point and be heard,
stimulate interest,
sometimes confront and teach and
not punish or try to destroy or incarcerate anyone.
I want and encourage
anyone to contact me
to meet and settle meaningful differences or arguments we might have.
I believe this process is positive and redeeming and brings hope
to people and communities that we can learn to live, go and grow together.

Yet, I won't be intimidated by anyone or run from any fight.
I'm accountable for myself and my actions, once and forever.
And I will defend myself
against any self centered man or entity that would go outside the context
of our community and try to punish me,
irrespective of the consequences
to all
for whatever I have meant
and said within.
Nov. 6, 2009
Men's 50
1375 posts
You were doing so well, until you turned this into another one of your personal crusades.

Joe, take a step back and understand everything in this sport is not about you.
Nov. 6, 2009
729 posts
The law is the law, and slander and libel is illegal. You have hurt many good hard working people outside of this comminity and continue to do so everyday with your continued banter.
I would like you to explain to our 200+ employees why you want to hurt them financially, 198 of them don't even know you exsist.
Nov. 6, 2009
Men's 50
1375 posts
And the others probably wish they didn't.
Nov. 6, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
From where I read\sit:
I doubt you were REALLY "HURT".
Other than the possibility of not getting a substantial acct added to your portfolio.... yet. But still working the crowd to get it.
I doubt too Joe conversed with those 200 personally or they even read the stuff unless you emailed all of them and had them read it in company memos.
Too bad all that couldn't have been taken\done via your personal emails since you both have each others and no doubt phone numbers.

Vindictive, revenge, retribution, who knows the why, I don't.
But I do see it as a loss of sales for 52\275 balls here (ssusa) and I am glad for that one.
Unless you miss mark them.
But you still have ASA to hawk them too, they do most any what I call stamp approval for some cash.
Of they ban it. I guess that's another business type as well. imo
Still what ever is used, both will be using it. And we really don't know what it is.
Nov. 6, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts

I don't want to hurt them or you, financially or
in any way, not one of them for a penny or a second.
I don't want to hurt you
as you're a good person and a terrific business man
and have said so numerous times.
You have said on numerous occasions
that more people were buying your products because of me
and I believed you
and it was never my intention
to stop them from doing so
in the first place and said so numerous times.

I think Combat bats, especially the grey senior and Machenko models
are fabulous senior bats and have said so often.
I think Mike Macenko is a great ambassador for senior softball
and you couldn't have picked a better guy to represent you and us.
I've bought half a dozen or so of the grey senior ones
and will get another one soon.
I think the micro cell ball you have developed
which I didn't like at first is the best ball right now that seniors can use
to keep our game fun and worthy of our continued investment in senior ball
and I've said so
more than once.
I think the Trump Stote ball
is a better ball given standards
for balls that are prominent, today.

I've apologized numerous times
to you publicly and privately
for my part in making this personal between you and me.
It's regrettable and embarrassing to me for both of us, then and now.

I've been trying to promote good and lively balls
for all of us to use
as I think this is critical to the enjoyment of senior softball
On this perhaps, we disagree but that's no crime against either one of us.

Let me be clear.
I mean you and your company
no real harm, then, now or ever
and have wanted the personal matter
between us over for quite some time
I will apologize again
openly once and for all for having said anything that has hurt
or embarrassed you in any way.

Kevin, I'm sorry about all of this.
I'd like it to be over for you, me and everyone else.

We are members of the same valued senior softball community
and can work together for ourselves and others
going forward, I know we can.
Why you're gonna be a rookie with us next year
and I remember how far and well you can hit a softball
given our practice session in Reno a few years back
and I'm sure you miss playing.

So, what do you say?
Let's talk off line and finish
whatever we need to say and do.
I'll email you as soon as I post this.

Nov. 6, 2009
425 posts
Have no idea of what is going on, but a good Naval Officer told me many moons ago...LT if it is not in writing it was never said and it was never done...sadly a lot of people write very incriminating stuff on this and other boards...once you write it you own and is there for the world to interpret it...Hopefully you guys can work UR differences out, I am very certain that there no intent to hurt anybody either financially nor personal. Jesus love us.
Nov. 6, 2009
729 posts
The damage has already been done, apologies and back peddling cannot change that now.

This has nothing to do with the .52/275 because it was not on the way here to begin with. Joe brought this to you all and libeled us along the way. It really is a shame that the truth and facts never entered into his conversations. It is always what he wants you all to believe in order to hurt innocent bystanders.

The emails are another story.
Nov. 6, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Pressure brings out who we really are
our character and
true intentions, Kevin,
for all to see.
I've gone out of my way to try
and make this right to you,
for me and everyone else.
But I can't do it alone.
You have never regretted or apologized
for your slander
and disparaging remarks.
Not once.
This thing got personal with us
early on and I regret that, still,
as that shows my character
and intention
but it's getting more obvious
to everyone
you just can't/won't let it go,
revealing yours.
And now you're going for daddy
and his weapons
of mass destruction
to make your fight
not caring who's involved,
or gets hurt or the cost.

Our community is getting
and will get what's really going on,
Kevin and neither one of us
will escape the truth.
Nov. 6, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4152 posts
mmmm...joe maybe you should of thought about what you were gonna say before you up and run down people and your crying b/c you might get spanked,if you can't do the time,don't do the crime.
Nov. 6, 2009
328 posts
Am I the
Only one that
Doesn't read
His posts because
Of the way he
Writes them in
This annoying fashion.
Nov. 6, 2009
Men's 60
1023 posts
Oy Vey
Nov. 6, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I'm a big boy, Dog.
I can give and take it with the best.
And I don't equate legality with truth
or legality with morality
if you can follow what I'm saying.
Sometime the biggest guys
or the guy with the biggest weapons
or need or want to control others
isn't whom I follow or believe
to be right.
For example,
I believe an email to anyone
is a personal matter
and means and owes only to
the sender and recipient.
I don't care what the law says
about it.
Email is a personal communication
and should be respected as such
by all.
I am bound by my own
code of right and wrong
not yours or his or theirs.
And in case you were asking
I'm doing just fine.

Nov. 7, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4152 posts
but yet now you are crying,and no i didn't ask.
Nov. 7, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
A lot of people will be hurt,
dog, before this comes to pass
thanks to Kevin's inability to handle this like a caring man and
running to "daddy" for help.
Court stuff can get very ugly.
Your ignorant insensitivity
is beyond measure
but please don't threaten to sue me as
I just don't have any tears left.
Sniff, sniff.
Nov. 7, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
And dog,
you know what gets me about guys
with attitudes like yours?
You don't get that being the first
to show vulnerability and care
in offering to settle a big problem
like this
that can hurt many others
is seen as weak and mock worthy.
It's guys like you that...
Nov. 7, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4152 posts
a lot of people,who,i only see one that is gonna get it,thats are the only one to come out with the slanderous comments towards no i don't feel any remorse as to what happens to you.also your name calling doesn't bother me as i have no income at stake as the other people you have slandered,so do what ever tickles your fancy,or what ever makes you feel bigger.i personally care less what happens to you,and your dumb crusade.
if we do happen to ever use the 52-275 ball(which will prolly never happen) i'll still play and have fun doing it,and of course will be happy not to see you go and make your comments to someone who cares,all the majority of the senior players there are,well thats what you say anyways.
Nov. 7, 2009
348 posts

It really is sad to read of anybody getting sued over something they wrote on this forum or any forum for that matter. How old are we anyway? Is this not just a game we play?


Nov. 8, 2009
Men's 50
1375 posts
Dumb butt, to many of us it is just a game, but to some (and one in particular in this case) it is his BUSINESS.

Think at least a little bit BEFORE you post. :(
Nov. 8, 2009
328 posts
Everyone should
start replying in
this fashion to
show him how
hard it is
to figure out what
the hell he
is trying to
Nov. 8, 2009
Men's 65
181 posts
You intentionally put slanderous words on this public site with intent to harm my business.
I also have private emails that were clearly blackmail threats against me and my business. That type of internet activity is criminal as well as civil.
Thank you to SS USA for doing their best to wipe it out but it is easily found through google and other internet search engines. You have made it a public record.
Nov. 8, 2009
197 posts
This is really getting to be CRAZY. What a waste of time. "How bout them Cowboys"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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