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Discussion: Anonymity on the board

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Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 50
3114 posts
Anonymity on the board
You said you know me.
You've called me Joe.
You've made fun of me and my arguments.
Yet you won't give me/us/yourself
the common respect and courtesy
of identifying yourself.
It's obvious many of things have slipped
and are slipping away in our society
as we speak and one of them is accountability/responsibility for ourselves and our society.
No one is willing to man up and take the heat for any/all the crap that's going on.
Understandable, but cowardly and counter productive.
It's more convenient, easier and cooler
to get small with it all
and play at life instead of
living it, being and doing,
sacrificing whatever
to make things better.
Sure it's easier not to identify yourself in any argument but it's not better.
Real values of real men need to resurface and even if we disagree
on what they are, we still need to find out what they are before we all end up
somewhere else.
It's true in Senior Softball
as it's true in any other aspect of American life.
So, you can be cool 'cause culturally
things have gotten pretty loose.
Law suits and the threat of law suits
have taken over for the real values and the men they come from and need them.
Anonymity is the order of the day.
We use to refer to that as masturbation
rather than commmunication
back in the day cause all it does
is get the guy off that performs it
and doesn't really mean or carry enough
meaning and belief to make a difference
or care enough to make a difference.

Again, 80 per cent of the guys who post on this site are known members of the community which displaces
your 50 something percentage of posters
who didn't 'sign in.
You dance around the fact that the other 30 per cent never had the intention of being or staying anonymous
because of their membership in the club
of real and substantial human beings,
they would rather be known
than unknown.
"Never trust a man who's wearing a mask"
is a very apt and oft quoted saying
from our culture for lots of good reasons.
I care not what anyone has to say
who will not identify himself to me
as I to him and again
this would be a majority opinion of senior softball community of which
we both are members
whether you like it or not.
Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
I see no harm or foul in it. Some just prefer the privacy. But they contribute here and that is the best part.
You accidently got one of the members ID info. I have found a few by doing research and they still are anonymous here but have contacted some of them outside here.
At the tourneys, walk around and ask if anyone is on the board and meet them. That is what I do. It's great putting faces to any name they use, and you may actually get the real one in the process.(usually do)
My point is the contributions are what really matter here... and the Lone Ranger wore a
Jan. 28, 2010
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
ok so there are 5 or 6 guys standing around that don't know each other,they happen to be having a heated discussion on a subject(any subject,doesn't matter)does it matter(that they don't know each other) as long as what they say has's the same here on this message board,as long as there is validity to their message,there should be no problem with anomitity(sp).

zorro also wore a mask and was a good guy,
Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
And about a dozen more good guys.
Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 50
1375 posts
Didn't the Riddler wear a mask? He was a bad guy.
Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 50
3114 posts
Those are heroic characters and
not real men
I love 'em both.
They were dealing with bad guys
and those who wanted to hurt people.
Their most defining behavior involved life and death
and perhaps had to conceal themselves
to be effective or protect themselves
and their loved ones.

I know there are some people
who wish to remain anonymous
thinking our world is full of kooks
and madmen but to capitulate
to give in and is to truly
be afraid of being a defined member
of a free society.
Plus, as many of our community,
too many to count,
have already professed
I am nothing any man need be afraid of.
So, I'm just looking out for your,
OK and the community's best interest.
We all get more bang for our buck
if and when you stand up and in for yourself as the majority of us,
actually if not officially
have already done.
You miss the beauty of
"all are created equal"
and no man is less than any other man
or ever need feel or be treated that
way when you won't/don't define yourself
as a real, actual man.
You don't give us a chance to accept
and respect you in a way that is not only positive and important
but marks you as the American
in the best sense of the word.

Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 60
873 posts
So do Batman & Robin.

To quote Einstein:
"E, let it go man, let it go"

I will also ask this question again, dont we have a secret ballot system in our great country?

It seems someone has gotten under someone elses skin and caused a severe case of extreme redness to that persons Glutimus Maximus.
Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 50
3114 posts
You do neither of us justice by your characterization.
Do you think I mind having a chance
to comment and contribute
to the common good?
It should be pretty obvious I welcome the opportunity.
But I believe what I'm saying is true,
important and characterizes
most of the men (women)
I know in Senior Softball.
And how could someone get under my skin
who's not really a someone, at all?
I know, I know, E.
Follow my own advice and give it a rest.
All right, all right.
See you in Reno.
Jan. 28, 2010
732 posts
So big deal your are a known member, you also emailed me several times to mention you are sorry for the harm you created for our company. So you willingly intended to do harm to us according to your email and you were not anonymous, so what does that make you? A hypocrite? Read your first post on this thread, the things you are complaining about are the EXACT same thing you have done to our company for the last three years, just because you log in with your fake name does not make you accountable or acceptable to all of your actions.
Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 60
873 posts
One of our greatest writers was for many many years an unknown, yet we embrassed his words and his wisdom as one of our own.
Samuel Clemens wasnt worried about anonymity why should we be?

Thanks Joe!
Reno it is!

Jan. 28, 2010
Mr. Manassas
244 posts
Everyone has an opinion and rightly so...who really cares that someone prefers to stay anonymous. I can't beleive that anyone fears anybody in this format.
Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 60
61 posts
The truth is that somebody might think twice about commenting on a subject, whether it be softball or politics at the South Pole, if their name is readily available to the other posters. Not that I think that someone is going to get on a plane and fly across country to defend his softball honor if something is said that upsets him/her. And maybe itís a good thing that people have the freedom to opine on any issue they like without the pressure of having to answer for it in person. But you see it all the time on blogs concerning all types of subjects all over the web. Someone states an opinion, and a responder, using a pseudonym, calls him or her an idiot. Itís the annoyance factor, and I think that everyone would be a lot more cordial on this board if it was a real name and not a screen name behind the keyboard. JMO, thanks for listening.

Ken Lange
Jan. 28, 2010
Men's 50
41 posts
My name is John Moore and I don't care who knows it. However, I think that stating that people's opinions don't matter unless they declare their identity has no merit at all. I have been reading many posts on here and while I do see some distinct differences of opinion, I do not generally observe real animosity or anybody just trying to be stupid or post comments just to stir up trouble. I see truly valid opinions and mostly constructive comments and have no idea why stating your identity makes your opinions or comments any more valid or meaningful.
Jan. 28, 2010
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
well as usual a question asked but no answer to it,just a dissertation and a half of no substance.

pitcherman i have to agree with ya,if it has validity why has there to be a name attached to it.
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