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Discussion: Good stuff v the risk and the game equip used, et al

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May 27, 2010
Men's 65
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Good stuff v the risk and the game equip used, et al
Not directed specifically at anyone specific, but hoping that you honestly look further deep within the core of the goings on. I have said it before in the same & in another way, but, you were warned: CHANGES ARE COMING, and the PLAYERS WILL NOT LIKE WHAT IS GOING TO COME ABOUT, OVERALL.
Some ASSN's may not like it either, but it will happen.
1. It's already been stated bordering states will change to regional, with the exception or exclusion of CA and FL.
2. Test standards will change.
3. Bats will be re tested.
3. More banned bats will be announced.
4. Balls used will be changed. This is a foretold decision by ASA being the only OFFICIAL Softball GURU. lol
5. Many cities will not allow tournaments UNLESS they COMPLY with the new standards. Regarding the balls.
WHY: INSURANCE; far too many incidents have come about recently and it is catching up.
I am not the only one on here that has said something about this but don't say you were not aware.
They are the real bottom line in the end if something happens.
I too like good equipment...
But not at someone's health risk or worse.
Look on CL in or around any town that holds softball tournaments. Search softball. I do it a lot looking for good buys on bats, but all i really find are bats on steroids.
Ebay is the same with both legal and illegal ones being sold. But web sites for sb is another major problem.
I think this is one reason the straw (insurance industry) is going to break the camels back.
Last year I said 2-3 years the stuff will hit the fan.
I think they assn's, mfg's & more are loading up for the big let down that is coming.
Just do not remember if it was my Ouija board, 8 ball or tarot

May 27, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
Was supposed to have after et al... Not sure why it didn't appear.
May 27, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
a long SERIOUS read, not there again.
May 27, 2010
356 posts


This is a good post and I for one sincerely hope you are not correct. I would much rather go fishing or to the drag races than play a game for whimps. I bet most of the folks on here who talk about safety jump in there cars after having a few beer or belts. Softball was designed as a hitter game thats why the ball is lobbed in to hit.
I doubt the players have much say in the matter and that is the real shame in all of the changes.


May 27, 2010
Omar Khayyam
1243 posts
taits, you echo some of my thoughts expressed also more than a year ago when I started protesting senior bats and the degradation of the balanced game. I agree that it will likely be cities and private companies (like Field of Dreams) who will ban the current lively bat/ball combo because of insurance risks.

James, you're right—slow pitch softball has always been a hitters game (contrasted to fast pitch which has mostly died out because it became a pitcher's game).

A hitter: one who can hit the ball squarely most of the time; one who can hit the ball accurately to where he wishes; one who can hit the ball to all fields depending upon the pitch location; one who can hit well under pressure; one whose average is above .600—with the senior bats, above .700.

These kind of hitters will never leave slow pitch, whether the bat's power is reduced or the ball is softened or both.

What WILL be impacted, possibly, with the elimination of the lively bat/ball combo is the "hitter" who lives on home runs, hitting farther in his 60s than in his 20s; the free swinger who gets a lot of hits through the infield that fielders can't handle; the surprise long ball hitter who puts it through the gap despite his weak or flabby frame; the mishitter whose former popups now clear the fence for cheap home runs.

If taits is right, sluggers will see their number of homers drop; batters will see their averages drop; scores will drop; and defense, base running, and strategy will once again be an important part of the game. It will certainly diminish my offensive prowess, but I won't go fishing instead. I'll continue to enjoy the game as I have for 5 decades.
May 28, 2010
238 posts
Guys, if you don't like senior bats; go play with the other 4 teams that go to ASA Nationals.

why are the most successful Assn. USSSA, SPA, ISSA? and why is ASA so poorly attended - It is because of the terrible bats. This also lends itself to shaved bats and repaints. We went thru this a few years ago.

Tha ASA should wake up if they want attendance.

If the highest risk is to the pitcher, put up a screen. We played in a warm-up tourney in April and all fields used screens. It did not get in the way at all. If the ball hit the screen, it was an out. so don't give me that it is a foreign object on the field because that dog won't hunt.
May 28, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
I honestly hope I'm incorrect, again too. But do not think so.
The clincher is ASA, being the SOLE GOVERNING BODY OF and FOR SOFTBALL. Overall the other assn's are ALMOST RESTRICTED by their
involvement, decisions, rules, and even testing.
The also have one of the largest insurers Bollinger, and what ever stats is pulled out for the meeting in nov will dictate the future of SB as we know it now.
Talking "lobbed balls" and here they want meat balls thrown 6-10...

You might want to buy a fishing license next year.

May 28, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
I enjoy what we have now available but could also live\play with what we had.
It will change and that really was foreseen when ASA went to the 52\275 when current inventories were depleted... that said who REALLY KNOWS what anyone had on hand.
I know I have dozens of 47\525 balls in both 11" & 12" from the various assn's from when they all were THE BALL used.
That was one reason the FOD\BLD parks banned the U-2 use years ago, but I can't figure out why some others were not since. But grateful for anyway.
The Hr hitters will still be there, just not as many or with as many.
The juiced bats will have some impact but the heat may be on every one for it use,
May 28, 2010
Jose #12
Men's 60
89 posts
I'm still not sure why there seems to be so much effort on some peoples part to to change the current bat/ball combination.

I agree with Robo2, if you are not satisfied with USSSA, SPA, etc. Then get other players/teams to go to ASA events or form your own Association/s that use lesser bat/balls.

There should be alternatives. There appears to be a lot of posts on this board regarding the need to change equipment we now utilize. The energy would be better spent focusing on creating an environment (tournament)that would meet their own particular needs.

I enjoy the current environment and don't want to see changes but would not be offended if other associations were formed.

There is no need to coerce others into changing, just create something you'd enjoy.

May 28, 2010
Men's 60
547 posts
The best way to find out what the majority wants is to have an ASA World Championship. The best date would be October 15-24. Then we can count heads. I won't be there because that is the same date as the SSUSA World's. The majority would show up at one of these events.
May 28, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
It's not that we do not like them which I do, but rather I think the impact that it brings about with :
1. rule chances. Look haw many we have seen in just this one assn, roughly 5.
2. injuries
3. ball changes
4. Fee hikes, only a part blame here due to ins rate hikes I presume.

ASA blew the senior circuit years ago largely due to the bat banning & them ball changes.

I got their foot back in the door roughly 7 years ago in nor cal, and I believe they also have a fairly good showing in so cal now,
But we had a parting of the ways for what I felt players wanted vs that they wanted differed too much. I was there to represent the players in that assn.
They really didn't like that.
I feel they messed up big time.
Don't count on seeing a screen. Before that would happen I think other items mentioned will change.
Seems at times however something has changes almost every other month lately.
I also think ASA could make a comeback in senior ball, but even then, something will change within the game.

May 28, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
I don't really think that would 'prove' it.
Most teams have their sched worked out some likely have their rooms made and travel arranged too.
But what ever comes out of the ASA board meeting will have a huge imapact on every assn most likely because of testing results changed again, the INS, industry then on bat and ball speed results.
Who knows, some assms I believe insure themselves
so it may have no impact on them unless the cities require more coverage,
But either way, I bet even those who would gladly change to lessor equip, now use the good stuff.
What ever happens every one will have the same opportunity to use the same balls & bat combos...

May 29, 2010
Men's 65
2238 posts
Good post-Taits. I have said many times that we just need to take the edge off. Again, I have gotten out a slightly out of round Mizuno Orange Crush several times. With the 44/375 Trump ball it seems like a very good combination. The ball will travel 330-350 instead of 400-450 if you hit it well. The mis-hit dingers go away, but you can hit the ball pretty hard with it. Line drives are sharp, but they don't have that extra 'jump' on it. That would keep a proven good ball in the game and cool it a bit, before the lawyers get to it and we end up with something so bad we have double digits being a good offensive game. Taits, our team got a scare in league against young guys last week. I hit a line drive with a Freak that the second baseman on the edge of the grass NEVER reacted to until it was well past him and it went directly over his head and missed him by no more than 6 inches. Everyone in the park gasped, I think. Six inches lower and we have a major injury. Taits, you are right---if we don't slow this down voluntarily the lawyers will get to it and totally ruin our game. I see a game where everybody on defense looks like a Borg, there are screens up all over, players are told how fast they can run so they don't pull muscles and get hurt, that throws over 65 miles per hour are banned because they might hit someone and hurt them, that bases are way off the field of play because if you are on them you might get hit by a line drive, and that fences are banned because an outfielder might run into one and get hurt. Plus, you might need a note from your Mommy to play, too. Doesn't sound like too much fun. :-)
May 29, 2010
Men's 60
547 posts
taits..I was just saying that if you put a ASA tournament up against a SSUSA tournament, you would find the ASA tournament cancelled because of lack of teams signing up.
FOD/BLD's banning of the U2 has not stopped us from playing there because we can use other senior bats. It has been said that they don't want seniors anyway bacause we don't drink enough.
I cannot see ASA getting back into Senior Softball any time soon unless they rid themselves of the banned bat list. That will never happen.
May 30, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
You are probably right on the choice they would make
If in same area at same time, BUT taking into consideration awards, fees and some other stuff you may well be surprised.
I though the bld's wanted the seniors BECAUSE they drank beer.... all their food beverage prices are high.
The old lists are just that, old & out dated.
I think another will be seen eventually.
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