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Discussion: LVSSA 2

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Sept. 6, 2010
Men's 50
3114 posts
What heat and dry conditions.
Each game felt like 2.
Congrats to any of the teams
that could wade through tough conditions
and prevail like Master Collision,
Omen taking Turn Two to the if game,
a loaded Demolition team with friends Mike Babbs, Mike Adair,
Leon and Ron Chenier on it.

Thanks to Johnny Hose of the Fangrabbers
for letting me play with them.
Johnny's a terrific and dedicated coach,
supportive, knowledgeable and generous.
The kind of coach you'd cut your own
throat before you'd ever want to let him down.
Thanks for the E=mc2 shirt, John.
I'll be wearin' em all over SF.
It was great playing with Eddie, Kevin,
Mike Burbank, Ollie, the great Jimmy Ross, George Robinson and the rest of the grabbers.
Good luck the rest of the season.

Thanks to Larry Campbell, Pat McGuire,
Billy Reineke and all my MTC teammates
for all the effort in tough conditions.
We live to fight another day.
Great seeing Big Arm John,
Bruce Fairchild, Clatta, Conway and Woody, Danny Mac, Gary Deaton
just to name a few.

The highlight of the weekend
was the induction of Steve Imlay
into the Hall of Fame at his home
in Las Vegas with about 100 attendees.
Just like Steve to give more than he takes by providing a wonderful affair
for his fans, family and friends.
It was said many times at his event
that Steve is one of a kind as a hitter
and man, truly the best of us
and what any Hall of Fame should be about.
Way to go, Steve.
To be considered your friend
is a great and cherished honor.
Time to get some rest,
get back and down for 2 weeks
playing in the desert.

Sept. 6, 2010
Men's 60
3032 posts
It was great seeing you again Joe.
We really learned that we needed fresh legs in the outfield after those hot games!
Steve's induction into the Senior Softball HoF was a class act! Congrats again Steve!
It was great seeing old friends and making new ones!
Sept. 6, 2010
Men's 65
786 posts
Congrats to anyone that lasted in this heat this past weekend, and last weekend as well. I might suggest that when you run this tournament next year in the heat of the summer, that you omit any games between noon and 5 PM. It is just too hot and too dangerous to play games in this kind of heat, especially at our young ages. Start the games at 7 AM and end at noon. Start the next games at 5 PM and end at 11 PM. Although most seniors do not care to play in the evening, I think it would be very receptive next year. Just my opinions.

Enjoyed playing against the teams in our division and talking with many of the players from our division and other divisions this past weekend. Congrats to Master Collision and see you guys in Phoenix.

Andy Smith,
Double Edge,
60 Major
Sept. 6, 2010
Men's 60
865 posts
The games between Demolition and Fan Grabbers were EPIC. Competitive, intense and some good natured jawjacking. No one team was ever in control and every at bat of every inning was important. Outstanding defense to go along with some serious clutch hitting on both teams. 3 games all decided by less than 6 runs total.

I play this game for 3 reasons, comradery, competition, and championships. I love winning, but the other 2 are more important. I just love playing in games where there is no give and you have to earn everything you get.

LVSSA put on a great tourney in just extreme conditions. Thank you.
Sept. 6, 2010
Men's 55
130 posts
Thanks and good to see you again... still alive and well.... Yes it was very Hot , Windy and Dry.... Good Ol' Vegas... :)

To our team "Demolition-Let It Fly" Adair, Babbs, Gil, Scott, Mac, Feldman, Rick, Ray-Ray, Brad, Rob, Danny, Ronnie, Frankie, Castro, Tweedy, and Team Mgrs. Gino, & Michelle, Thank you both for what you do....

To Coach Hose and Team Fangrabbers, It was great to play you guys, Burbank, Mr. Ross, Jojo, J-Dub, George (Funk), Old Man and the rest of the Fangrabbers for three well played and classic hitting games....

Sept. 6, 2010
Men's 50
851 posts
Duke, LVSSA's plan going forward is to play the tournament at the end of September where it has been before. Probably won't get that high of temps then.
Sept. 6, 2010
Men's 60
3032 posts
We played at Doc Romeo and had a great time! Saturday's games did run 2 or 3 hours behind. I'd love to see them schedule the games at Doc Romeo starting at 7:00pm and finish at 1:00 or 2:00am!!
Sept. 7, 2010
Men's 70
65 posts
Playing with Master Collision we had four games on Saturday due to us being the lucky team that had to play an extra round robin game. Somehow we were able to squeak out a win each game even though we played more games than anyone else that day in our division including two in the afternoon. Just a suggestion. Why not go back to starting this tournament about a month later and finish before the Huntsman Games as was done in past years. It will still be hot but should not be as hot as starting in August. I assume LVSSA people still read this message board.
Sept. 7, 2010
62 posts
Salsakid...What Up !!!
Congrats to a well deserved
tournament win...You guys have some
kind of team and it was especially cool
to see some old friends that i either
played with or against still kickin'
ass on your squad...Love watching you
hit Jose...Once again congratulations.

George Robinson (Funk).
Sept. 7, 2010
Men's 55
215 posts
Congratulations to Steve on his well deserved induction and also to Demolition on your win.
You guys are a class act and we always enjoy competing against you even if the wins are few and far between. I'm sure we will see you in Phoenix.

A big well done goes out to LVSSA for doing an excellent job running the tournament, and to the ladies for making sure the fields were good and the water was cold.
44 Afterparty
Sept. 8, 2010
Men's 50
3114 posts
What a difference a couple of days
back in the cool SF fog have done for body and mind.
If we'd have played those games
in Vegas in high temp and wind
WITHOUT the good bats/balls we used
there would have been full mutinies
going on right on the field.
It really showed me and anyone in
senior softball or all of softball
for that matter
what's fundamental about our game.
We we're exhausted, wind blown,
up too long and late, yet,
we had a good time because
hitting was still fun.
No doubt about it.
Lively bats and balls forever.
Sept. 8, 2010
Men's 60
867 posts
From what I read here it was more about friendships and comraderie then the balls and bats.
Having fun regardless of equipment is what its really about.
Wish I had been there to enjoy the fun!
Sept. 8, 2010
Men's 50
3114 posts
Wish you were there, too, John.
It was a blast but without good bats/balls it would have been like friends meeting in hell
and would not have been a good time.
There's just no doubt about it.
I spoke with a number of the players
regarding the bat/ball combo
and all were in agreement.
Sept. 8, 2010
Men's 55
130 posts
[QUOTE= Salsakid...What Up !!!
Congrats to a well deserved
tournament win...You guys have some
kind of team and it was especially cool
to see some old friends that i either
played with or against still kickin'
ass on your squad...Love watching you
hit Jose...Once again congratulations.[/QUOTE]

Thank you, you're a good man and player.... great to see you, Einstein, Burbank, and Mr. Ross and it was fun to play against you guys... you guys a have solid hitting team.... That Ship' game we played, was the I expected at the Majors level from both teams... and hope to see again... the mutual respect for each other and the game... Same to you I admired the way you approach your game and the way you hit with power and control.... Hope to see you guys out at the Worlds on OCT. 22....

To all... I started a FACE-BOOK group for us Sr. players... please sign up and use it as a forum...!/group.php?gid=126358544079587&ref=mf
LMK if you need info...
my email:

Sept. 8, 2010
489 posts
The games did run way behind in the afternoon. I will not say it was a well run tournament. They did do a good job cleaning up the fields in between games.
The games need to be scheduled a little further apart and bring back fewer teams on Sunday.
It was nice seeing some 60 teams after getting beat up by the 55's.
Turn Two
Sept. 8, 2010
Johnny Hose
Men's 50
71 posts
Congrats to all the teams that played. Especially to those we faced in a great 50 Major division. I saw some of my old rivalries and met a few new ones, and sincerely hope all of you had as much fun as we did... on and off the field. Vegas is great. Demolition, what a squad. You are the compitition we were preparing for.
Thanks for the nice things you all have said about us. Fun cutting up with you, especially Babb & Salsa.
More needs to be said about the tournament though. Well run, just the wrong time of year... a month later
would bring the temp down about 40 degrees. Thanks to Joe Lecak and your pals in the LVSSA for making us feel welcome and those ball guys retreiving the HR's were a Godsend. Them poor umps! Dropped like flies. Tried to keep 'em hydrated... still made bad calls. Just kidding. Great job, guys.
Special thanks to my guys. We weathered through a tremendous amount of obsticles... injuries, missing teammates, lack of sleep, heat and such. It's really hard to ask the outfield to play a man short (to go to the five man infield) when it's 112 degrees. Not one complaint. What a team.
Joe Einstein Rinaldi, what a class act. He played in all three divisions... 60's, 55's and 50's.
Georg Robinson, the quiet "FUNK"...
finished his fourth weekend in a row at LVSSA. Burbank, you'rrrrre backkk!
Our outfield, Ollie, Allender, Rossi, Lecak and Kevin... howd you do it?
Infield... Eddie, JoJo, Johnny D and
J Dub... what a job. Tremendous team.
I think all of the Fan Grabbers are looking forward to PHOENIX and see All of you again. Great job.
Sept. 9, 2010
Men's 50
3114 posts
Terrific comments, Johnny.
Fangrabbers are alive and well
and thanks again for the oppty.
Sept. 10, 2010
Men's 50
56 posts
Wow!!! what a championship game in the 50 majors....Johnny Hose, George, Joe, Ollie, Burbank, Jo Jo, J-dub what a frecking team you guys have, what great players you are and you are all You guys kept the pressure on Us Demo team the whole game. Final score Demo 40 Fangrabbers 37, two Great team Wanting the same outcome..score tie after six complete innings...Wow...This is what Senior softball is all about! friends battling Friends till the end..and they are still friends..Wow..Noting but respect to both the Demo team and the Fangrabbers..... let's do it again in Phoenix!
Sept. 14, 2010
Johnny Hose
Men's 50
71 posts
Ronnie, Of course you thought that last game was great... you won it.
Told my guys to watch out for your gun, but you really never got to use it... and chasing all those balls that Johnny D hit to you, had to be a little frustrating, eh? No really, I agree, it was fun. Great to see you again and thanks for the plugs.
See you Real Soon !
Sept. 14, 2010
Men's 60
865 posts
Ronnie threw 1 ball from the warning track that hit about 10 feet up the fence by the 3rd base on deck circle. No bounce awesome throw, did not get anybody, but it was fun to watch.
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