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Discussion: Old is the new...old

Posted Discussion
Nov. 17
Men's 50
3112 posts
We just went through something trying
for all of us.
I'm exhausted, weary, shocked and
shook up
and I can see it
and feel on the site.
What the heck for?
Worth it?
I think so.

I been a teacher all my life.
I'm a sixties guy.
I remember feeling and talking about
how depersonalizing
and dehumanizing Industrial age life
is and can be for all of us.
I remember dedicating my life
to help make things better for myself
and those I come into contact with.
It's more important to me
than lively bats and balls
if you can believe that
but I won't say by how much.

I wanted to get Gary C
to reveal himself because I believe
that when two people actually meet
and identify one another
important concerns and common ground
are felt immediately
and then good things are more likely
to happen.
For the record,
I have said this numerous times
both on and off the site.

It happened with Gary S, E4-John,
and Harry (though Harry's not to sure
it was such a good idea) just to name a few and regret it never happened
with Kevin.
I've met and seen many men/players
who finally see the man behind my gestures and words
and say, "That's Einstein?"
and either laugh, say something
and think whatever but then
I'm real.
I believe in the intrinsic value
of real identifiable
interactions with real people.
I've referred to studies that evidence
this on a number of occasions
both on and off the site.

Touching would be a another way to say
is what I believe is necessary to support, recognize and help heal
each other
so we can grow and survive truly
and humanly better
the onslaught of industrial living.
When we really see and find each other
we can really touch each other and healing can begin.

Am I passionate about myself
and my life.
You betcha.
Gonna change anytime soon.
Don't count on it.
Do I make mistakes and get caught up
in my own ego/insecurities
like anyone else.
Take a ticket.

We're all in this together.
Playing softball is still fun and better with lively bats and balls
(couldn't resist)
and Gary C is all right
as I am all right.

I apologize for offending anyone
and everyone that may have been hurt.
I don't believe, Gary,
you meant anything of what you said
and it was all off base and situational
as was me calling you a coward.
If we met I'd be smiling and looking to shake your hand.
That's why I wanted you to email me.

Sooner or later
the truth comes out in the end.
I learned a long time ago
you can run but you can't hid.

Nov. 17
gary c

418 posts
Apology accepted. For your information I came on this site to talk about softball not to meet people.
I like to meet players on the field and form an opinion in person that way you know who they really are.
If I meet you on the field so be it.
Nov. 17
Men's 60
322 posts
After all that has been said, back and forth with words of hate, you both are better than me. I would have rather seen the fist fight right on top of home plate. But now I'll wait till another negative word is spoken between you two. Of course I do like the quite airways with no hostilities. Thanks for feeling our pain guys, You both needed to leave that shit at home were it belongs.
Thanks for compromising Guys
Nov. 17
Men's 55
17 posts
DAMN, glad thats over. Hopefully. I think we are here to play, have fun, win and mabye make some friends. I have played with and against Einstein. Sure he has his opinions just like everyone else, and not everyone agrees with them. So What!. Joe has always been the most friendly to everyone regardless of what division your in, fair, and a great player. Not sure If I know Garyc. sounds like he is passionate about softball just like the rest of us. In the spirit of sports , lets put bickering to rest and play. Remember we are 50+ yr old adults, lets act like it.
Nov. 17
Men's 50
3112 posts
Hey Ken.
Where you going with that gun
in your hand?
Thanks for being supportive.
Have to tune in for some cage fighting
to see a real fight, these days.
Thanks, Sierahiker.
Actions can speak louder than words.
That was on time and
your advice is well taken.
Nov. 17
Donny C

54 posts
Einstein/Gary C. I congradulate the two of you for ending a much too long disagreement (conflict.) Everyone who spoke out on your discussions have no doubt learned something. Remember that conflict always proceeds clarity. Nothing wrong with disagreeing; just do not allow it to make us feel threatened, shocked or hurt. We all have shortcomings as we all have strengths. Time to have some good discussions. Donny C.
Nov. 17
Men's 70
803 posts
Joe, Well said. I was glad to shake your hand now I will have a face to put with a name. I would never had come over unless I wanted to meet you. Wish my timing would have been better and we could have talked a little more. Good Luck in Vegas.Thanks Harry
Nov. 17
gary c

418 posts
Just read your post are you sure this isn't Vince MacMann of the WWE?
einstein and I want 75% of the pay per view and 50% of the live gate.
and all proceeds from 24/7 HBO special.
Nov. 17

14 posts
Gary C I highly recommend that if you ever git the chance to meet Joe Rinaldi aka Einstein do it. Back in 2009 at Phoenix World Championships I did just that. Like every man Joe does have some falts, but his pluses way surpass them.

Ed Gorry Fangrabbers/Lonesharks #12 & Sanchos #1 Fan
Nov. 17
mad dog
Men's 65
4189 posts
garyc,if he is the same guy i'm thinking of,he is a card,and can hit the snot out of the ball.
Nov. 17

97 posts
gary c/Einstein,

Glad to see this end in a positive way. Gary C. i will second what Eddie12 said about Joe. He is a great guy to hang around with, i've had the chance to know Joe and play on the same team afew times over the last few years. I'm sure that if we had the chance to meet you the same could be said.
Nov. 17
Men's 50
3112 posts
Thanks, Eddie.
You're a gem.
Thanks for the support.
Nov. 17
Men's 65
59 posts
I hope you guys mean what you all said because this is a great site for Senior softball info and discussion and believe it or not you can make friends on the site, as said we are all over 50 and lets act like it , AMEN.
Nov. 17
Men's 50
3112 posts
You're right about the value
of this site.
And a lot has gone into helping make it
what it is today both by admins
and contributors.
This is and should stay a true reflection
of the senior softball community
and we all should do what we can
to support and keep it growing
and developing into the future.
Nov. 18

97 posts
Joe, if i don't see you in Vegas i look forward to seeing you next year on the fields.

John Giesler
Master Collision
Nov. 18
Men's 50
3112 posts
Thanks, Johnny.
I miss not being with you, George,
Mike, Kim, Eddie, Johnny and the rest
of the Fangrabbers.
You're the best, Johnny
and good luck.
Nov. 18
Men's 60
322 posts
Hey Joe,
You are one of the Great Guys in Senior
Softball and a hell of a Player. When ever I see you, there is a wide smile on your face. Sometimes I don't see that smile when I log on to this sight, but that’s okay. I see your heart and what you feel. I do enjoy reading your comments (thoughts and feeling) on different subjects. Teach on Joe, You keep me thinking and entertained.
Gary C,
Don’t know you, and it looks like You don’t want to be known. But that’s your choice. Please don’t stop giving your honest opinion on different subjects. I appreciate your true thoughts.
Nov. 18
Men's 50
3112 posts
Thanks, Ken.
You're not so bad yourself.
It takes passionate and soulful people
to give and get what's most important
in life, especially
when the sledding is tough.
Hope to see you soon.
Nov. 18
Men's 70
873 posts
Kennard your thoughts about Joe are right on.
Now let talk about his scraggly hair and that poor excuse for a moustache.
Joe some Aquanet and Moustache wax will do the trick my friend!
Nov. 18
Men's 50
1371 posts
Look at Einstein dropping a Hendrix line.

Good job Joe!
Nov. 18
Men's 60
322 posts
Joe, loose the Hair,moustache and look 10 years younger. Believe me, you will look like Yul, just a little rounder(smile).I hope to get to LV this weekend and see all the guys. I'll be playing with the 40 and over group Show Time. They need a Hitter, thats the only reason they asked me. Lively balls and bats forever, uhh Joe.
Nov. 18
Men's 50
3112 posts
Thanks, Gary.
40 and over, Ken?
They got the right guy.
Just pretend I'm on the mound
you'll be killin' it.
Lively bats and balls, forever?
Sounds good to me.
Nov. 18
Men's 50
3112 posts
I love living again.
We made it through a big storm.
Anyone can be a character on this website without being attacked for it.
That's given.
Yet, I love my friends.
John G, Dave D, Johnny H, Kennard,
John Miller, Eddie, Olie, Gary S. just to name a few.
I would show up for these men and protect them as a matter
of identity and being.
I want guys to feel confident
and comfortable enough in who they
and we are to come out and be
with us, of us and one with us.
We protect and support one another.

We are the members
of the senior softball community
and we've been through it all
and know better.
Eventually, we show up
and we get it right.

Nov. 19
Men's 50
3112 posts
This is a pertinent
and interesting thought.
Gary C is at least as responsible
as I was for the conflict we had
that hurt, bothered and
disenchanted many
but he hasn't apologized for any of it.
I believe it's way more probable
he would if his identity was known.
Studies and common sense both support
that people will act
more human and responsible when
they are recognized and
their identity is given.
Nov. 19
Capt Kirk

546 posts
Enough, I like it when you were discussing your family heritage and sexual orientation.
Nov. 19
mad dog
Men's 65
4189 posts
capt kirk,it was nice while it lasted,he was the one who has been doing this for the last couple of years(and started first with garyc,and before that dirty) b/c some of us want a more rounded game,not just a slugfest.i would like to see these studies as i think he is full of it.people are people,they'll act the way they want to regardless if known or not,human nature.he is mad b/c he can't get to him with the crappy emails he likes to send ya,and then will denie he sent them,ask dirty.we will never see him be a man about anything as he would rather be a keyboard cowboy and degrate someone who will not agree with him,oh well ike i said it was nice for the last 2 days.

garyc never give in to this so called human being.............

52-275 ball for a safer/saner game,with defense.
Nov. 19
gary c

418 posts
einstein (alias F.J.)
Why the hell should I apologize to the person that is the one who started the whole hassle because he could not stand people disagreeing with him? You called me everything in the book wanted me banned form giving an opinion you don't like, and want me to give you my personal information so you can do to me what you did to Dirty. I don't think so. I have sat back and read your posts and wondered what person in there right mind talks like this. So you have friends in softball that's great but that dose not make you right about every subject. If your waiting for an apology don't hold your breath. The only reason I went after you was because you attacked me first. I offered many times for a truce and you never acknowledged my offer. If you want me to tell everyone how great you are like some of the others on this thread you got a long wait. I don't want to start this crap over again but will never back away if you start your verbal bulling again.
Please get this straight you have every right to think what you want but you have NO RIGHT to tell people what to think.
Nov. 19
Men's 50
3112 posts
I wasn't sure where you were at
but I get it now and so does anyone else
who's paying attention.
It's OK.
It takes all kinds.
But you aren't anyone I'm interested
in talking with about anything
and I'm probably someone you don't want to talk with either.
Let's not talk to one another.

Robert, my old something or other.
You lost the war and can't take it.
Lively bats and balls forever.
Game, set and match.
Nov. 19
gary c

418 posts
I don't talk just to hear myself talk it seems you do and that's fine with me. Unless I have something to add to the discussion I don's see a reason to post just to make myself feel important. If you have something to add to the conversation I will read it and IF IT MAKES SENCE take it into consideration. But when you go into these rants about everybody loves me and I know everything there is to know about softball it waists everyone's time. This is a SOFTBALL site not a place to get in touch with our inter feelings or what great people we our. STAY ON SUBJECT and if you want to talk to your many friends pick up the phone or e mail them. I believe that I speak for many of us who are not interested in your personal life or your thoughts of the world.
Respectfully, Gary C
Nov. 19
Men's 50
3112 posts
You're clueless, negative
and it shows but I don't care.
I have nothing to say to you
as I have said before.
It's a waste of mine and everyone else's time, I do believe.
You're only making comments
about yourself revealing more than you
probably realize about
who and what you aren't.

If you violate website policy
about disparaging conduct or intent
just like me or anyone else
you should be dealt with.
I'm done with you and won't comment
again about anything you have to say.

I will refer any comments about
your posts to SSUSA independently
of the site.

Nov. 19
gary c

418 posts
Thank you very much for that. Go cry to mama that big bad Gary C is picking on you. You never meant a thing you said on your first post. You just wanted me to say no Joey it was all my fault you were right about everything because everybody loves you and you are the king of softball. You sound like a very lonely person and I feel bad that you have to go on this site and make yourself feel like a big man by trying to intimidate people with different opinions. You being an educator one would think you would want diverse thought.
Maybe that is why the Schools in California are in the craper.
Get this straight the last person I want to know is YOU
Nov. 19
Men's 50
3112 posts
The more I or anyone speaks,
the more we interact with others,
the more our character or lack of character becomes clear.
We all end up defining ourselves
if given enough time and experience
for others to witness and to judge.
Garbage in, garbage out.
You can run but you can't hide.

Nov. 19
gary c

418 posts
Tell me joey what dose that have to do with softball?
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