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Discussion: SS USA Announces Major Changes

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April 1, 2011
147 posts
SS USA Announces Major Changes

SS USA has asked me to communicate this important announcement.

In response to many comments from players and managers SS USA has decided to combine all age and all skill into a single division. Thus, there will be only one National winner starting in 2012. SS USA is developing an equalizer system to ensure a competitive environment for all teams. Although not yet cast in stone, the following are some ideas that SS USA is considering.

Bats: SS USA has consistently supported the use of the most powerful bats, so SS USA will not outlaw any bat. However, to make teams equal, SS USA will enforce a choke up policy. Older players (75 and up) will be allowed to hold the bat all the way down to the handle knob. Younger players (45 and below) must choke up on the bat, up to 18.6” from the knob.

Number of Defensive Players: It might put a bit of pressure on some managers’ recruiting skills, but SS USA expects to allow older or weaker teams to have up to 21 defensive players and the strongest teams will have only four on defense (like the King and His Court). Twenty-one players seem like a lot, but SS USA will require limits, such as allowing only 11 in the outfield.

Courtesy Runners: The weaker or older teams will be allowed unlimited courtesy runners and in some situations vs. substantially stronger teams, the courtesy runner will start at first base while the batter is up.

Safety Bases: Because of the possible danger of a 40-year old crashing into a much older player, SS USA will draw a 6 foot circle around every base and the younger player will be deemed “out” when the older player touches the circle or any place within the circle.

Run Equalizers: SS USA has heard the complaints about the 5 or 7 runs given to weaker teams and will reduce the run equalizer to only one run per game per age difference. SS USA understands that the run differential might appear excessive in some cases (a 75 year old team will receive 25 runs when playing a 50s team), research has shown that 50s win by an average of 28 runs vs. 75s, so the advantage is still with the younger players.

Pitchers: SS USA is not sure how this will work, but will experiment with multiple, simultaneous pitchers. Older and weaker teams will be permitted to use up to 3 pitchers at one time. They will all go through the pitching motion, but only two of them will pitch a ball – one ball is real and the other is a fake ball. The younger, stronger batter must decide which of the balls is real and which is fake. A strike will be called if the batter swings at the fake ball. SS USA is working with the National UIC to work out the umpire’s instructions.

Home Runs: You should all feel happy that there will be no limits on the number of home runs. However, SS USA will be fiddling with the distance of the fences. One suggestion is to start with the fences at 100 feet and move them out 10 feet after every home run. This way the fences will always end up further away than the best batter, regardless of the age or skill level of every team. SS USA believes this is fair and is talking to Halliburton about a fence-moving design that will work.

Rating Appeals: Since there will be only one division, the only appeal will be for age. Any player who thinks he is immature can submit affidavits from three psychologists which will be reviewed by the National AAA (Age Appeal Agency).

Roster Regions: All teams can recruit players from anywhere; however the stronger teams must have at least one lineup-player from a foreign country. So, for example, a 60s team must have one player from Europe, a 50s team must have a player from the Middle East, and a 40s team must have a player from Iceland, preferably Reykjavik.

Your comments and suggestions are requested, but must be submitted only on April 1st.

April 1, 2011
Men's 65
4491 posts
I think Dave has been over working himself.
April 1, 2011
Omar Khayyam
1138 posts
Sisavic, I heard the same rule changes, but I also heard that SS USA will be drawing a ten foot circle around the pitcher and any ball thrown to him will be the equivalent of an out on any base runner he desires. There was some discussion about this being unfair to the runners, but the final decision stood, including the rule that only one foot need be in the circle for the caught ball to be an out.

And didn't I hear that the courtesy runner will start at second base for the batter if it is a 70 or older team?
April 1, 2011
Men's 65
4491 posts
I must have missed that one, but did read on one that was actually addressed to another person, that for 2012 there will be two new t's. One on each coast. Mesquite\St G and the other in FL where they hold the TOC each year.Polk County of something.
Open rosters, no time limits, no Hr limits or 5 run rule.
Kinds goes back to the good old days. Fees to be about 600. To be addressed later this summer on the board for any interest.
I think there will be more interest that they will have room for. That's almost like (open rosters at least) the Huntsman games and they fill up.
April 1, 2011
Omar Khayyam
1138 posts
taits, unless this is your April Fools' spoof, I would be very interested in watching such a tournament. It's a young man's game, so I wouldn't be interested in being on such a team (the Huntsman is bad enough with the ringers distorting brackets), but what a blast to see the 50s go at it.
April 2, 2011
Men's 65
4491 posts
Huntsman to some extent is as you suggest. But still excellent. I think their problem is the so called late team add ons where they don't have time really verify the players, not that they do much of that anyway...
AF spoof for yesterday on a whim after reading yours.
Are you going to Turlock? If you lmk who with, I'll come up to meet ya.
April 2, 2011
19 posts
I don't like it. Not enough changes
April 5, 2011
Big "D"
7 posts
Rules have been changed enough already to accomodate us as Seniors. If it isn't broke, why fix it. With all of this new stuff, we will all have to carry official book of rules (subject to interpretation) at the time to fit the situation. I say "Please leave it Alone" and concentrate and spend more money on recruitment of more teams nationally.
April 5, 2011
Men's 60
100 posts
Big "D" was an April's fools joke.
April 5, 2011
1574 posts
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