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Discussion: Miken SPU2P Ultra II USA 2012

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Oct. 29, 2012
54 posts
Miken SPU2P Ultra II USA 2012
Seeing unbelievable prices for this bat .... why so cheap? If most senior bats are $190 plus ... what is driving down the price for this bat?
Oct. 30, 2012
7 posts
Miken has quality control issues with the older U2 models. It's a crap-shoot to see if you get a good one and an even bigger crap-shoot to get a dud replaced. I'd stay clear of them unless you have money to gamble with.
Oct. 30, 2012
3 posts
Goater,, the reason for the lower prices is the fact that we closed out that model. You will see the Black Ultra II and the Red Maxload Ultra II going forward, and also the NEW 2 piece Ultra II to the line. The issues have all been corrected and there is NOT quality control issues. If anyone has a stiff U2 that they feel doesn't perform they simply call Customer Service, send it in and get it replaced if it doesn't meet spec. This is old news and they are still there to help in those regards and we have. The USA Edition U2 is a great bat. It was just part of a reduction of models and that will be replaced with the 2 piece You can contact Anaconda Sports, the OFFICIAL senior softball Vender sponsor and purchase them for a great price.

Oct. 30, 2012
Men's 55
102 posts
Used this model 10/11-7/12. Good pop and performance. Bought a couple replacements June of 2012, both duds. Sent back to Miken, waiting for reply.
Oct. 30, 2012
91 posts
Miken replaced 6 bats for our team in KC. Very good customer service.
Oct. 30, 2012
Men's 60
98 posts
My USA model is a dud, I sent it back to Miken and they said it passed their compression test and they sent it back to me. It may have passed their compression test but if you hit with it you know it's a dud. So no matter what Ap39 says, they helped some with replacement bats but they didn't help all and they lost some customers because of it.
Oct. 30, 2012
3 posts
BruceAZ, please contact me at Miken Sports tomorrow. Thanks Adam Peterson
Oct. 30, 2012
Men's 65
4409 posts
Had one 1.20 that had less that 100 on it, broke cleanly at the upper hand ring finger in Reno in last game. Defective bat but pop was there.
Couldn't find receipt at time I called it in so was returned. Later it was resent in with receipt, Rep interceded on my behalf & sent m replacement 1.21 bat.
Used it this Sunday in my last at bat for tournament hit first ball and if sounded like no other Miken...dud or hollow. Also had a paint blem on it though that is or should be of no concern for anything.
These are supposed to be serialized with numbers so ability when they came off the line should be known. But was told to use bat or said I would since Rep said he hasn't heard of damaged bats just sound differences. Both are in the threads here ig one takes the time to reads about them. So I've had this new 1.21 bat for roughly 3 months now and just used it once on this last sun in P-town.
Different sound when hit and did not carry. Maybe it was the messenger, ie, me.
Reach me at: if you wish.
Oct. 31, 2012
Men's 60
2015 posts
Bruce-taits-when I had my dud bad we all noticed it made a much sharper sound, more like a click-and the ball went nowhere. It was very obvious. They did replace it.
Nov. 1, 2012
Men's 40
22 posts
I actually bought a Black Ultral II in May of this year. I sent it back to Miken and replaced it. I had the bat back at my door within 2 weeks of me sending mine in. Miken has good customer service in my book.
Nov. 1, 2012
7 posts

I stand by my previous comment as to Miken's QC issues. You may feel they have been addressed, but I'm not so sure. My red max-load passed the "compression" test and was sent back to me with a form letter saying such. There seems to be no batch or serial numbers on the bad run so tracking bad bats must be nearly impossible for you guys. If you hit one of these duds long enough it will pass the comp test, but the bat will still be an under performer. On the up side the U2 durability issue seems to have been solved with this batch, after about 500-600 swings (most of mine only last 400) it shows no signs of wear. I only use mine for BP and I finally got one out of the park last week with this bat (I think the wind was blowing out).

I realize this is a no warrantee model, I knew that going in, I never bought an Ultra for its durability, It's always been about performance.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss.
Nov. 2, 2012
Men's 60
98 posts
AP, I'm done talking to Miken customer service. The USA model U2 I returned was my 9th Ultra II in the past 4 years so I know what it feels like to hit with one and what they sound like and this bat did neither. I sent emails to customer service and to your VP and neither responded so that told me how much they cared. The bat I returned was new with less than 100 swings on it so it may have passed your compression test but it was an under performing bat. I traded it for a Combat, the guy I traded it to is going to use it for BP. You were once the only game in town for Senior bats but you now have competitors with equal or better merchandise and this year you've taken a step backwards and lost a lot of customers.
Nov. 3, 2012
54 posts
Just noticed Centenarians in the $160 range. Maybe price competition has finally hit the senior bat market. It is great when the bat manufacturers experiment with price elasticity of demand.
Nov. 4, 2012
Men's 50
160 posts
Kellys ultimate sports 139.00 Centenarians
Dec. 6, 2012
49 posts
I agree with BruceAZ. I sent my USA model UltraII back with the same response. Pass their compression test. I have over ten other UltraII's. This bat just doesn't have it. Over 300 hits. And it has not open up yet? See the older post that was started on this same bat. I think they have replaced more of the Black UltraII than any other?
Dec. 7, 2012
Men's 60
38 posts
Our team has sent in 4 different Mikens, black Ultra, USA model and Red max loads and Miken has tested them and replaced each one with out any problem. My guess is they test them and replace the bad ones - I am very pleased with their service.

Side note have one of the new two piece bats and it is great!

Fossil Softball #20
Dec. 7, 2012
308 posts
Damn I hope these bats aren't duds. My daughter is getting me one for Christmas maybe I need to intervene and have her get me a Centenarian.
Dec. 7, 2012
Men's 70
410 posts
the one i had was a dud, out of the wrapper, i couldnt get it to hit over 100 ft during the first 50 hits. i got rid of it. even the newer black ultra 2 appear to be the same, duds. maybe it was a bad batch, i gave up on mikens, if i buy another, i will buy an older model and use for tournaments only. the quality is just not there anymore, strictly my opinion. my .02c
Dec. 8, 2012
bob g.
3 posts
If any of those troublesome UltraII's were rolled, there's the problem.
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