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Rosters, Ratings, Registration Review

Oct. 1, 2023

Softball News Report

     As the new Senior Softball season begins, teams will need to register, managers will be building their rosters and players will be renewing or registering for the first time.

     The Senior Softball USA staff is ready to help, but much of registration and roster-building can be accomplished online.

Player Registration:

     Returning players whose cards expire in 2024 may renew easily online. New players to SSUSA must complete registration form, submit a copy of their driver’s license, then scan and email the documents to, or mail them to:

SSUSA Player Registration
9823 Old Winery Place, Suite 12
Sacramento CA 95827

     Snowbirds must register annually and only need the Snowbird card to play.  Snowbirds who are not  registered yet will need to add their email, date of birth and copy of driver’s license. 

     NOTE: Players competing in a tournament without registering have 10 days after completion of tournament to register OR be SUSPENDED from future tournaments. 

Team Registration:

     Managers register their teams ONLINE at the beginning of every season (after World Championships or before their first tournament) and pay a fee ($50). 

     After a team is registered, the manager can go to his/her team page and create master roster for the new year. 

     NEW TEAMs must complete a team registration form and submit the $50 fee before being given a password to compete their roster. 

Rosters Rules:

     After they register the team for the year, the manager creates his/her 2024 master roster online via the SSUSA website.  The roster auto-populates the players for the team’s first tournament.

     Managers MUST update the roster for each tournament, making any changes online, or calling the SSUSA office if they need assistance.

     Every player must update his/her Player Registration if it has expired. Snowbird and “out-of-region” players need to be added by the SSUSA office for each tournament. 

     Teams with last-minute changes to the tournament roster, will be emailed the updated roster and will need to present that roster to the Director at check-in. 

Special Tournament Rosters:

     To play in the Western Nationals, Eastern Nationals and the World Championship, teams need to play in a qualifier to enter. 

     If a team has played in more than one qualifying tournament, the manager must select only one tournament roster to submit.

     If teams fall below a minimum number of players, they can add players to the qualifying roster:

     -  Men’s teams 40-60 and women’s 40 teams may add the same age and skill level players to get to 15 players.

     -  Men’s teams 65-80 and women’s 50 and older teams may add the same age and skill level players to get to 16 players.

     -  Players who have played on other same age-same skill level teams during the season must be released.

     For the Tournament of Champions, managers must use the tournament roster which qualified the team for the TOC. 

     Short-handed teams may add players to the TOC roster according to the same rules as teams adding players for the Westerns, Easterns and Worlds.

Player Ratings:

     A player’s rating is determined by his/her team ratings over the past two (2) years.  (For players in the 70 and older divisions, the rating is determined upon the past one (1) year of play. 

     If a player misses a year or two of playing,  SSUSA reverts to the last two years of playing. 

     Aging up:  A player rating follows the person as he/she  ages up.  For example, a 40 Major-Plus player aging up to 50s would be considered 50 Major-Plus.

     Playing down an AGE division:  When a person plays down an AGE division, he/she drops a “skill” level. For example,  a 65 Major-Plus player =  60 Major player.  Please refer to the SSUSA website, TEAM RATING INDEX

     Appealing a player Rating:  - Appeals must be  submitted with appropriate paperwork requesting one of two reason(s) as to the player’s rating. 

1.       Medical appeal -there is a 120-day waiting period. 

2.       History/Skill appeal– there is a 30 -to 120-day waiting period.

Senior Softball-USA
Phone: (916) 326-5303
Fax: (916) 326-5304
9823 Old Winery Place, Suite 12
Sacramento, CA 95827
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