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Sept. 1, 2012 – Jack Sirard contributing writer

RENO, NV. Ė Nearly 200 teams from 15 states and Canada celebrated the 25th anniversary of granddaddy of senior softball tournaments here in June.

Teams from as far away as Florida and Wisconsin headed to the highly popular Rock Ďní Reno Challenge Cup to play on pristine fields in some of the largest divisions of the year.

ďEvery year we are seeing teams from more and more states and Canada playing in Reno,Ē said Terry Hennessy, Senior Softball-USAís chief executive officer. ďThe word is spreading throughout America that Reno is one of the best places to test your team against some of the best competition in the country.Ē

The competition was intense in several groups, with teams emerging from the loserís bracket in several divisions to win.

In the Menís 40 Masters Major Division, Above and Beyond from California came out of the loserís bracket to upend Team Combat from Washington by scores of 21-18 and 27-23 to take the title.

In the Menís 50 Major Plus Division, Sommerville Softball from California ran the table, taking out the NW Legends 31-16 in the championship game.

Eight teams battled it out in the Menís 50 Major Division with the Scrap Iron/Rapid Erectors from Colorado coming back to win the If game and the title from the Worth 50ís from California by a score of 37-27 after dropping the championship game 27-25.

In the 13-team Menís 50 AAA Division, Fly 50ís from Idaho, came out of the loserís bracket to double dip North State Extreme from California winning by scores of 18-16 and 20-13 for the championship.

In the Menís 50 AA Division, The Rock from Washington and NDY/Sierra Masters from Nevada battled it out with The Rock emerging as titlists by winning the If game 27-22 after narrowly dropping the championship game 26-25 to NDY/Sierra Masters.

MTC Softball Club from California powered its way through the Menís 55 Major Plus Division, going undefeated. They beat Summyís Nighthawks from California 28-11 for the title.

It was the same story in the Menís 55 Major Division with California Energy winning all its games and taking out MBA Elite from California 30-17 for the championship.

C.C. Over from Idaho ran the table in bracket play in the nine-team Menís 55 AAA Division. They topped the RPM Softball Club from Utah 25-16 in the finale.

The top-seeded California Baker Boys swept through the field to win all its games in the Menís 55 AA Division, topping Bairds/Enterprise Electric from Idaho 25-13 for the title.

Hollis Appraisals came all the way from Florida to win the Menís 60 Major Plus Division with a thrilling 34-33 victory over the GSF 60ís from Arizona.

The Texas Makuleís took the title in the Menís 60 Major Division with a narrow 21-20 win over No Dice from California.

In the highly competitive 22-team Menís 60 AAA Division, fourth-seeded Enviro-Vac Marauders from British Columbia, stormed out of the loserís bracket to take two straight from the third-seeded Kansas City Renegades 60ís by scores of 24-23 and 25-17 to be named champions.

The fourth-seeded Base Hawgs from California rolled through the six-team Menís 60 AA Division by beating Cascade Irrigation/Rexius from Oregon 19-14 for the title.

Omen 65 from California ended up playing the Village Merchants from Florida three times in the Menís 65 Major Plus Division, winning the final game 27-6 for the title.

Over in the Menís 65 Major Division, the High Desert Road Runners from New Mexico battled it out with W.E. Ruth from Washington, losing the championship game 17-16 before coming back to win the If game 21-7.

Floridaís Steve Levin Financial went undefeated in the 14-team Menís 65 AAA Division, winning the title game 21-20 over the California Mustangs.

Ten teams vied for top honors in the Menís 65 AA Division, but it was the Sacramento Blue 65 that took home top honors by beating neighboring Lincoln Hills Coyotes Blues 18-9.

The Menís 70 Major Plus Division was limited to just three teams and the top-seed Florida Legends/Human Kinetics emerged as champions with a 16-14 win over the Arizona Heat.

The Menís 70 Major Division attracted seven teams with PDR/Fastsign from Oregon showing just what it takes to battle through a division. PDR lost its very first game in bracket play, forcing them into the Elimination Bracket where they won four straight games before double-dipping Scrap Iron 70 Legacy from Colorado by scores of 16-12 and 23-20 to win it all.

In the Menís 70 AAA Division, the California Raptors 70 played some close games before taking the title 14-13 over the Sacramento Blues.

The top-seeded Triple Play 70 from California survived a scare in the If game, losing to ABR Old Bones from Utah by a 28-26 score before coming back in the finale to win 14-9.

The San Francisco Seals 75 showed why they had the top seed in the Menís 75 Major Division by outscoring Fairway Ford from California 18-8 in the title game to finish undefeated in the tournament.

In the Menís 75 AAA division, the Sacramento Gold won all three of its games in bracket play winning the finale 24-18 over the Redwood City Chiefs for the title.

And not to be outdone, the Elk Grove Renegades from California won the Menís 80 AAA Division winning all three games in impressive manner for the title. They beat the Northwest 80s from Washington in the final game 18-12.

The Womenís 40 Mastered Division attracted nine teams and the Thoraldson Softball from Nevada went undefeated to win the crown. They beat Team K.H.A.O.S. from California 28-14 for the title.

The second-seed California Spirit 50 also went undefeated to win the Womenís 50 Division. They beat Ladies Choice 50 from California 19-12 in the final game.

In the Womenís 55 Division, the California Spirit 55 rang up three straight double-digit run wins to take the division title. They beat Ladies Choice 55 from California 21-9 in the finale.

In the Womenís 60 Division, seven teams competed for the title with the Fun Bunch from Missouri outscoring the California Spirit 22-1 for the championship.

In the Womenís 65 Division, the Dream Catchers from New Mexico beat the California Spirit 65 by scores of 24-5 and 12-8 to win the title.

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Menís 40 Masters Major-Team Combat 40ís- Tom vane, Derek Warren, Chad Munger. NorCal Stars- Robert Ritchie, Billy Jolly.

Menís 50Major Plus-Sommerville Softball- Ron Parnell, Guy Haberman, Darrell Beeler, Aaron Stone, Chito Alviderez.NW Legends- Mike Terrell, Jay Rothermel, Darren Idler.

Menís 50 Major-ScrapIron/Rapid Erectors- Chris Metigue, Randy Kunkel, Brad Ediginton, Mark Haupt, Jack Donnelly. Worth 50- Tony Miller, Frank Riese, Jim McFarlin. Outdoor Homescapes of Houston- Bo Williams, Bob Schulz.

Menís 50AAA-Fly 50ís- Steve Hallock, Tony Laird, Mark Haggerty, Dave Brown, Rich Wyatt. North State X-treme- Ray OíRear, Ron Landers, Pat Napoli. Jaxx- Bart Hubbard, Steve Lloyd.

Menís 50AA- The Rock- Steve Leal, Fred Van Camp, Kevin Johnson, Randy Baker, Henry Lujan. NDY/Sierra Masters- Billy Redman,John Carlson, Ted Soto. 1st Draft- Mike Bishop, Rob Long.

Menís 55 Major Plus- MTC 55- Gary Robertson, Wayne Brekke, Wayne Doty, Kurt Mahaney, Mike Clary. Doubleplay Classic- Ed Rhoads, Ray Tarazon.

Menís 55 Major-Cal Energy- Mike Swanson, Ettore Minor, Lymon Rose, Jeff Massengale, Jose Moreno.MBA Elite- Demontro Davis, Don Hayashida, Anthony Hinojosa.

Menís 55 AAA-CC Over- Wayne Darling, Rick Carringer, Randy Livingston, Harold Kilgore, Curt Jackson. RPM-Larry giese, Ben Nelson, Jimmy Amicone.ODB- Jaime Barron, Dave Gonzales.

Menís 55 AA-Bairds/Enterprise Electric- Dave Linger, Gaylan Moore, Dave Dawson.

Menís60 Major Plus-Hollis Appraisals/Rose Enterprise- Pat McLellan, Bob Evans, John Klein, Dave Motta, Jack Lambert. KC Kids- Walt Sexton, Dennis Clauder.

Menís 60 Major- Texas Makuli Ė Scott Harmon, Clay Stephens, Mel Cowell, Larry Lopez, Bobby Saenz.No Dice- Chris McGriff, Joe DeSimone.

Menís 60AAA- Enviro-Vac Marauders- Dave Docksteader, Bob Mireau, Peter Sheen, Trevors Bjurman, Jim Klassen. 60ís Renegades- Larry Rodger, Dave Cook, Jim Chastain.

Menís 60AA- Base Hawgs- Hal Joyce, Dale Zeller, Roger Penticoff, Mauro Pendilla, Jim Teninty.

Menís 65 Major Plus- Omen 65- Bob Rohatch, John Dorsett, Larry Lopez, Tom Avery, Dave Sells. Village Merchants- Dave Sellars, John Rebardo, Ralph Hollis. Bickerton Iron Works- Jerry Herling, Tom Whelan.

Menís 65 Major- High Desert Roadrunners-Ray Maxey, John Battaglia, Les Poland, Roger Assink, Paul Allen.Ruth 65ís- Jack Benz, Joe Mesa, Art Eversole. First American Title 65- Dale McLaughlin, Daryl Idler.

Menís 65 AAA-Steve Levin financial- Dennis Tierney, Allen smith, James Paldin, Tim Valentine, James Rae.Mustangs- Bob Sebring, Nick DeBene, Al Oxley.

Menís 65AA- Sacramento Blues 65- Marvin Savlov, John Moran, Rich Edwards, Gary Reynolds, Steve LeBeck. Lincoln Hills Coyotes Blue- John Dambrosio, Nick Eterovich, Dick Hughes. Sacramento Buds- Robert Nishimoto, Tim Sutherland.

Menís 70 Major Plus- Florida Legends-Human Kinetics-Patrick Bidelman, Bil Brotherton, Tom Dabbs, Mike Picket, Richard Pigott. Arizona Heat- David Bogenschutz, Bob Gregorich, Dan Minnick.

Menís 70 Major- PDR/Fastsigns- Tom Barrett, Marv Rueck, Tim Myers, Jim McAbee, Jack Loy. Scrap Iron 70 Legecy- Roger Weidelman, Don Pierson, J.C. Moore. Lincoln Hills Coyotes 70- Rich Huskey, Gym Mikaelsen.

Menís 70 AAA- Sacramento Blues 70- Bobby Davis ,Ron Roach, Pete Ruiz. Direct Sales flooring- Dan Smith, Gary Ostenberg.

Menís 70 AA- Triple Play 70- Jay Quimby, Dan Gannon, Louie Mora, Bob Nicklason, Brad Cowles. ABR Old Bones- Larry Hendricks, Wayne Jones, Kent Draayer. The Zone 70- Dave Smith, George Barfus.

Menís 75 Major-S.F.Seals- Jim Phillips, Pete Conley, Jim Douglas, Don Fields, Matt Rocha. Sunshine Boys- Joe Iseri, Jesus Godoy.

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