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May 1, 2012

POLK COUNTY, FLA. Ė The original SSUSA Tournament of Champions celebrated winners from the largest and most prestigious tournaments in North America here in February with an unmatched event that included:

ē A free gala banquet for 1,500 players and their families.

ē Free rings for division champions.

ē A Limited Edition Gold Miken Ultra II bat for the MVP of each division.

ē Free Hitting Clinic with some of the best hitters in the country, including Corky Pellien, Bobby Davis and Dave Reed.

ē Free Skills contests with top prizes for each age division, including bats, shoes, and fielders gloves.

ē An All Star Game featuring the top player from each team.

ē A polo shirt and certificate for each player on every team.

ďOnly winners of the top 20 SSUSA Championships were invited to the TOC Ė the most elite tournament in the sport,Ē said Terry Hennessy, SSUSA chief executive officer, ďwhich resulted in thrilling games between the best teams of the year in each division.Ē

Teams from 25 states competed in 21 divisions Ė and hundreds of players participated in the free hitting clinics, skills contests, and the warm-up mini-tournament.

And, after the real competition began, there were some tight games in several divisions.

Nine teams competed for top honors in the Menís 55 Major Division, making it the most competitive division in the tournament. Seventh-seeded Kinnco Services from Michigan eliminated both the top two seeded teams in its division before moving on to play R&R Double Nickels from California in the final. Kinncoís strong hitting prevailed with a 26-20 win for the championship.

The South Florida Renegades breezed through the competition in the Menís 50 Major Division, losing just one seeding game before topping Hollis Appraisals 50ís from Florida 26-24 in the final.

In the four-team Menís 50 Silver Division, Florida Automated Shade suffered three straight narrow losses in its seeding games. But once bracket play started, the team turned things around in dramatic fashion and went on to win the championship game by beating Harbortown Canaveral of Florida 26-18.

In the Menís 50 AA Division, the Banker Softball Club from Michigan took on Kamikaze Softball from California. Kamikaze won both games by scores of 11-9 and 17-15 to win the title.

The tournamentís seven-team Menís 55 Silver Division saw the Texas-based Drillers 55 roll through bracket play to battle Hannington/Bay State from ďMassachusetts in the finals. Drillers bats came alive in the championship game, powering the team to a 34-12 win.

The Menís 55 AA Division attracted three teams with Tucson Buds from Arizona emerging undefeated, taking the title game from Git-R-Done 55ís from California 19-17.

Floridaís Double L Roofing advanced through early bracket play in the four-team Menís 60 Major Division, only to get stung in the Championship game by Michigan Express by a score of 16-15. But Double L Roofing prevailed in the ďIFĒ game, winning 27-25.

The Menís 60 AAA Division turned out to be a battle between the South Florida Heat and Bay Supporterís 60s from California. When the two teams met early on in the tournament, South Florida won 26-17 sending Bay Supporters to the loserís bracket where they went on to win forcing an ďIfĒ game with the Heat. Bay Support won the championship game 23-22, but South Florida came back to take the title in a ďIFĒ game thriller 36-35.

Five teams competed for top honors in the Menís 60 AA Division where Acousti of Florida sailed through undefeated by beating the Ohio Silverados 20-9 in the championship game.

The Florida Thunder lost both of their seeding games in the Menís 65 Major Division but roared back to capture the title by knocking off Bickerton Iron Works from California 21-3 in the championship game.

Levin Financial/Patís Sports from Florida rolled through early bracket play in the Menís 65 AAA Division to advance to the final to take on the top-seeded Olde Dís from Michigan, which lost its first game in bracket play. Levin Financial prevailed in the finale, winning 22-20 to take home top honors.

Floridaís Bucs and Bulls 65ís took the Menís 65 AA Division but had to come back from losing the ďIfĒ game to New Yorkís Syracuse Cyclones 14-7. The Bucs and Bulls regrouped and won the title game 24-6.

The Menís 65/70 Plus Platinum Division was won by the Florida Legends/Human Kinetics, which took two out of three games from Premium Seats USA from Florida including the final game 24-14.

Agility/Joseph Chevrolet from Florida beat the Southeast 70s from Georgia 30-15 to win the Menís 70 Major Plus Division.

Top-seeded Hanningtonís of Massachusetts emerged undefeated to win the menís 70 Silver Division, prevailing in the final 18-13 over the Jersey Jaguars from New Jersey.

Joseph Chevrolet from Kentucky beat Southern Pride from Alabama for the Menís 75 Major Division and Pfeiffer Grey Sox from Michigan took two out of three games from Nami Construction from New Jersey to win the Menís 75 AAA Division.

In the Menís 80 Division, Center for Sight from Florida beat the Minnesota Legends by scores of 17-1 and 7-0 for the championship.

In womenís play, Motown Magic from Michigan took the title in the Womenís 40 Masters Division, beating the top-seeded Lewís Crew from Maryland 21-18 for the title.

Dreamgirlz from Virginia swept both games against NY Metroís Double Play 26-10 and 7-0 to win the championship in the Womenís 50 Division.

The Maryland Roadrunners won both their games with the Virginia Golden Girls 20-12 and 23-18 to take top honors in the Womenís 55/60 Division.

For a list of complete results, go to and click on TOURNAMENTS, TOC 2012, and RESULTS.


South Florida Renegades,Fl.Menís 50 Major-Roger Bard

Florida Automated Shade,Fl.Menís 50AAA- Doug Howells

Kamikaze Softball,Ca.Menís 50AA-Dan Hall

Kinnco Services,Mi.Menís 55 Major-Ron Fewins

Drillers 55,Tx.Menís 55AAA,-Whole Team

Tucson Buds/Los Buds,Az.Menís 55AA-Rick Jahnz

Rose Enterprises,Fl.Menís Major Plus- Hugh White

Double LL Roofing,Fl.Menís 60 Major-Ed Ferrell

South Florida Heat,Fl.Menís 60AAA- Sam Pampenella

Acousti,Fl.Menís 60AA-Mike Rinehart

Florida Legends/Human Kinetics,Fl.Menís 65 Major Plus- David Decker

Florida Thunder,Fl.Menís 65 Major-Ray Gutierrez

Steve Levin Financial/Patís Sports,Fl.Menís 65AAA- Jay Paldin

Bucs & Bulls 65,Fl.Menís 65AA- Paul Gawel

Agility Physical Therapy,Fl.Menís 70 Major-Plus-The Whole Team

Premium Seats,Fl.Menís 70 Major- Len Scheinhoft

Hanningtonís of Mass.,Mass.Menís 70 AAA- Charlie Howe

Long Island Jaguars,NY,Menís 70AA- Jack Morris

Joseph Chevrolet,Ky,Menís 75 Major- Dick Paviak

Pfeiffer Grey Sox,Mi.Menís 75AAA- Dennis Schrier

Center For Sight,Fl.Menís 80 Major- Robert Rogers

Minnesota Legends 80ís,Mn. Menís 80AAA-Ray Newman

Motown Magic,Mi.Womenís 40 AA- Whole Team

Lewís Crew,Md.Womenís 40AAA- Lew Oppenheimer

Dreamgirlz,Va.Womenís 50-Barbara Foxx

Maryland Roadrunners,Md.Womenís 55-Colleen Goodwin

Golden Girls,Va.Womenís 60-Whole Team


Menís 50 Major-So.Florida Renegades- Roger Bard, John Beasley, Manny Queipo, Rick Anderson, Dave Alarcon.Hollis Appraisals- Randy Parker, Mark Martin, Doug Knerler.Rapid Erectors/Scrap Iron- Brad Edginton, Phil Bryant.

Menís 50AAA-Florida Automated Shade- Tim Workman, Charlie Larkin, Randy Charnin, Andrew Shatlaw, Steve Midttun.Harbortown Canaveral- Mike Chnupa, Jimmy Nelson, Johnny Bell.DT Express- Freddie Fletcher, Ben Sheffield.

Menís 50AA-Kamikaze- Nelson Herrero, Mark Toma, Mark Schevers, Jeff Lawless,B ob Flannery,Tony Valencia, Dan Hall.

Menís 55 Major-Kinnco- Ron Fewins, Leo Osterday, Bill Osborn, Terry Lee, Steve Rogers.R&R Double Nickels- Gale Womack, Rocky Colborn, Rick Vogel. Ancell 55-Bill Tills, Larry Maki.

Menís 55 AAA-Drillers- Willie Beltran, Mike Maloy, Ruben Beltran, Steve Tafoya, Charlie Estorga.Hannington/Bay State Bombers- Kevin Lipsett, Mark Davis, Dan Sides.

Menís 55AA-Tucson Buds-Rick Jahnz, Dennis Bret, Lonnie Lashley, Mark Adolph, Wayne Siros,Cliff DeKnikker.Git-R-Done 55- Richard Swain, Ron Martel, Craig Weilein. Bobís classics- Ernie Reyes, Bob Noble.

Menís 60 Major Plus-Rose Enterprises- Audie Hollis, Bob Spinner, Mike Gainer, Ed Rose Ed Hanley, Hugh White.

Menís 60 Major-Double LL Roofing- Mike Ferrell, George Graber, Tom Silvanic, Frank Lott, Dennis Schroeder. Michigan Express- Tom Snary, Dave Rose, Dan Parker.

Menís 60 AAA-South Florida Heat- John Smutnick, Jim Kahn, Doc Brand, Donnie Ingham, Jim Rappoli.Bay Supporters- Greg Carr, Sandy Beall, Dan Walsworth. R&R Sixtees- Wes Baker, Steve Spisak.

Menís 60AA-Acousti- Mike Rinehart, John Angellilo, Lou Jainnine, Terry McIlrath, Tom Freund.Ohio Silverados- Ken Spoerndle, Dave Caplinger, Ken Podolak.Blue Chips- Steve Kilkline, Jeff Case.

Menís 65 Major Plus-Florida Legends/Human Kinetics- David Decker, Patrick Bidelman, Bill Brotherton, Zeb Carter, Derry Dedmon,Terry OíDonnell.

Menís 65 Major-Florida Thunder- Tol Mihailoff, Dave Weber, Bob Falzone, Ray Gutierrez, Juan Alicea-Sanchez.Bickerton Iron Works- Herman Vaught, Herb Palmtag,Mike Hoffberg. Michaels 65- Tom boos, Frank Caliendo.

Menís 65 AAA-Steve Levin financial/Patís Sports- James Paldin, Phil Grimpe, Les Geshberg, Ron Riggs, Tim Valentine.NY Streaks 65- Charlie Valenti, Bob Cuccinello.

Menís 65AA-Bucs & Bulls 65- Bob Darrah, Bill Helms, Robert Williams, Ron Russell, Jim Mangione. Syracuse Cyclones-Paul Ibert, Dan Dillon, Joe Broun.

Menís 70 Major Plus- Agility Physical Therapy- John Mello, Vinnie Remson, Bill Lowry, Mel Eubank, Herman Zornes. Southeast Seventies- Tom Sides, Duffie Stone, Truman Wade.

Menís 70 Major-Premium Seats- Wayne Hughes, Larry Callaway, Jack Westbrook, Tom Ladd, Scott Logan.

Menís 70 Silver-Hanningtonís of Mass.70AAA-Charlie Howe, Bud Dodge, Billy Sayball, Rene Vigneault,Tom Silvia, Lee Southworth. Long Island Jaguars 70AA- Sonny Panico, Tom Knecht, Don Maresca, Joe Jacaruso, Ray Cohen, Jack Morris. Bucís and Bullís 70- Don McCreary, Randy Hill, John Martinez, Bill Pichler,Gerry Haniak.

Menís 75 Major- Joseph Chevrolet- Rocco Cambareri, Dick Paviak, Ray Bosetti, Lawrence McCurdy, Warren Watson, Roger Thresher. Southern Pride- Dave Bailey, Jake Wood, Bob Lipinski, Gene Balog.

Menís 75 AAA-Pfeiffer Grey Sox- Gary Nielsen, Terry Mack, Nelson, Brandt, Larry Faber, Jud Gebben,Dennis Schrier.Nami Construction- Karl Horst, Don Germer, Bob Nami, Ben Ellis.

Menís 80Major- Center 4 Sight- Jack Lewis, Tod Batterstone, Les Plumb, Bill Potter, Fred Glaser, Roy Rogers.

Menís 80AAA-Minnesota Legends- Bob DíAmadio, Norm Robinson, Fran Conlee, Stan Droogsma,Larry Herickhoff.

Womenís 40 Masters-Lewís Crew -40AAA- Beverly Gehring, Cary Outland, Leslie Pacen, Tracy Walker, Jamie Davis, Gail Burns.

Womenís 50-Dreamgirlz- Sylvia Echols, Debra Tucker, Fay Jennings,Cynthia Tucker, Lydia Crandall,Barbara Fox.New York Metro Double Play- Maryann Bubelnik, Pat Schiller, Penny Zielinski, Amanda Penley.

Womenís 55/60- Maryland Roadrunners 55- Delores Grandison, Pam Joseph, Mary Broch, Kim Long, Pam Truxal, Colleen Goodwin. Golden Girls 60- Dory Wagner, Katy Page, Fay DeJoy, Marcia Hiltabidle, Patricia Stephenson.

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