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Feb. 13, 2011
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Wanted

Wanted... 60+ AAA players. Numerous positions to fill. If interested, call Steve, At 1-714-670-2756. We are located in Southern California. Thank you. Steve Miller.
May 2, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Regarding "To Screen or not to Screen"

I vote for the use of a screen to protect the pitcher. Also, require that the pitcher get fully behind the screen, upon release of the ball, for maximum protection. Then after the batter has batted the ball, the pitcher is free to cover any base that is necessary,backup any throws, and/or relays. As for the batter, each time that his batted ball strikes the screen...He gets a call strike. With any combination of three strikes leading to an out. This will fully protect the most vulnerable player on the field, while still allowing the batter to use any approved bat/ball combination. I feel that this is a viable and fair compromise to the current dilemma facing the SAFETY of senior pitchers, while still allowing the hot bat/ball combo. As an alternative to the above listed... "Hit the net and get a strike", I would be in favor of calling a batted ball striking the net in any way... A live ball! This then would give a pitcher an important role to play as an active defender. The pitcher would then have to hustle out from behind the screen, retrieve the ball, and make a quick and accurate throw to get an out.
April 19, 2010
Topic: Website comments
Discussion: to screen or not to screen

I am in favor of using a screen. I have been playing for two and a half years in a league that uses a screen to protect the pitcher. Not once has a pitcher been struck by a batted ball. Nor have I witnessed the screen being hit by any throw, either from the infield OR the outfield. The catchers hit it quite often on the return back to the pitcher. The sanction to the batter, on hitting the screen with a batted ball, is an out. If I were king, I would modify the out to a strike. Because no one has total bat control. In our league, it in not uncommon to face a pitcher who is plus 70 or more. The screen let's you use the whole field without worry that you might end some players life, or injure him. Quite a few of the league players have perfected the art of hitting the middle safely while avoiding the screen. And if they should... "oops, sorry I didn't mean to hit you." Then the screen will reward you with an out. And the pitcher lives to play another inning. I have been playing ball for over 43 years and have witnessed many an injury, including two deaths, during ball games. At this stage in life, most of us play for the fun, competition, recreation, travel,and exercise. It also inspires most of us to stay in shape. This is my opinion, on the use of a screen. If safety for the most vulnerable player on the field is of major concern, then the use of a screen is the safest way to go. Then as far as the pitcher is concerned, he can then face whatever equipment is brought to bear against him in safety. As far as the other infield positions go, distance from the batter, a frequently drug infield, and unlimited arc would go a long ways towards nullifying todays technology, and giving the defense a better chance to use their skills with an increase in safety.
Jan. 15, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SENIOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE 55-70 and it's FREE

ARMIHO211- Yes this league is year round. Except for major holidays, and rain once in a while, it is an on going event. And yes we are playing at this time. Just yesterday, we played for two hours, and really enjoyed ourselves. It was a crystal clear day. With a high of 76 degrees, and we played at Yankee stadium.
Jan. 14, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SENIOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE 55-70 and it's FREE

I play at the big league dreams park in west covina, and the only thing each team has to provide is a new ball plus a good backup ball for your two hours of scheduled game time. Other than providing your own personal gear, there is no other cost involved. It is a great facility to play at, and it is FREE to all players 55 and up!
June 17, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Senior Softball in San Gabriel Valley

At the B.L.D. complex in West Covina senior softball players can play on Tuesdays and Thursdays for free. I am currently playing on Thursdays in a four team league. We have the facility from 0930 to 1500hrs. With each team playing a minimum of two games each. We can accommodate more teams and or players. It is a beautiful facility, and the Price is right!
March 23, 2009
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Mesquite ballfields.

I am playing at Hunter and Pioneer parks this week, and I was wondering what the fields are like i.e. dimensions, parking, condition of infields and outfields etc. Thanks.
Feb. 13, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Which 60AAA teams are going to Mesquite?

Gusto 60 AAA will be there.
Dec. 24, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous

I agree with Brian. Put in the Halo circle with an inning ending out. This will go a long wa toward protecting the pitcher. Alternately, use a screen, or require the pitcher to armour up. However it should be noted that even with full protective gear on, it is still going to hurt. Earlier this year, I took a line drive shot off a U-2 that skipped off the pitching rubber and hit me on my right shin. The ball took my right leg out from under me and knocked me down.Thankfully I was wearing heavy duty soccer shin guards. My leg below my right knee went numb. My team mates helped me to our dugout, where I took my shoe, socks, and shin guard off to find that I had sustained a one inch gash along the edge of my shin bone. After I stopped the bleeding, I iced and elevated my leg. The next day X-Rays, showed a small stress fracture to my shin bone. The point being that even with protective gear, injuries will appear.
Feb. 29, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous

I Played at the bld pk. in west covina yesterday. In the newly formed senior league. The facility is simply beautiful, and state of the art. It is sporting 6 major league fields. Fenway park, Dodger stadium, Angel stadium Wrigley field, Yankee stadium, and Tiger stadium. We got to play at Fenway. At least two of the diamonds are set up for hardball, with deeper outfields. And all of them can be used for softball. The best part of the deal, is that any and all seniors 55+ can play for free! As of yesterday there are four teams signed up. But, we can accomodate a lot more teams. I have played at all of the bld. pks. south of Fresno, ca. and I can state that this is the finest softball complex that I have ever seen or played in. This is a day league, and we can use the facility from 0900hrs. to 1500hrs., on thursdays, with plenty of free parking. We are playing 9 innings or 1.5 hrs. between games, whichever comes first, with a double header each week thrown in for good measure. And as always, you have a stadium full of fans sitting out in the outfield bleachers, to watch you as you enjoy yourself reliving your youth. So com on out and have some fun.
Jan. 6, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Move to metal bats

STONEMAN,I thank you for the time and effort, in your posting. At last I now understand, in plain terms the difference b/w Corr. and Compression. And the effect that it has on the myriad choices b/w bats and balls, along with the influence that temperature plays into the equation. Keep up the good work!
Dec. 27, 2007
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: T.O.C.

Gusto 60 Majors will be attending the T.O.C. Anyone else?
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