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Discussion: OK You Gym Rats Out There

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Jan. 25, 2008
Men's 65
601 posts
OK You Gym Rats Out There
In an effort to hit the ball harder and further I've decided to hit the gym and start toning up after recently losing 30# aided by a recent operation (good-bye gall bladder) and a low fat diet (really what did it). Armed with a membership to 24 Hour Fitness I've been using the following machines:

The Dual Axle Row + The Rotary Incline Chest + The Leg Extension + The Rotary Upper Back + The Pull Down + The Overhead Press + The Prone Leg Curl - then finish off with cool down time on a stationary bike.

Any suggestions as to what else would be helpful to add to the routine?
Jan. 25, 2008
Men's 60
76 posts

Doughnuts and coffee in the morning and a hot fudge sundae with the evening workouts work for me.
Jan. 25, 2008
Men's 60
2839 posts
Pete, don't let me deter you from working out, I think that's great. Two years ago I worked out thinking the same thing, that maybe I could hit it 50' farther. I realized that it didn't increase my number at all. Maybe it's just my type of swing, I dono.:)
See you in Jax!
Jan. 25, 2008
Men's 60
405 posts
Not a Gym rat but I try and stay in reasonable shape.
Get advice specific to softball when working out for ball. Especially on the pull down. Best exercise for ball are CORE strengthening
Jan. 25, 2008
Men's 60
242 posts
Pete, when you get into town i will be more than happy to work out with you. Work the total body for best results with core strength training. Also a few fore arm curls with help with the bat.

Again, analyze your swing. What body parts hurt when you hit after a lay off? Those are the muscle groups that you use so they would be the one to concentrate on if you only wanted to improve your swing. The other thing is to develop quick twitch muscle which requires quick motions with light weights!
Jan. 25, 2008
Men's 50
535 posts
PETE D: U should try & work out 4 times per wk. EXAMPLE: Monday.... heavy upper & then Thursday... lite upper body. Tuesday....... heavy legs / back / bicepts.
Friday..... lite legs & back.

Try stretching... after work outs for 15 minutes. One should try to stretch..... 5 X per wk.

Upper Body.. Bench Press; Inclines; dips; front or lat' raises

Legs & Back... leg curls w/ leg extentions; leg sled. Pull Downs; Setted Rows; curls;

Work outs should be 45 min' to 75 min' max...

Try 5-8 sets & start out do' 8- 12 reps.

Swim' will also, help loosen one up....
The STONEMAN..... C U in Jax...
Jan. 25, 2008
11 posts
Yo Pete, for what it's worth, done the Gym thing, gave my Bowflex away, recently bought a TotalGym from Craigs list (cheap) with the wide board, best investment I have made, after all my injuries the TotalGym and an assortment of Dumbbells is all I need. good luck
Jan. 25, 2008
46 posts
Went back to karate 2 years ago - best conditioning and core training you can get. Being 60 the young guys have a pool on me dropping dead. Terry Ohio Silverados
Jan. 25, 2008
Men's 55
137 posts
I have been working out for the last 4 years,4 times a week.My power has gone up ALOT.Go heavy for a month,then reps for a month.Use machines as much as possable,only use dumbbells for curls,anything else you can blow something out.An we all know we don't need that.Also get a bat about 35 oz and one at 25 oz.Swing each 10 times a day,this will build your arms.I hope this helps.
Jan. 26, 2008
Men's 60
2839 posts
Terrymac, "Being 60 the young guys have a pool on me dropping dead.", Thats funny! lol
Tell them to read the book, Younger Next Year.
Jan. 26, 2008
24 posts
I also started hitting the gym three times a week doing weights. I also run on a treadmill for about forty-five minutes when I can't do it outside. You really should do cardio along with the weights.
Jan. 27, 2008
6 posts
Pete: Someone once told me it wasn't one thing but a combination of things that would make the biggest difference. Audie was right about working the core. Abs, increase your core strength. Forearms will increase grip and swing. Legs will certainly increase your strength. Keep doing what your doing. Your on the right path. Hitting a lot of softballs will improve on your distance. Don't listen to Bruce..he's already is killing the ball...the last two balls i saw him hit haven't even landed yet....and forget working out with Audie...he just wants to show off...the guy is ripped.....good luck
Jan. 27, 2008
Men's 55
102 posts
I also after knee surgery was able to return to the gym. I do programs 4 days a week. Free weights, machines, treadmill and bike. Dropped 22 pounds, re-shaped my body, improved my mobility.

Playing outfield in Seniors (Major Plus) I see a noticeabe difference later in games and tournaments. My lower half is stronger, fresher. My game stays at a higher level much longer than before.

Playing with the young guys three nights a week (uppers) and the occassional tournament with the same group I found that my workouts help me not only stay on the field with guys 25 years my junior, but out perform most of them using USSSA equipment.

I love the competition, and love it at a high level. I've committed to putting the time in. It's not for everyone,
Jan. 27, 2008
Men's 70
425 posts
Pete. I totally believe in working out will help your ball striking in more than one way; 1) based on your swing style you will get greater distance 2) more speed on ball 3) better control on ball direction for gap hits....Other benifits include Throwing can be much improved and most of all with a Full Body workout you can PLAY more without injury and will feel better while playing.
Pete, Have a great year.
Jan. 27, 2008
310 posts
Just my 2 cents on working out. I have been weighttraining for some 35 years. Over the past 4 years I have had 5 surgeries and a 1/2 dozen other injuries. Most of those from racing BMX bikes. I am a middle school PE teacher that loves to runaround with his students.
As you can probably figure I am an advocate of strength training. On more than one occasion doctors have told me my injuries would be so much worse if I had not been muscular. Weighttraining will definitely benefit every aspect of your life. But take in mind that we are not spring chickens anymore. If you have been active and have lifted in the past I would recommend more maintenance trining than heavy lifting.
The stress on the joints is far to great. I personnally do cardio daily and 3 to 4 days a week use resistance bands and dumbbells for strength and definition maintenance. I have been using techniques from the P90X workouts by Tony Horton and feel like a million bucks. My joints don't ache and I get a great pump.
The best part of working out is I get to eat whatever I want.
Drink beer with my teammates on the weekends and I've only put on 15 lbs since my college playing days 1978.
Jan. 30, 2008
46 posts
To BruceinGa Got the book "Younger Next Year" Thanks for the tip! The writers seem to know their stuff and make most of it funny! (it is a real change in life style) Thanks again Terry The Ohio Silverados
Jan. 30, 2008
Men's 60
2839 posts
You're welcomd Terry. I haven't read a book in years but I have almost finished this one. It's very enlightening.
Jan. 30, 2008
353 posts
I'm going in to my fifth year of senior ball. Iím and outfielder that relies on quickness and agility. I would suggest you come up with a workout that replicates the same activity you perform on the field. I suffered a shoulder separation my fist year of play and the therapist designed a program for me that focused on all areas of my game. Hitting, catching, throwing and running. Three time a week I work out on the old school pulley machine to strengthen shoulders and arms, Rowing weights and bench press and crunch for stomach, chest and lower back, The gym I use has a stationary bike that replicate different terrains. I prefer the mountain trail workout as it provide the leg work I need to prep for the long season. This year I re-added racquetball to increase my reactions and get a good cardio workout. Hope this helps good luck in your efforts
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