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April 1, 2009
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Spa Ratings compared to SSUSA ratings

Bob In regards to GSF "Tanking" the game. I didnt hear one comment from anyone regarding this discussion. I know your team would never lie down; the team has too much class. I also never heard that you or your team had any discussion regarding Top Gun moving up.
You are correct the rule changes made by SSUSA has leveled the playing field. We would have much less chance as a hybrid team (I like the name)in other organizations. I due totally disagree with you about the talent level. In major plus the top sponsored teams have the pick of the litter. If they have less talent it's because they don't go after it.
I don't speak for Top Gun. I only speak for myself and I had zero input in the ratings. The issue should have been decided by the not so secret rating committee.
I believe you missed my point; my issue is SSUSA making a change in ratings during the tournament. If you as others believe the committee made the a mistake in moving us down to major thats fine and acceptable. We should have been notified before the tournament not after two games played. We then could of had the option to play and/or not play at the major plus level. It's just like a purchase agreement you pay on what was agreed upon up front.
It's OK for us to disagree besides we really enjoyed playing you guys and under simuliar circumstances we might win again.
Bob thanks for your response and I look forward to seeing you at the park.
April 1, 2009
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Spa Ratings compared to SSUSA ratings

Curveball nice post and since we are on the same team and friends I will agree with you 100%. You are one of the best players I have played with and are very capable of playing major plus ball. Many of our players also could play at the major plus level but few if any would be impact players.
Those of us who have played major plus ball have reasons for not making the move up from the major division. The most significant reason is our talent. We were not asked as stated by salio2K in his post to play by one of the few truly major plus teams in our area. The fact that most of the established major plus teams are fully sponsored is completely relevant to the quality of players they have. We pay 100% of our own costs to play and travel to tournments. Another reason for not moving up is many of us have gone through many injuries over the years, myself I have just went thruough my second knee replacement this last year.
On a more serious matter the events casused this weekend by SSUSA in Mesquite sent fifteen Top Gun players home unhappy. This could have been handled professionally after the tournament was completed. We spent our money to play in the major division and because of pressure from another team the powers of SSUSA folded. One must ask themselves how a change in the middle of a tournament can be justified. If this was my business would I have treated my customers that poorly? If I did my company would not survive in today's market. Im not saying if we would have won the tournment or would have blown out our competition the committee of one (?) could have made the appropriate adjustment after the tournment. That would be his/her call and as a customer if we were unhappy with the decision we would have to reconsider spending our money with his organization.
On a more positive note when the additional complexes are completed in Mesquite the city should become a Mecca for softball in the west.

John Renwick Top Gun 60's
Dec. 22, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Word on existing 50 M+ teams that will not play under the present rules.

Mr. Jacker the rules you outlined from your friend are fine with me. With the exception of the courtesy runner rule. We would have players running from the dugout to coach first base nearly every at bat.

The team I play on will be moved up to 60 Major+ this season. We qualified for TOC more than once last year. Our record last year versus the Major+ teams was not very good. With that said I dont have a problem with moving up. I do have a problem with the timing. Many players in our area (Southern California) have played and qualified already with a team. Maybe if the SSUSA would allow us an extension to our roster date for 2009 without penalities to the players. We would be able to restructure our team.

Wood I agree with your statement about the HR rule. What does age have to do with it? If your 50 years old and are allowed ten homeruns why would the 60's only be allowed six? Do we hit more homeruns as we age? Have the fence's become shorter? What ever the magic number for homeruns six, eight, or ten, it should be the same for all age groups.

I applauded the rules committee for trying to restructure the brackets; however maybe a summit meeting to finalize the changes would be wise.
Dec. 22, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Word on existing 50 M+ teams that will not play under the present rules.

I have a few thoughts regarding Major+ teams not playing and the new rules proposed. I agree some Major+ teams may not play. I wonder how much of this has to do with the economy. I played Major Ball (now called Major+) for my first couple of years in Senior Softball. Even then we had very few teams, and like today the top teams (sponsored) were dominant. We traveled all across the country to compete and had a great sponsor that picked up the cost. I'm not sure in the economy today that too many teams can afford the cost of travel without a full sponsorship. Many of the Major teams move up to Major+ will not be able to travel outside their geographical area.

The one area that concerns me the most is in many parts of the country you could not field two Major+ teams without full sponsorship and unlimited (open) recurting. We need a program to enhance the Major+ teams to be the elite and our flag ship of Senior Softball. By bringing to many teams up from the Major catagory will effectively reduce the level of play for Major+ Ball.

Rule changes proposed for 2009. I like the new homerun rule because I believe it makes better hitters out of all of us. I also believe the run rule is positive. I can tell you many times we/or our competitors scored over thirity runs in an inning. We had games of three innings because of the time limit. In some cases the three inning games lasted over one and a half hours.

If the changes proposed in 2009 are approved I believe the rating committee needs to make changes (up and down) in a more timely manner to keep teams together. I also believe we only need three levels, Major, AAA, and AA.

My two cents-Renny
Jan. 25, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Knee Replacement

I started researching knee replacements about 5 years ago. I decided the Rotatating Knee Platform from Dupey (Johnson & Johnson) was the best for sports, including softball. I then found the doctor with the most experience and best reputation in Southern California. I had my knee done over two years ago and within three months I was hitting and playing in tournaments. Now my other knee needs replacement and I will have that done after the TOC this year. Unfortunatley anything can happen at our ages and were only one play away from retirement. With all of us with knee issues a time will come if you love the game you may have to come to the same decision that I did. Do your research and if you decided to have the replacement, I believe you can have many additional year of softball ahead of you. My doctor had no issues with me playing softball again. He said he will always be available for repairs...
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