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Senior Softball-USA is dedicated to providing the best umpires in the sport.

Umpire Insurance Policy #: 05-075515-16



State & Regional UICs

Please contact the UIC in your region. If no Region is listed, please call Ross McCulligan at 916-326-5303.

Rick Seifman, Vice President/Umpires -   623-776-3525

John Barner, Florida Regional UIC FL -   352-516-6651

Fredrick Craig, UIC UT -   435-862-1068

Ron Grassi, Umpire National Director, Northwest UIC -   253-678-1844

Tim McElroy, Mid-Atlantic Regional UIC MD -   301-514-2676

Donna McGuire, Central Regional UIC MO -   816-517-2903

Keith Parker, UIC TX -  903-315-6374

Don Reddig, UIC Southern CA -  760-221-0531

Doug Robbins, UIC Northern CA -  916-802-9422

Tom Bussey, Deputy UIC Northern CA -  916-505-6917

Shane Verley, UIC Washington - 360-259-1733


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SSUSA Rules Summary

Download this summary as a PDF

SSUSA Rules Summary

Pitching Arc
• 6 feet to 12 feet above the ground.
• Illegal Pitches are verbalized and hand signaled in flight.

Batters and Pitcher boxes
• Batters must start with both feet in the box.
• Before starting the pitch the pitcher must take a position with at least one foot in contact with the Pitcher’s Box.
• Pitcher’s Box is 10 feet long.
• Emphasis on the batters’ box is the front and inside lines.

• Starting count is 0-0
• 4balls, 3 strikes
• No foul to give

Double First Base and Scoring Line/Scoring Plate
• Safety base for batter/runner only on initial play. Either offense or defense may use after initial play.
• Must be used.
• Violations are live calls.
• No appeals.
• A runner's foot must be in contact with the scoring line or scoring plate, or over the scoring line and down to score the run prior to the catcher catching the ball.
• A runner shall be called out if he touches or crosses over any portion of the strike mat or the batter’s box. The ball remains live.
• All plays at home are force outs.

Commitment Line
• 30 feet from home plate towards 3rd base.
• When a runner has a foot down on or down beyond the commitment line, they must continue home.
• If they retreat back over it, it is a live ball out.

• A runner must make every effort to avoid collisions.
• If in the umpire’s judgment, a runner misses a base avoiding a collision, they may be declared safe.
• A base runner may advance on any third strike flyball which is caught on the field of play, fair or foul. The ball is live.

Courtesy Runners
• Any rostered player may be a courtesy runner that is listed on the lineup card.
• A courtesy runner may be used for a base runner at any time, but the same courtesy runner may not be used more than once in an
inning. If so, they will be declared out.
• Should a courtesy runner be on base when it is their turn at bat, an out is declared, the base is vacated, and the person due to bat hits.
• Should a runner be determined to be illegal, an out is declared only after they have touched the base.

• Teams must meet the minimum for their division. It is either ten or eleven players. Should the team be short-handed one, they may
continue to play no more than one player short. An out will be declared the first time only for that spot.
• If a player is ejected an out will be declared each time his/her turn at bat comes up.

Line Up cards and Game cards
• Proper game cards are critical.
• You will be given a game card that has been filled in with all the information needed for that game.
• It is your responsibility to complete that card fully as the game progresses.
• Total everything at the end and have the coaches sign to verify the results.

• Pregame
◦ Check your card for time limits.
◦ Check your card for an equalizer if used. HRs and runs per inning is always the lower teams.
◦ Be sure the back is filled out with both lineups, number of players and subs.
◦ Make sure the pitchers have mandated safety face mask.
◦ Your game card is official. Exchanged lineups are a courtesy.
◦ CONFIRM all of this BEFORE you flip the coin.

• During the game
◦ Record all runs each half inning and announce to both sides.
◦ Record all substitutions on the back of the card as they occur.
◦ Track the number of balls hit over the fence, regardless of whether they are home run or outs.

• Postgame
◦ Total and verify the score with both coaches and have them, you and any partner sign the card.
◦ Be sure it is accurate and complete.
◦ Don’t forget to rate the teams.

Flip Flop Rule
• In seeding or pool play both teams must agree to it.
• If used, when the visiting team is ahead by 10 runs, and going into the open inning, the home team hits twice. Should they take a
lead, the visiting team hits.
• In Bracket (tournament) play, it applies with a 10 run lead and is mandatory.

Home Runs / Runs per inning
• Major Plus: 9, outs over the limit, 7 runs per half inning, mercy rule of 15 run lead after 5 innings.
• Major: 6, outs over the limit, 5 runs per half inning.
• AAA: 3, outs over the limit, 5 runs per half inning.
• AA: 1 Only, outs over the limit, 5 Runs per half inning.
• “Hit and sit” now in effect for all divisions.
• Note: Any ball hit over the fence must be counted on your card, HR or out. Keep track as you go. A four base award is not included in home run totals.

Open Inning
• In timed games, must be announced when your clock expires. If not announced, another inning be played.
• Watch your clock.
• Make sure both coaches are informed.

International Tie Breaker Rule
• Each team will start with a runner on second base.
• The runner must be the last person who batted the previous inning, whether they made the third out or not.
• No substitute or courtesy runner may be used until that runner has advanced to 3rd base.
• Should the proper runner be unable to continue due to injury, an out is declared, and the next previous out becomes the proper
•All International Tie Breaker innings are open innings.


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