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Softball Shines Bright in The Valley of The Sun

Dec. 1, 2012 – Ross McCulligan

PHOENIX Ė A change of scenery provided an excellent backdrop for the 12th annual Winter World Championships here. Las Vegas had hosted the Winter Worlds for the past 11 seasons, but the popular season kick-off tournament made its way southeast this year to the Valley of the Sun.

With the switch in locations, a slight dip in attendance from previous seasons was expected, however the turnout far surpassed expectations. The field was comprised of 140 teams from 18 states ranging from Hawaii to Ohio, including a couple of teams from British Columbia.

Teams were treated to exceptional field conditions and perfect weather throughout the six-day tournament. The field preparation staff at all five complexes provided excellent accommodations with some of the best-kept fields in the country.

ďItís no surprise this yearís Winter Worlds were so popular.† Having had the World Championships here for so many years, players enthusiastically returned to enjoy the Southwestern hospitality in the Valley of the Sun and experience yet another first-rate tournament,Ē said Tournament Director Dave Dowell.

The Menís 40 Masters division saw No. 3 seed, San Diego VFW, run the table in the winnerís bracket and defeat the Nor Cal Stars 23 to 21 on their way to the championship.

The Menís 50 AAA division was the largest of the tournament with 16 teams. The 12th seeded Top Gun Thunder clawed their way into the championship game after losing their opening bracket game.

A series of close wins against the New Mexico Lasers and the Arizona Bulldawgz landed Tog Gun Thunder in the championships against No. 6 seed Avenue Towing. Despite a great effort from Top Gun Thunder, Avenue Towing proved too strong, taking the division with a 30Ė16 victory.

The 55 Major division was filled with close games and great competition. Doubleplay Classic, hailing from California, came out on top winning the championship by only an average of three runs.

The 60 AAA division, comprised of 10 teams, saw the top-seeded One Time fight their way to a championship after squeaking by Desperados 22Ė21 in the first round of bracket play.

The 10-team 60 AA division provided some of the most exciting play of the tournament. No Guts, No Glory was knocked into the loserís bracket after falling to Git-R-Done 16Ė13. After a series of close wins, No Guts, No Glory would go on to defeat Bennett Property Management in an ďIFĒ game for the championship

In the 65 AAA division, Sidewinders out of Arizona won a close battle with Marauders 28Ė27 to claim the division.

The healthy Menís 80 division consisted of five teams. Fairway Ford forced an ďIFĒ game against Arizona Prospectors but lost 15Ė14 in the championship.

The 10-team Womenís 40 division bracket provided some intense competition. Butchís Beavers, seeded No. 3, won the AAA bracket defeating the Saints 18Ė15 in the championship game. The AA division was won by Northwest Intensity 16Ė10 over Madness.

Here are the results of the Winter Worlds:

MENíS 40-MAJOR Ė 1. San Diego VFW (CA), 2. Nor Cal Stars (CA), 3. Monstro/USA (CA)

MENíS 50-PLATINUM Ė 1. Arizona Elite (AZ), 2. OKI Players (OH), 3. Worth 50ís (CA)

MENíS 50 AAA Ė 1. Avenue Towing (CA), 2. Top Gun Thunder (CA), 3. Arizona Bulldawgz (AZ)

MENíS 55 MAJOR Ė 1. DoublePlay Classic (CA), 2. Arizona Rogue (AZ), 3. Top Gun III (CA)

MENíS 55 AAA Ė 1. Just 4 Fun (AZ), 2. Rio Grande 55 (NM), 3. CJ & S Express (AZ)

MENíS 55 AA Ė 1. Pastimers (WA), 2. Scrap Iron Coyotes (CO), 3. Scrap Iron 55 Northern (CO)

MENíS 60 MAJOR PLUS Ė 1. Joe Brownís All Stars (AZ), 2. Hendricks Sports Management (TX)

MENíS 60 MAJOR Ė 1. Top Gun 60 Softball (CA), 2. Smith Electric (AZ), 3. No Dice (CA)

MENíS 60 AAA Ė 1. One Time (AZ), 2. Last Call (NV), 3. Sidewinders 60ís (AZ)

MENíS 60 AA Ė No Guts, No Glory (CA), 2. Bennett Property Management (AZ), 3. Git-R-Done (CA)

MENíS 65 MAJOR PLUS Ė 1. Omen 65 (CA), 2. Full Circle (CA)

MENíS 65 MAJOR Ė 1. Rustyís (AZ), 2. Tharaldsonís (NV), 3. Minnesota Prize 65ís (MN)

MENíS 65 AAA Ė 1. Sidewinders 65ís (AZ), 2. Marauders (CA), 3. Car City (IA)

MENíS 65 AA Ė 1. Yavapai Cantina 65ís (AZ), 2. Physiomotion 65 (CA), 3. New Mexico Flame (NM

MENíS 70 MAJOR PLUS Ė 1. Stark Street Pizza (NV), 2. Pinnacle Physical Therapy (AZ)

MENíS 70 MAJOR Ė 1. Hawaiian Pride ( HI), 2. 1,000 Oaks Panthers (CA), 3. Team New Mexico (NM)

MENíS 70 AAA Ė Sidewinders II (AZ), 2. Triple Play 70 (CA), 3. El Paseo Bank 70 (CA)

MENíS 70 AA Ė KC Seniors 70ís (KS), 2. Arizona Titans (AZ), 3. Hill Contracting 70ís (TX)

MENíS 80 MAJOR Ė 1. Arizona Prospectors 80 (AZ), 2. Fairway Ford (CA), 3. Scrap Iron 80 (CO)

WOMENíS 40 AAA Ė 1. Butchís Beavers (MI), 2. Saints (AZ), 3. SoCal Toxic (CA)

WOMENíS 40 AA Ė 1. Northwest Intensity (ID), 2. Madness (NM)

WOMENíS 50 Ė 1. High Desert Diamonds (NM), 2. So Cal Stingers (CA), 3. SWWAT (CA)

WOMENíS 55 Ė 1. BOT 5 (CA), 2. Arizona Castaway (AZ), 3. California Spirit 55 (CA)

WOMENíS 65 Ė 1. Dream Catchers (NM), 2. Queen Bees (AZ), 3. California Spirit 65 (CA)

Winter Worlds All Tournament Players 2012

Menís 40Maj- SD VFW- Tony Taisacan, Barry Otis, Gil Rodriguez, Anthony Segina, Romon Johnson.Nor Cal Stars- Cory Nicewonger, Al Becker, Rich Luna.

Menís 50Platinum- Arizona Elite- Todd Reed, Rod Gibson, Domenic Calise, Chuck Henninger, Curtis Horger.Worth 50ís- Butch Stevenson, Scott Spaulding.

Menís 50 Maj- Doubleplay Classic- Ray Tarazon, David Sloan, Eric Overstreet, Jimmy Williams, Paul Smit.

Menís 50AAA- Avenue Towing- Mark Ingersoll, Bobby Batis, Ellis Foots, Lionel Ortiz, Frank Carranco.AZ Bulldawgz- Richard Chiquete, Randy Tompkins.

Menís 55Maj- AZ Rogue- Kenny Vaught, Frank Scarpelli, Chuck Monroe. Top Gun 55- John White, Todd Mason.

Menís 55AAA- Just 4 Fun- Kevin McCoy, Pete Dellios, Gary Steen, Fred DeLeon, Tony Cabrales. Rio Grand 55ís- Robert Galvan, Steve Armstrong, John Hurst.

Menís 55AA- Pastimers- Roger Nachman, Mark Himmelman, Bill McCommack, Ron Mulberg, Bill Brundage. Scrap Iron Coyotes- S.D.Hernandez, Rick Frahm, Rich Waldron.

Menís 60 Maj- Top Gun 60- Scott Woltens, Tom Lewis, Jim Palecek, Dave Seitz, David McCarthy. No Dice- Scott Dillon, Scott Beaston.

Menís 60AAA- One Time- Larry Denzler, Larry Lehman, Roger Lawrence, Angel Lopez, Steve Heath.Sidewinders- Bob Schmidt, Jim Montgomery.

Menís 60AA- No Guts, No Glory- Jack Brunschmid, Rod Schemp, Steve Pavlinovic, Mike Feeney, Mike Daniels. Git R Done- Ray Robinson, Eddie Gestine.

Menís 65Maj+- Full Circle- Mack Lough, Dennis Merkel, Jerry Nester.

Menís 65Maj- Rustyís 65- Stan Suichta, Fred Purvis, Don Joesten, Barry Sustin, Gregg Broeckelman.Tharaldsons- Bob Hough, Russ Gwynn, Lew Agius.

Menís 65AAA- Sidewinders- Rich Collins, Dave Toepel,Darwin Pimm, Jerry Bianchi, Bob Peck. Car City- Ken Nevenhoven, Don Williams.

Menís 65AA-Yavapai Casino- John Nicol, Bob Casden, Ernie Jones, Tom Townsen, Chuck Gibson. New Mexico Flame- Larry Gialouris, Ranison Kennedy.

Menís 70Maj+- Stark Street Pizza- Dave Myers, Dan Minnick, Jackie Robinson, Matt Link, Marlin Campbell, Bob Gregorich.Pinnacle P.T.- Jay Larson, Jim Mollsen, Billy Kee, Howie Dielmann.

Menís 70Maj-Hawaiian Pride- Dennis Holland, Daniel Ayala, Herbert Leite, David Belaski,Gerald Tulang.Thousand Oaks Panthers- Larry Courtright, Ron Quarantino, Dave Drummond.

Menís 70AAA- Sidewinders 70Team II- John Vignati, Howard Schaber, John Burns, Mel Bentley, Larry Heuett.Triple Play- Glenn Fitzerald, Louie Mora, Brad Cowles. El Paseo Bank- Bill McNew, Caz Mazet.

Menís 70AA-Kansas City Seniors- Charles Denayer, Marvin Droege, Joe Pennock, Dick Trout, Denny Schemmel.

Menís 80Maj- Fairway Ford- Sal Cisneros, Roger Williams, Neil Barnes.Scrap Iron 80ís- Ray Keller, Don Notarmuzi.

Womenís 40AAA- Butchís Beavers- Sue Harrington, Chris Treesh, Jan Johnson, Carolynn Harmon, Dawn Pardee.

Womenís 50-High Desert Diamonds- Joyce Helgesen, Nicolasa Maxey, Ellyn Wong, Doris Corrales, Tina Schmitt. So Cal Stingers- Alicia Embley, Karlene Schuler, Terry Bokowski.

Womenís 55- AZ Castawaz- Caroln Lavis, Yvonne Wagner, Gloria Smith.

Womenís 65- Dream Catchers- Margie Allen, Juan Cervantez, Jo Hale, Carmen Sandovall, Eve Rey.Queen Bees- Kate VonGunten, Mo Deys, Pam Bedwell. Calif. Spirit 65- Edna Allen, Lani Neer.

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