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Oct. 7, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Who Won????

Maybe I missed it somewhere on here but I only saw winners from 2012 ... Who won the AAA and Major 40's & 50's this past weekend??
Oct. 7, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Las Vegas Fields and Umpires

I probably said this last year but I realize good Umpires are hard to find because any Good Umpire is probably still playing but I agree with whomever said it above that we need to do something overall ... I had Catchers calling Strikes in the 40's-AAA and the Umpires buying it ... A Ball would hit 2 Inches outside and because the Catcher yelled, he called it a strike ... And yes we had a Guy get called out for stepping out of the Box and it killed an entire Inning ... And they do not look like 7 Ft to me but who knows .. Same Guy later did the same thing and the Guy did not call it

And no Orange Bag at 1B?? ... This Tourney makes WAY too much money and can afford to buy a decent 1B Orange Bag to put at every Field without ruining the Ground at that Field ... I won't go into the Calls that went against us because it will sound like sour grapes even though that is not the case because we beat ourselves but I heard friends of mine in the 40-Majors hit a Ball down the line, it HIT the Foul Poul, and the Guy called it a Foul Ball and not a Home Run ... Really??

As they say on ESPN, "C'MON MAN!!" ... Get a Clue ... Know the rules and understand what 6-12' means ... Still like coming here to Vegas as it beats almost every other place but hopefully most of it can stay at BLD like it was last year in 2012 ... And for all the Money BLD makes, they could at least get the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV!!!! ... lol

Oct. 12, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 2012 vegas worlds

I wasn't ripping anybody...Just jokingly stating that rumor had it the Triple-A Umpires weren't bad ... Reportedly better than the Guys in the Major Division so too bad they didn't switch them ... It really wasn't meant to rip anybody ... Nobody actually knew certain Umpires were better than others, it just apparently worked out that way ... And if 5 UIC's were fired, that might go a long way towards explaining last weekend's debacle
Oct. 10, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 2012 vegas worlds

Thanks Fellas...Glad some others feel my pain ... lol ... And BP3 said it perfectly, he won (I assume with Team TPS) and as I mentioned, no Umpires cost us a game directly so none of this is sour grapes in any way, shape or form ... But they have to know the basic rules and WANT to be there ... Not doing 1,000 Games in a row in Vegas Heat ... Or after allegedly (as rumor had it) smoked stuff before games or anything else ...

As I previously stated, been Umpiring for YEARS and I know sometimes Softball Players do not make it easy but I have found, as long as you have a basic clue as to what you're doing, they won't kill you ... And again, maybe at some complexes you might've had good guys ... Good for you ...

But most of what did the Over-40 Major Division at BLD over this past weekend was an abomination ... Sorry but no simpler way to put it ... Heard the Triple-A Guys weren't bad ... Too bad they weren't switched ... The Team from Guam never would've noticed the difference ... lol

Oct. 9, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 2012 vegas worlds

Ground Rule Triple??...WOW is the word ... lol ... OK, first off, no Umpire cost us a game ... We beat ourselves and/or got killed twice despite finishing fairly high in the SS/Major Division with an injured and makeshift team so this is not sour grapes at all but some of this needs to be said and/or echoed ...

Senior Softball is fun but obviously Highway Robbery ... If you don't have a Very rich Sponsor, you can't play it ... Do the Math Folks, 446 Teams x $700 ($695 I know)...Almost $310,000 right there ... Then they make you register ... 10-15 Guys per team at what, depending on how they register, $15-$25 per player or more so tack on at the low end an extra $200 per team on registration alone x 446 for another $89,000

Now God Bless'em they created all this so they deserve whatever us nitwits are willing to pay and don't forget about buying Balls this past weekend ... Uggh ... However, being an Umpire myself for decades, I know it is not always easy and there are not that many great ones out there because most that are any good, still play ...

But considering the money made off this one Tournament alone, not to mention all the others across the Nation, the least they could do is try and find some capable Umpires that have a clue as to what is going on ... We had a guy late Friday Night who was more worried about updating the Scoreboard than watching the actual play ... We threw a Guy out at 2B by 5 feet and he was at the Backstop by the updater calling him safe ... Seriously??

So of course we got on him and he hustled up the 1B line the next inning only to intentionally screw us by calling a guy out who was a step PAST the base when the Ball got there ... He blew multiple other calls and while I was in LF, asked for the Manager, even though he knew my Number, my Asst Coach came out and intentionally said he was the Manager and he immediately threw him out of the game

The Guys over the Weekend were equally as bad ... calling Foul Ball Homers fair and calling balls that did not even come close to the Mat strikes ... And one guy even threw out a spectator just for saying "The least you could do is know the count!!" ... Never cursed at him, nothing ... It was just laughable

We were getting killed Friday Night and I asked the guy if there was a Mercy Run Rule ... He said "5 Runs an Inning" ... Then when I explained what I actually meant, he said he didn't know ... When a Tourney makes $450,000 in one Weekend (and probable Hotel Kickbacks to boot), the least you could do is have Umpires that know the actual rules ...

Sorry, except for teams tagging up from 2nd to 3rd up by 22 and other teams going middle with Ultra's up by 18 w/Homers left and some other stuff, we all mostly enjoy Senior Softball ... But we need to recruit Umps if need be that have some actual knowledge of the game ... I know it's a tough weekend with the NSA D's in town as well but fly guys in if you have to ... Because this was ludicrous

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