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Kim Oliverson

Laytn, UT

Men's 50

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Oct. 15, 2010
Topic: Tournaments

Paco13, The actual quote is "Stupid is as stupid does" I am not anal or a jerk. Just know the quote.
Oct. 5, 2010
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: shawnee,kansas

The muscle the Physical therapist was referring to is the Illiopsoas. This muscle works in conjunction with the hip flexors and extendors. There are very specific stretches to target this area. Go to any web site that talkes about hip stretches and you will find a number of these. Pick ones that are simple. Remember stretching this muscle is not going to do any good unless you are consistent with your efforts. The problems you are experiencing may take several weeks before you notice a distinct improvement. Good luck. Ollie (Fangrabbers #48)
June 15, 2010
Topic: Bats
Discussion: best weight training to improve hitting

madsenior, the question you are asking does not have one answer that would apply to everyone. There are to many variables regarding the human body and how we are genetically built to have an answer that would apply across the board. I will give you the short answer that will help you to make what choices may be best for you. First of all there are basically three body types, Ectomorphs, Meosomorphs, and Endomorphs. You need to understand which type you are, and then understand what your limitations are within each one. We are born with a certain amount of "Fast twitch" muscle fibers as well as "slow twitch" fibers. Fast twitch are designed for explosive movements, slow twitch are for endurance or repetative firing over a longer duration. At the age of 25, males begin to decline in the amount of testosterone that they produce. This process starts the natural decline in the quality and quantity of muscle that a person naturally has based on their body type. This also obviously effects our strength capabilities. You can't increase the amount of fast twitch muscle fibers you are born with, but by working out with resistence training and cardio/endurance training you can stave off the inevitable decline. About 70 percent of males over the age of 45 are suffering from a medical condition called "Testicular hypofunction" aka, low testosterone levels. This has a dramatic effect on our endurance ,strength and vitality. I suggest you get you free testosterone level checked by you doctor to determine if you are in the high risk percentile. Any exercise that strengthens the torso, core, thighs and hips all add to a better and stronger swing. If you were never a home run or power hitter as a young man, you are not going to be one just because you now start working out. But if you are looking to improve what you are already capible of then implement a sensible resistance/cardio training routine(work each muscle group once a week), healthy eating, good rest and you will reap the benifits of a much better game. Good luck and be consistent.
May 19, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congratulations, Steve Imlay...

I had never met Steve Imlay until this past weekend. He was in Las Vegas participating in a homerun contest that I had entered as well. From the start, you could see Steve was a kind and graciuos man. He wore a big smile and had words of encouagement for all participants. Even though this day was not going to be his best, he still took his swings and unltimately took 2nd place. He gave words of praise to the ultimate winner along with a firm handshake. An everlasting impression was made on a young 51 year old that day. Thanks for the positive memory Steve. #48 Fangrabbers- Ollie/Sancho
May 19, 2010
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Vegas this weekend

Just a few words about Vegas this past weekend. I am still amazed at the quality of teams in the Major division. This is surpassed only by the true gentlemen of the game at this level. Where did all the whinning, machismo, chest thumping and umpire bashing go that was, and is so prevalent in young mans softball. It is a breath of fresh air in senior ball knowing that part of the game is long gone. Congratulations to all teams that participated and thank you to softball4b, einstein, and FOFO for the kind words. #48 Ollie (aka Sancho), Fangrabbers.
May 7, 2010
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Huntsman games experts couple questions

Lecak, This is Ollie from Fangrabbers. I play with a local AAA team that goes to the Huntsman games. We placed 2nd last year. We have added a few players (Burbank plays), as well as a couple of Major players from two Colorado teams. Great bunch of guys. Jamie Mccaffry might play as well this year. Let me know if you are interested and I will let the Manager know. See you in Vegas the 15-16th.
Sept. 22, 2008
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Looking for championship type AAA or Major 50 team

I live in Utah and have played Open,A,B,C and D divisions. World champions in B division NSA (2 times), C division national champs usssa. Outfielder,Catcher. Homerun power/hit for average. 700+ tournament average over last 10 years. 50 years old. 5'10" 217 lbs gym rat. Still have great arm for 50, good speed,positive attitude player. need to find a team with similar players.
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