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Discussion: hecklers, crashers and negative clowns

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Sept. 17, 2006
Men's 50
3114 posts
hecklers, crashers and negative clowns

I like the capabilility the SSUSA site has
for serious discussion and idea dissemination.
I think it's vital and important for a number of reasons.
It informs us.
It connects us.
It strengthens us.
A good forum us vital to the growth of any intelligent community.
So when I encounter hecklers. crashers and negative clowns
honking in on important threads, anybody's threads,
it bothers me.
I think "time and place for everything".

Maybe we should start a permanent discussion called
Clown's Corner or Clown Alley where guys
who have difficulty taking important things
seriously could romp and have fun all the time
and stay off the serious discussions.

Or maybe we could have Clown's Day like April Fool's Day listing all the fun guys who like to show their butts
in one big thread and let 'em have some fun.

I love to laugh but not AT people and serious stuff.
That's where I draw the line.

One thing that could help is I've noticed that when I go to see who someone is
that has made a comment
I didn't enjoy
I usually find that they have never registered
with a real name.
Hecklers, crashers, and negative clowns love disguises,
it seems and don't like folks knowing who they really are.
Maybe we could limit serious discussions to those
who actually sign up and are willing to be accountable for their behavior.

Again, I would love to meet and talk in person wih anyone
who has anything to say to me
but I think there's no place in serious discussions
on the website for hecklers, crashers and negative clowns.

I'll be talking with Fran when she returns to see
what can be done.

If you have any helpful suggestions
I'd love to hear 'em.

Sept. 17, 2006
Men's 50
147 posts
Jeepers Albert,
I never would have pegged you for a censorship guy. Lots of people use humor and goof on things to make a point (Saturday Night Live, Daily Show, political cartoons etc.) They do this for serious stuff like war, political agendas, religion etc.. I’m a little concerned that you put Senior Softball discussions above those serious life issues. Or, maybe I’m glad you do. See you in Louisiana.
Sept. 17, 2006
Men's 50
535 posts
MANGO: If, u do not mind, I have some questions 4 u?
When u joined this message board, did u read 'the agreement about posting'? Also, why, did u not do as the web site registaion 'form' request? Joe & I, used our real names as, requested. Joe & I, listed the division & or age group that we were playing in, as requested. Joe & I, also, listed our location, as requested.
My E-MAIL, is STONEMAN_ANIMAL@YAHOO.COM::: If, u would drop me a line & I will be grad to discuss more.
Several yrs. ago, I posted on this board about a very hot subject to me.. Yea, just me. Other also, posted on this board, using my name. This caused the Message Board to be shut down for 3 wks.
Hopefully, we SENIORS do not attach each others. There is already to much bad blood on the younger softball web sites. Let's not go where some of these site r @!!
Any person point of veiew is important. Maybe, not to u or me, but, a real person is voicing their GOD given right to express their view(s). Hopefully, everyone tries to be respect to all, even if, that thought, is in right field.
GOOD LUCK..... Hope to c u in P.Springs or Vegas.
the STONEMAN....................OUT
Sept. 17, 2006
Men's 55
78 posts
Einstein & Stoneman:

High 5 to you both. How about call it the "Kiddy Corner" or "Minor Leagues".

Gene D. Riddlebaugh
Ohio Silverados #22
Sept. 17, 2006
Men's 50
147 posts
To answer your questions. 1). When I joined the message board I don’t know if I read the agreement about posting. I doubt I read the agreement about posting. I hardly ever read Internet agreements. I usually just click “I agree” and move on to the next annoying “required” information box. 2). I did use the website registration form as evidenced by my presence on the website. Again, filling out the bare minimum. 3). I’m very proud of you for using your real name and division. Not that it helps me any because even after reading your name I have no idea who you are. By the way I don’t believe that makes your ideas any more or less valid to me. I believe ideas should stand on their own merit. 4). Again, I’m very proud of you for listing your location. If I ever believe my location has anything important to do with any topic or idea I’ll be sure to include it in my post.

Perhaps you’ve heard of François-Marie Arouet better known by his nom de plume (pen name) as Voltaire. A famous 18th century philosopher known for his vigorous protection of freedom of speech. He argued vehemently against censorship. Much of our constitution is based on his ideas. I don’t believe that anyone’s argument is more or less valid if he uses his real name, nickname, or pen name. So those of you out there who like to write in anonymity - good for you. Those who like to use their legal names - good for you.
Oh and by the way, Mango is the name my friends in softball know me by. I like the name Mango. I go by the name Mango. If I used my legal name( Dave Meggison) my softball friends might have no idea who I am.
That said, Stoneman, how do you feel about censorship?
Sept. 17, 2006
Men's 50
535 posts
MANGO: 1) Censorship, in most case is wrong. 2) Hecklers & people that r Crashers, is another matter. 3) 'Honking' in on what may or may not be 'important' is also, wrong @ times. Honking, is in some ways like interrupting when another person is speaking. Is this rude or may it just be thoughfulness on ones part??
MANNERS, RULES, & DECREES. I believe that most of us, r willing to be accountable for our behavior. It appears that some r hiding behind what some might call 'FREE SPEECH & NO CENSORSHIP. It is not up to me to tell u or others, right from wrong or what is proper.
Hopefully, those that use this Message Board will treat other w/ respect. Yes, in the past, some of my post were negitive or petty.
I do not play much Senior ball. There r no 50 teams or 55 Major Plus team in Vegas. I have been picked up by 'The Maverick's, a 50 Major Plus team.
Good luck ....The STONEMAN
Sept. 17, 2006
Men's 50
3114 posts
Stoneman is right on.
I'm not about censorship.
Of course, that's wrong.

I don't want to stifle anyone but I won't tolerate
being messed with in important ways.
I'm not against anyone saying anything that's positive
in intent or effect but
heckling, mocking or thread crashing to block
or interrupt someone's argument
are real forms of censorship
and shouldn't be tolerated by any of us.
Wouldn't Voltaire agree?

Aren't the RoadDogs playing in Palm Springs this weekend?
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