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May 14, 2012
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Willie Hunter of Reality Check softball team

To the family and friends of Willie Hunter,
Our thoughts and prayers go out to you in your time of sorrow.
And, thanks to Mike Koch for the heads up.
From all of us on the Fan Grabber / AZ Lone Shark Softball team.
April 1, 2012
Johnny Hose
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Las Vegas April (Dave D, SSUSA)

Don... thax for the kind words and great to finally meet you. Nighthawks are a class act, well coached and great competitors. Congrats on the win. Looking forward to doing it again.
March 31, 2012
Johnny Hose
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Las Vegas April (Dave D, SSUSA)

Dave... did anyone thank you for getting the results for Mesquite on the MONDAY that followed the tournament ? Didn't think so, but I will. Had a
great time and good seeing you there.
Do you have any of the field assignments for Vegas yet? Trying to coordinate the hotel situation and it would be helpful.
Jan. 7, 2012
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Moving on up

I am delighted that you all have brought this to light. As the
coach of the Fan Grabber team, I have issues with the whole
process in which teams are rated... and always have. Maybe if my team was based in Sacramento, I would be left alone or at least a chance to build some sort of history. The teams we lost to, werevery good teams. Just as powerful as us in the HR department.With cold weather, hard balls, Mikens and fields with the wind blowing dead out every game, what do think we're going to do ? I witnessed our umpire giving OUR HR totals to an official after each game. My roster consists of TWO M Plus players, both playing in the 60 M Plus division. The rest are a bunch of great 56 year old MAJOR players. Again, it is not my intention to question the decision to move us up,but the fairness in it's process. The bottom line is we were the SECOND best team that played in that tournament.
My congratulations to the BEST team, the N/Cal Reds.
As for the forfiet, it was a team decision. Looking back, I
would do it again. But then again, I think too much about the health of my players. We had two or three muscle injuries and a 9PM game in a 40 degree, windy Las Vegas night, would have
given us no chance to play all those games on Sunday.
Thanks for your thoughts, and wish all of you health and happiness in your 2012 softball year.

July 27, 2011
Johnny Hose
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Colorado Senior State Championships

Where is Longmont?
April 18, 2011
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: S/W Championships Laughlin 04/15-17

SSUSA- I think you've found a great home for this tournament. The hotel rates were great and plenty of things to do when not playing. My team played at Rotary Park and it was not the best
we've played on but the quality staff you had on site made up for it... very well run. I could see it getting way too hot, later in April. Congrats to
AZ Elite and great to see all the other
teams... West Coast, Tucson Bandits and those pesky dudes from Vegas (After/Party).
Again, great job.
John, Fan Grabbers 50 Major
March 17, 2011
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Future Senior All-Star Arrives

Hey Gramma & Granpa,
Bet "Little Reid" gonna get spoiled.
Ya think?
John (Fan Grabber Softball)
Jan. 26, 2011
Johnny Hose
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: 55 yr old OF BAT L Throw L, Power, Speed, Arm looking for a game

I am the coach/manager/sponsor of one of the best Arizona based, upper- division teams. Am somewhat interested and would like to talk with you.
E-Mail me at and I will give you my number.
Oct. 15, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Hail storm Last week in PHX 10-5

I have a towing business in the valley.
All the insurance companies flew personell in to handle all the claims.
We pulled a bunch of cars out of a college parking lot, where there were a minimum of a dozen Mobil Glass Repair
units. Located just N/E of Desert West ballfields.
Sept. 14, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: LVSSA 2

Ronnie, Of course you thought that last game was great... you won it.
Told my guys to watch out for your gun, but you really never got to use it... and chasing all those balls that Johnny D hit to you, had to be a little frustrating, eh? No really, I agree, it was fun. Great to see you again and thanks for the plugs.
See you Real Soon !
Sept. 8, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: LVSSA 2

Congrats to all the teams that played. Especially to those we faced in a great 50 Major division. I saw some of my old rivalries and met a few new ones, and sincerely hope all of you had as much fun as we did... on and off the field. Vegas is great. Demolition, what a squad. You are the compitition we were preparing for.
Thanks for the nice things you all have said about us. Fun cutting up with you, especially Babb & Salsa.
More needs to be said about the tournament though. Well run, just the wrong time of year... a month later
would bring the temp down about 40 degrees. Thanks to Joe Lecak and your pals in the LVSSA for making us feel welcome and those ball guys retreiving the HR's were a Godsend. Them poor umps! Dropped like flies. Tried to keep 'em hydrated... still made bad calls. Just kidding. Great job, guys.
Special thanks to my guys. We weathered through a tremendous amount of obsticles... injuries, missing teammates, lack of sleep, heat and such. It's really hard to ask the outfield to play a man short (to go to the five man infield) when it's 112 degrees. Not one complaint. What a team.
Joe Einstein Rinaldi, what a class act. He played in all three divisions... 60's, 55's and 50's.
Georg Robinson, the quiet "FUNK"...
finished his fourth weekend in a row at LVSSA. Burbank, you'rrrrre backkk!
Our outfield, Ollie, Allender, Rossi, Lecak and Kevin... howd you do it?
Infield... Eddie, JoJo, Johnny D and
J Dub... what a job. Tremendous team.
I think all of the Fan Grabbers are looking forward to PHOENIX and see All of you again. Great job.
Aug. 1, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: LVSSA 50 major teams who is attending

Fan Grabbers / Az Lone Sharks will be there. God willing.
July 25, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: Bats

We too had a very good morning practice
with this bat, in fact we did not swing anything else. It was new out of the wrapper. Long break in, but real solid. Not only were we impressed with the bat, but with Bill the rep, also. He was very informative and can hit too ! We would definately endorse it. Fan Grabber Softball.
July 19, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SPA / Dalton, Ga.

MTC - Champs 55 M+, Congrats to George,
Joe and the rest of the team. Way to bring it home for your sponsor... starting 0-1 in the brackets without playing a game, then winning it ? Whoa!
Had to have been exciting.
July 6, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Need a player for Pinetop II in AZ?

Hey guys... I heard Mike Bloom was looking to fill a couple of spots on potential teams for this tournament.
Give me a shout on my personal E-Mail: and I'll hook you up with Mike Bloom's phone number... if you don't already have it.
June 22, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: Product review
Discussion: New product called Batters ID

GREAT PRODUCT. With the price of the bats today, it is very wise to identify
yours. I think most umpires in senior ball would agree that this is not a threat or alteration, and should they wish to see the lable on the knob it is a quick thing to do. Inexpensive too. You have our endorsement. Good luck. Missed you in Pinetop, see you soon.
June 3, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Whats up with Miken

I'm with you. My team will practice this weekend and we will make a decision about the Miken Bats then.
We currently swing 90% U-2's. That
can change in a heartbeat. I think we all should count exactly how many swings we're getting per bat. We also have noticed a definate difference in break-in time. The bats we purchased in the last six months, take little if any to break in. Stay in touch.
June 3, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Whats up with Miken

What deal, never heard of it. Tell me more.
And, Joe... right on... brother ! You always have a gift for saying the right thing.
June 3, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Whats up with Miken

Geeze, now that you mention it, you're
right. We're getting less than 100 swings to our U 2's. We are a desert team where we don't have to deal with the cold very often and rarely hit them in BP. I'm wondering how Corky and the boys at MIKEN would respond.
Maybe it is the money, 'eh Joe? All we need is a Player's Assoc to make it right. We in Arizona are used to the word "Boycott".
May 20, 2010
Johnny Hose
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congratulations, Steve Imlay...

I too would like to congradulate STEVE for his induction. As a manager, it is my job to locate talent. It is very unusual to find a player with the Total Package. In Vegas this past weekend, I witnessed that. Very well deserved, and please continue to set the example we all are striving to reach. From all of us at Fan Grabbers.

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