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Discussion: ASA \"Grandfathered\" Bats no longer authorized beginning in 2008

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Dec. 20, 2006
Men's 65
22 posts
ASA "Grandfathered" Bats no longer authorized beginning in 2008
Owners of Mike Freaks - grandfathered in. Take Note.


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, — The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA), the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, today announced that under a resolution adopted by the ASA Board of Directors, bats submitted by manufacturers that were previously allowed a 2 mph variance in the ASA’s test standards are no longer authorized for use in ASA Championship Play effective January 1, 2008.

Commonly referred to by players and coaches as “grandfathered” bats, these bats were allowed a 2 mph testing variance under the terms of an agreement the bat manufacturers and ASA negotiated in the fall of 2003. These terms will no longer be in effect on January 1, 2008 thus making these bats illegal for use in ASA Championship Play.

According to the list provided to ASA under the terms of the agreement with each manufacturer, the following bats will be placed on the non approved list on January 1, 2008





Louisville Slugger








Dec. 20, 2006
Gary Heifner
248 posts
What would one expect of ASA but more bannings. One of my friends now has over a dozen bats that he bought in good faith and can't use. But what the heck. What's $3000 to a senior player? Just think of an ASA bat and an ASA 40 core ball. That should really make for an exciting torunament. Fortunately SSUSA, SSWC and SPA gives seniors the opportunity to play weekly all year long with decent equipment. Just out of curiosity, since the above will force many seniors, who play ASA, to buy a new bat approved by ASA, does ASA get a piece of the $$$$ action on the sale of said bats? Just a question!!
Dec. 20, 2006
134 posts
don't blame ASA. They mess was created by the abuse of the old system by the bat makers. The prime excample was the first U2 with an ASA stamp on it. All, and I mean everyone knew it was not an ASA bat yet Miken put the stamp on it anyway. From there the whole program of trusting the bat companies to 'do the right thing' when right out the window.
ASA had to find another way to make the playing field fair so in 2006 all bats had to follow the same standard and have the same indepent lap do the testing.
The Freak and all the other bats on the list above came from the period of neophite testing, before it became level and fair. That is why the banning. Also note that there are no more banning after 2006. All bats that pass the ASA test are good to go.
If we are to be upset, we need to foucs that to the bat compainies of years past and the gray area of bat testing. So if was part ASA and part bat companies but not just ASA.
I have heard that ASA is looking into a 'senior' divison that would allow better balls, better rules for seniors and maybe a better bat allowed.
One more point, ASA looks at senior softball as the thousands of retired communities that play rec softball. This groups want to play on a safe level, many of the players have not picked up a glove in 200 years and do not want a U2 shooting rockets at them. So ASA is the way to go. The more serious players have SSUSA. For us lower life forms, we have ASA.
Dec. 21, 2006
Men's 50
68 posts
This subject came up once before in early Nov. I posted a comment on it then and I'll post it again here to see if anyone can answer my questions from before.

I was under the impression that according to the license agreement between the ASA and bat manufacturers, these bats could be used "indefinitely" after June 30, 2004. If that is in fact true, then how can the ASA make these bats illegal without being in violation of the agreement? Or did the ASA consult with the bat manufacturers and come to a new agreement? Can anyone shed more light on this subject? I would hate to have to give up my Synergy 2.
Dec. 21, 2006
Men's 65
4549 posts
batguyaz: ASA is working on the senior division as you put it. Two years ago I tossed my hat into the ring to do that along side with the commissioner for the central valley in CA. My title was to be “Senior Program Coordinator”. Agreement was partly that seniors were to get 5 games and use of the U-s for our tourneys. Balls at that time, I used their Gold dots. Problems were from the get go. In first tourney I did for them at start of game the commissioner tried to go back on the use of the U-2. After a heated, but short time, they were allowed to go on and use them. Since I only wanted to do a limited number of tourneys after that, I was replaced without even being told. I am supposedly still on the books as a member, though none voting now. I do not get any notices about meetings or the like either. Emails are not replied back to either but perhaps that is due to so much going on, not sure what though. I requested for my two tournaments to be posted on their web site as they did last year but to date that has not happened. ASA gets a piece of the pie when ever where ever that can. Too bad the senior umps used in my area for league games are under the cities umbrella and covered because the majority of them DO NOT KNOW THE RULES. Can’t judge a low pitched ball, let alone a high one. But better, at the high ones. Rarely get their lazy ass out from behind the plate to see & make a call. Almost every one sent to do out league play, had to be taught the rules.
ASA puts tournaments on in partnership with a few coastal, central and northern CA assns, so I would think there are some others in southern CA as well. I honestly think I got the boot because I voiced my feelings as a REPRESENTATIVE for SENIOR PLAYERS and they did not want that at all. Like a lot of club, assns and such, on up or down the line, there is the good ole good buddy system. Not that it’s bad mind you, but not all is copasetic, either.
So no matter what ASA will no doubt remain the lead ass.ociation the others will no doubt follow in one way or another. Always have…….
Problem with all of the assn’s imho is that there is not complete UNIFORM set of rules. ONE set for all areas in the USA, let alone any one subject like balls and the rest of the mess. Balls differ, bats differ, run rules, ratings\rankings, pitch heights, what constitutes altered differs like the number or wraps, length of wrap, if a knob is on it. About the wraps and a knob, for me it is being comfortable in the box while hitting. Some guys like the handle thick as opposed to thin like they make now, I like the cone at the knob base, it make the grip fit tighter and more comfortable. Now the only one a person shouldn’t have to worry about using a bat in is SSUSA.
Dec. 21, 2006
Men's 50
128 posts
The banning of these bat's should only effect us Seniors that have to play ASA during the week in league play, Weekend tournaments ,you have a choice, and that should be not to play in ASA Senior tournaments. Stick with what got us here!
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