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Discussion: How to Start a Major/Major+ Circuit

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Feb. 3, 2008
Men's 55
62 posts
How to Start a Major/Major+ Circuit
As was said on the other tread related to Major+ unlimited HR's:

1) Playing games on baseball fields
2) Getting 7 innings per game or run rule
3) Unlimited HR's

These are things that seemed to trigger a lot of input before so lets talk about them for awhile.

1) Playing games on baseball fields

An interesting idea but most parks don't have many large baseball fields and if they do they only have one or two so tournaments with 5 game guarantees would be limited in how many games you can get in, in one day per field. So we are still looking at playing on regular softball fields most of the time. Besides, most baseball fields are reserved and protected from general purpose use. They don't like the ground tourn up or the mound messed with. Also, I for one don't want to run around longer bases or bigger outfields... Getting to old.... LOL

2) Getting 7 innings per game.

Big challenge here is how to pay umpires for longer games and there is no way you can get a combined tournament in (i.e. AA, AAA, Major and Major+) on the same fields at the same complex if you don't spread them out more. Then again you have the tournament director to assign and pay for, the umpires to assign and pay for, the fields, etc., this now makes it difficult to run the major/major+ program on the same weekend as the other divisions. I like the way SPA handles this so that is a good model in my opinion.

3) Unlimited HR's

Playing on bigger fields is a good suggestion where possible. But shagging balls is also an issue. Not that every game has lots of HR's because that is not always the case. This needs to be accounted for in the program which may mean higher entry fees to pay for this but I think it is something that needs to be planned into this program. HR limits are a way of trying to keep scoring down and speed up the game but if the speed of the game is the problem then certainly 1-1 counts should be tried before you change the HR limits and close the middle of the field. I like Einsteins thoughts on that one.

Ok what other suggestions and/or thoughts do you guys have?

Mike Walker
Hollis Appraisals
Feb. 3, 2008
Men's 60
246 posts
Mike, Mike, Mike! I believe what most of us would prefer is the existing associations just using common sense and not make a homerun and out. We can work this thing out and keep the associations in business.

I agree, it would be a fun new circuit, but my experiences say that you can not get the committments from enough teams.

Therefore, lets work with the associations on some fair rules. I believe they are willing to listen and poll the major plus managers, etc.
Feb. 3, 2008
Men's 55
62 posts
There are lots of comments on this messge board but sometimes they are just talk. I think most who read these posts don't respond they just choose to read. However, those who choose to post generate differing views and that is mostly a good thing.

However, just like the squeaky wheel, those who make the most noise "good or bad" tend to influence association thinking. That translates into rule changes!!!!

Thus my belief is that sharing info here sometimes is influencing rule changes with SSUSA like the ones happening this year. If true then when changes like this happen and they aren't representative of the vast majority then this needs to be addressed somewhere, why not here?

Audie you are correct, most major/major+ teams don't want a circuit just for them or they aren't willing to step up and make it happen just like they don't participate here on this board.

I think associations only put up with major and/or major+ teams because they want the little extra money they can make off them or that they have to to keep the other teams happy and playig in their program by moving teams up till they can't beat up on everyone in that division anymore. In both cases it comes down to money$$$$$

Again the SPA model for dealing with major and major+ teams seems to work best in my opinion so why don't all associations follow that model? My guess is again because most of them don't really care about the teams at this level. The money is at the lower divisions so again "the squeaky wheel" is where all about showing me the money!!! Ridge is the only association leader that I know of who actually played major+ ball so maybe that is another reason why he knows how to take care this division?

Mike Walker
Hollis Appraisals
Feb. 4, 2008
Men's 65
20 posts
Hi Mike & all: On previous postings, I have sugested that a slight modification of the pitching arch might be a partial answer to the home run controversy. Progressively increasing the pitching height and lowering the illegal low pitch requirement will offer a greater challenge to hitting home runs. Also strict enforcement of the batters box rule will also help. Your thoughts?
Feb. 4, 2008
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Mike,
Great comments, interest and energy.
Great old quote,
"When all is said and done, more is said than done."

Talking helps us all figure out who and where we are
and that's got to be good.
In this case, SSUSA is showing by their consistent behavior, to date,
that they don't know, want to know or care about Major plus.
I hope that's a wake up call for them because as I said
we are all integral parts of senior ball and no one, like Audie says,
wants to go out on their own if they don't have to.
I hazard that Jesus was a Jew trying to reform Judaism, not start a new religion.
Martin Luther was trying to reform Catholicism not start a new religion.
They just weren't listened to, believed in and respected enough
to hold everything together.

So SSUSA should step us soon and show by their behavior
they care and ask us what we need/want in major plus
or show us by their behavior they really don't give a rat's rump
and earn the lack of respect they will receive.

In an ideal world we all come together but in less
it's good to know who's who and so you don't waste
precious time and resources supporting those who don't deserve it.
Feb. 4, 2008
Men's 65
4549 posts
As good as saying ASA is trying to reform balls and bats....
But in the process have caused the manufacturers to build better bats and dummy the balls, "batting" 500.
Feb. 4, 2008
90 posts
Mike and Einstein,

Why won't the powers to be just let us play. Time limit the games and if you don't get seven innings who cares.

The hitting the pitcher rule is not going to change a thing.

What is the difference, hitting one over the fence for an out or accidentally hitting a pitcher for an out. An out is an out.

Slowpitch softball is a hitters game and hitting up the middle is part of the game. I guarantee that Einstein doesn't cry when someone hits one up the middle and he catches it and throws him out and says "sit down Waldo".

Most major plus players are pull hitters anyway. I doubt very seriously if anyone trys to hit a pitcher.

Juat frustrated by all the changes. Mike had it right about SPA. They let us play and hit our own balls.

Maybe the other organizations can follow suit.

Ridge, if you read this, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat McLellan
Hollis 50 and 55 major plus
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