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Discussion: Older we get, the less respect we get

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April 11, 2008
Men's 50
3114 posts
Older we get, the less respect we get
Don Clatterbaugh and I were talking on the phone last night
and he just can't believe that the 7 run per inning limit on 60 + major plus
and LESS home runs per inning allowed for 60+ than either the 55 or 50's
make any sense at all.
The older we get, the less respect we get?
I told him there's no money for associations in Major plus ball
and that they cater mostly to major and AAA.
But I agree with Clatter.
If senior softball is a magnificent mountain
that it would be somewhat less than magnificent without its top.
Why you could argue that it wouldn't even be a mountain at all.
Could there be a minor league without the major?
April 11, 2008
Men's 60
992 posts
Hey Einstein, I think there is just a general disrespect for senior citizens in many areas.
4 years ago, the Birmingham 55's team, of which I was a part, began to play at a little country ballpark where I ran the leagues.
First night there, as we walked up, the youngsters we were to play began to laugh aloud. One was heard to say: "O, boy, we are going to have some fun tonight!"
We beat them by 10.
With or without respect, we seniors can still be the best.
April 11, 2008
Men's 55
394 posts
Though I believe there are circumstances where young players and old organizers don't seem to give us any respect, I've come across many situations just the opposite. In my 3+ years playing 50AA and observing all the age and skill classifications, I've encountered more respect and even amazement than disrespect. The 30-somethings and 40-somethings often have many questions, especially if they are feeling old and closer to the end than the beginning of their softball careers. That's exactly how I felt in my 40's!

At times I feel we are respected by the higher classified and older teams and players. Other times, no, and I have to let that go.

I also believe that organizations and their rule-makers truly care about each player and team that support the organization. I trust that if they don't, they will be found out by those who do, and they will eventually be down the road. Problem here is simple numbers. When there aren't enough volunteers, we take what we can get and sometimes we get taken.

When a decision or rule doesn't seem to suit our own view, I think we have to trust that the teams, players and games that are affected asked for or need the rule. Or possibly the organizing body is looking for a way to solve an issue that we may not even be aware of.

I and I'm sure many others in Senior Softball are lucky to shift perspectives constantly, from player to umpire to tournament director to manager to league director to "burn-out" or "divorced". It's clear to me that I still only have MY perspective on things, until I talk to someone, or post here and enjoy others' posts, as many do.
April 12, 2008
Fred Scerra
Men's 80
542 posts

Very well said.
April 12, 2008
Men's 60
349 posts
I play in the El Paso/Las Cruces Senior League and the only disrespect I have seen comes from the city of Las Cruces Parks and Rec. We are costantly pushed aside for the younger kids. Our games are Sat. mornings and we are usually done by noon. Most of the time we use 2 fields at a complex that has 7 adult softball fields. The city will throw us out in a heart beat when kids I mean baseball and girls softball ages 7-15 play tourneys.
On the other side my team plays in the ASA mens league and the respect has been earned. At first it was as Southpaw stated laughs and comments. Until we kicked their butts. You could hear the girlfriends and wives of the younger guys laughing and saying "those old men are kicking you asses". After that the comments were gone and teams came prepared to play. But, we do have guys like myself that will attempt diving catches or crash into a fence. I must say the teams do have to play senior rules.
I also play u-trip occasionally and everything from the young guys is positive. But, the respect had to be earned like w/ everything.
When I go to senior tourneys I find the layers extremely friendly and outgoing. No matter what division they play in.
April 12, 2008
Men's 65
3146 posts
About 5 years ago 5 or 6 from our 50+ team combined with some 40 year olds to play in the ISA 40+ Winter Nationals in Polk County, Fl. ISA was also holding the D or E Winter Nationals at the same time and place. They held a home run derby, one for 40+ and one for under 40. We watch the under 40 guys hit with the winner receiving a bat for 1st. When the 40+ winner was determined he was awarded a pair of SUNGLASSES!
No respect for the old guys.
I also learned to ask what the awards were before the contest!
We also have many stories about the young guys being over confident in an open tournament only to be embarassed by us old guys!
April 12, 2008
Gary Heifner
248 posts
I agree with the general idea. The most disrespect I have seen is by the umps in ASA events. I think they are used to umping the younger guys. I have found many to be disrespectful from the opening coin toss. I have had "3" tell me, when I noted that a certain thing is allowed in senior ball, that it might be OK in SSWC but not in this tourney. This is after we were told that we would play under SSWC rules. I have also feel the older the ump, the more respect they have for the teams playing. Heck, I play for the Chicago Classics at the 60 level. Several years back, I tried to talk to some guys from our own organizations 50s team and they blew me off like I had the plague. We have batled the same 5 or 6 basic teams over the last five years for national titles. We may not like each other, but I think there is mutual respect for each other and that is enough for me.
April 13, 2008
Men's 60
242 posts
I don't see any reason why the home run rule should be different for major plus in various age brackets.

In our local league in St. Charles, Illinois, I play with a number of Windy City guys. The young guys who are about to play us early in the season that don't know us, very often will look over during warm-up and laugh. In an early inning if they take the lead they start to laugh louder. But after they are sent away after we win by the slaughter rule they can't even look in our eyes as the come thru the line to shake hands. After a while they realize that there is no shame in losing to us because we usually play in the final of the City Championship each year.

The league director always gives us early preferential times to play our games and we have been featured in the park district magazine. We receive great respect in St. Charles.

In another league in Naperville, Illinois, I have six senior players on my team. We play in the top division with over 80 teams in the 18 and over category in the league. We receive great respect for our abilities and are known locally for being the team to beat. We will be playing for our 10th City Championship in a city of over 150,000 people this year. The league director very often at the beginning of the year will search out my opinion for positive rule changes because fo the amount of softball I have and continue to play. He has adopted many of my rule suggestions for league play. Years ago they allowed unlimited home runs but our team caused a change to a limit of six per game. We adapted and have continued to win the league each year. We adapted by improving our defense and balancing the team attack.

When we play tournaments locally against younger guys we have other teams come over to watch us play because many of them know that some of us have won more than 10 national titles. A lot of them cheer for us and want to engage us in conversation. I believe we receive considerable respect because of what we have accomplished regardless of age.
April 13, 2008
32 posts
I still don't trust anybody over 30...Especially ME !!
July 30, 2008
Men's 60
160 posts
I think is about 50/50 most of the time, some young guys respect and know they will be our age soon enough and respect that we are still playing the game at a high level.

The 1st year I played 50 ball we had several pratice games with the young teams in the local leage (Beer was always the reason to win, loser paid) However after 5 games over a 3 week span, their respect grew, NEVER having to buy beer for the young guys I think we became their equal. In the end they really liked losing to us. Now fast foward 6 years, our 50 Major team playing against a young guy "B" league. At first the young guys said we could use the U2 and to bring it on. First game score 32 to 15, second game score 29 to 10, ofcourse never again we could use the U2. We went thru the league 14 and 1. I ofcourse made the ss error that cost us the one game. Even tho we used the U2 for only 2 games they always bitccch that was the reason we won the league. Now last year, USSSA league, regular bats, 7 60 yearls olds with 6 under 40 formed out team, we walked thru a "C" league with only 1 lose. I never seen young guys show so much respect and amazement to what a "Older Guy" can do on the softball field. I think it goes both ways except the umps hate to see us older guys play and do well. I think it's because we are playing and they can't. But the best part was when the young teams got on the umps BUTT about being unfair with the Senior guys. That moment wes "Priceless"
July 31, 2008
Men's 70
267 posts
Rodney Dangerfield would agree with the above posts, I'm sure of it.

o With my wife I don't get no respect. I made a toast to her on her 50th birthday... to 'the best woman a man ever had.' The waiter seconded it wholeheartedly!

Rodney Dangerfield

o My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you're butt ugly too.

Rodney Dangerfield

o My wife met me at the door the other night in a sexy negligee. Unfortunately, she was just coming home.
Rodney Dangerfield

o My wife askes me for sex in the back of our car and asks me if I would mind driving.
Rodney Dangerfield

o My wife was afraid of the dark... then she saw me naked and now she's afraid of the light.
Rodney Dangerfield

o What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bee and he told me about the butcher and my wife.
Rodney Dangerfield

o When I was born I was so ugly the doctor slapped my mother silly.
Rodney Dangerfield

o With me, sometims things can turn our okay. My psychiatrist said my wife and I should have sex every night. Now, we'll never see each other!
Rodney Dangerfield
July 31, 2008
Men's 50
3114 posts
Bash, you animal(in a good way)
How the heck are you?
You missed some hot weather in Tulsa
my good man.
The Rodney I like in addition to the ones
you cited is"
"I don't get no respect.
I bought my kid a beebee gun for his 14th birthday
and on my birthday he bought me a sweatshirt
with a target on the back."
Say hi to the Baristas for me.
July 31, 2008
Men's 70
267 posts
Joe! One of our Barista's Senior Softball Video gals got the ax! Yep, Heather, the cute one, was caught working at another location with only pasties and a bikini bottom on by Karen the other of the main joint. Karen was outraged at such behavior. Needless to say I'm now a regular @ the scantily clad place!

Hey, Ruth 60's are coming to California for the Placer County Gig!!

See ya there.

bashbro1( Ruth 60's Communications Administrator and Full-time Catcher)

One more Rodney…

“My cousins gay, he went to London only to find out that Big Ben was a clock”.
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