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Discussion: Salt Lake City

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Aug. 11, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Salt Lake City
I went with the Old A's to Salt Lake City
for the SSUSA Western World Tournament.
The weather went from the high nineties
with gale force winds on Thursday to 75 to 80
with no rain and normal wind.
The fields were in OK to good shape
but the maintenance, in between games guys
were outstanding taking the minimum of time
to get the the fields redone.
Franny was there with those gorgeous, green eyes
(Don't tell Dave)
and her warm and positive personality
helping everyone to feel recognized and welcome.
The balls were Trump Stote balls and I noticed
they now say maximum 375 by 44.
I think that means that the ones that are over
that spec were/are culled out
and accounts for the difference in the balls
from let's say last year or 2 years ago and now.
It's common knowledge how I feel about the whole
dumb down the ball era
and will return importantly soon
to address it.
But, the balls were OK to good in the 75 to 80 degree tournament but
I wonder what they would have been like
at 95 degrees.
I didn't hit well, called Ron Danowski, Corky
(I don't know which one I should apologize to, first)
but otherwise had a great time.
Congratulations to Robert's Construction
even without the great Bogie,
cinching the 55 major championship
and looked good doing it
which would have been impossible
if Bogie was there, in uniform (gotcha Bog)
We played in 55's 'cause no one wanted to come and play us in the 60's making us the 60's champ
but played down in the 55's to have some fun
and fill out the bracket.
I saw my friend,
the beautiful Cindy from our days together
with Kelly Sports who was there playing in the ladies division, Leon and the monster hitting
Ricky Bass from my days with the MOB,
and Mark, my good friend from NYC
who plays with Master Collision.
I had a great time.
We stayed as the Staybridge motel which was only 2 months old and had a small cage-like
basketball court in the back and a water park
with lifeguards for a swimming pool
with great breakfasts.
I recommend staying there, unilaterally.
Lastly, for now,
both Fran and Dave have told me that
there will be dramatic changes made next year
in SSUSA intimating that some of the things
we, the players, are finding difficult to accept
that are in effect at present,
will be revisited and timed better to us and our needs and I believe them.

This weekend coming we play the California State Championships at a brand new complex
near Sacramento
and next week at the NorCal Championships
at the Field of Dreams complex in Manteca
which I learned will accept teams
from out of town, too you guys can check out
for next year.

Aug. 11, 2009
346 posts

Hi Joe:

It sounds like you had a good time in Salt Lake with some good quality competition.
I am glad to hear that Dave may re-visit some on the rules that were implimented this year. I believe a mojority of the players would say the game is just not as fun this year as last. I will continue to support SSUSA as long as these beat up knees will let me and a big part of the enjoyment is hitting the ball hard without fear of it causing your club an out.


Aug. 11, 2009
Men's 50
886 posts
Who won this anyway? For as bad as it has been this year, Dave and Fran do a great job, the rules and divisions are just way out of wack. Einstein is right, Fran has got to be the nicest and most positive person around!
Aug. 12, 2009
Men's 65
274 posts
Aug. 12, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Ron,
You look bigger than 6'3" and stronger
than ever.

The girl was the Cindy
I was referring to, earlier.
To the bone beautiful, outside and in,
anyman's dream and a true friend.
She helped manage KellySports
a couple of years ago.
I hadn't seen her in quite a while
and was both happy and excited to spend a few moments with her
at the airport.
I guess it showed.

See you in a couple of days
at the Cal Stater Championships.

Aug. 12, 2009
Men's 50
38 posts
Jawood, I don't know about all the divisions but in the 50M the Colorado Mudhens beat Four Seasons twice in the finals to win that division.
Aug. 12, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
60 Major Plus---California Old A's
65 Major Plus---California Blue Jays
55 Major---Robert's Construction
50 AAA-CJS, I think.
Is all I know, to date.
Aug. 12, 2009
Men's 50
202 posts
Hooray for the Mudhens.
Aug. 13, 2009
727 posts
Talk about getting dumber, I have been in the manufacturing business of softball related products since 1989. Since the associations made the softball manufactures put cor and compression on ball they have always been stamped maximum compression. This is not new to softball but you theory is. Just goes to show how much you really know about the game.

Have a good day legend you surely are trying to create that image of yourself.
Aug. 13, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Your fangs are showing again, Kev.
What's new to softball since I've been playing is the movement to dumb down the balls and bats the create a market
for you.
You've been R&D'ing and dime dropping,
suggesting law suits and overrall rangling
the industry toward that piece of crap
52x275 ball, haven't you.
Jim Carey says your a genius.
Regarding making money
I tend to think he's right.
About helping seniors enjoy the game we love, you're a Bin Laden.
Check the bats before and during the game for compliance and stop trying to make your piece of crap
52x275 ball the cure-all for softball.
You missed it this time, genius
and as someone who's made some huge mistakes in his life can attest
the sooner you admit it, have a fit
and let it go
the better it will be for all of us.

Read my lips.
We want good balls and bats
and know that you've been driving the industry away from them.
So the ball, Kevin,
is really in your hands now isn't it.

Leave us alone and let us enjoy
senior ball, our game, the game we love.
You had a great idea but
it's not going to work for us.
Aug. 13, 2009
Men's 55
22 posts
Joe, it was great to see you in Salt Lake. Glad you had a good time. Good luck this weekend, when you see Steve Imlay tell him hi for me. Hope to see you in Vegas next month.

John G.
Aug. 13, 2009
727 posts
My fangs are showing? You are a retard. The senior ball has not changed since they changed them in 2003 because of the ultra2, same cor same compression. You just made a post that was mis-informed and you are trying to get the softball community to boycott anaconda sports based on this mis-information and my fangs are showing?

I guess your buddy's sales are slow and you need to try to dis-credit hard working people to help him, good for you. Just stop lying about it.

Follow the fact's the associations are the ones that come up with the proper stamp's for softballs not me......
Aug. 13, 2009
727 posts
Sorry calling you a retard is an insult to people with special needs.
Aug. 13, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
You must think we're ALL morons
for not seeing you and your movements
in, around and through senior softball
all designed to protect and advance
your company and its profits
irrespective of what many seniors
say we want and need
to play and enjoy our game.
Why you're so arrogant you have said you don't like/respect the senior game,
the game we love to play with good bats and balls
and expect us not to get it.

Keep your hands and threats and name calling
off senior ball.
You're not one of us, Kevin,
you don't get or like us
or respect our game
and your senior 15 minutes is just about up.

Aug. 13, 2009
727 posts
Or what?

The only one that has ever made threats here was you........
Aug. 13, 2009
47 posts
"Dirty", where are you now that we really need you!?!
Aug. 13, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Don't change the argument, Kevin.
You support actively and promote
a direction in softball through the effective dumbing down of bats and balls that is antithetical to the BEST interests of the MAJORITY
of senior softball players.
Simple and true.
You profit smartly and greatly when and if
this change takes place via the bats and balls
and the influence you will be marketing
to one and all.
Simple and true.
We, the majority of senior players,
don't want to change to a dumber bat/ball
combo, don't see the need for it,
are starting to get angry about it
and won't support the companies or associations
any more
that continue to move in this direction.
Simple and true.
I don't care how much money you make,
don't make, how many dimes you drop about insurance or potential law suits to those in and around the industry.
You don't scare or threaten me/us one bit.
At best,
you are "the man behind the curtain"
working overtime to convince us
of his power and agenda.
Spare us.
You fool no one but yourself.

I/we don't like the deterioration
of the bat/ball combo
that has been steadily taking place
for a couple of years now.
It's not warranted, serves just a few
and takes too much away from the game
we've learned to love to play.
Anything to the contrary
is someone trying to sell us something.

Still trying to foist that piece of crap
275 x 52 ball on senior softball?
You made a mistake.
Just be a man, admit it and let's move on.

Aug. 13, 2009
Men's 50
202 posts
Looks like dirty has some company.
Aug. 13, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
The bat/ball issue is huge for us.
There's no other aspect of senior ball
that is more integral to our experience.
I don't know another way to popularize
this issue so it doesn't slip past us.
We know the balls have been dumbed down
and I say enough and no more
and let's hit ball well and have fun.
There's only a couple of self interested
people running this game on us
and I won't stand for it anymore.
None of us should.
Wanna know who's pulling the strings?
Follow the money all the way to the guy who's pulling the strings.
Simple, really.
Right Kev?
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