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, Aug. 7, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Mid-Atlantic Last Chance (Sterling, VA)

Quick reminder that registration for the Mid-Atlantic Last Chance qualifier closes on August 12th (Saturday). Additional details are on the SSUSA tournament page. If your team is planning to attend, please contact both SSUSA and Tim McElroy right away.

We already have teams entered in the men's and women's 40s and men's 50-65s divisions. That is as much as I can tell you at this time. Keeping with SSUSA's policy, I will not be posting the team list until a few days after the registration period closes. If you are looking for a quality tournament or are looking to qualify players for the postseason, this is the place to do so.

Here are some things to know-
* Games will be played at Potomack Lakes Sportsplex in Sterling, VA
* This is a 4 game guarantee with no Friday play. We will play on Saturday / Sunday.
* We're using a 2-day format at the request of players wishing to save their leave time for the "bigger" tournaments.
* Being a 2-day tournament, we cannot honor any special start time requests. All teams should expect to play when scheduled. Hydrate in advance and expect a full weekend of games.

This question comes up every year, so I would like to clarify in advance-
The Mid-Atlantic Last Chance tournament is NOT a Tournament of Champions qualifier.

This is a "Last Chance" roster qualifier for the 2017 World Masters Championships. If you need to add or qualify players for Las Vegas this is the place to do it.

Thanks in advance for your support!


, Aug. 7, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Eastern National Results

Auto-correct got me again....

3rd place in 50 M+ was TSC / Miken
, Aug. 7, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Eastern National Results

40 Major
1. East Coast Berserk
2. PA Posse
3. Extreme

40 AAA
1. Color By Design
2. Superior / Potomac Sports
3. Y'all Next

50 Major Plus
2. Team USA
3. TEC / Mike

, July 17, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Nor Cal State Championship

Agreed. I can see them just fine.
, July 16, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Quad-State Shootout results

60 / 65 Gold
1. High Street Bugs 65s
2. Long Island Jaguars 65s
3. West Chester Wild 60s

50 / 55 Platinum
1. Team Elite / Mike
2. The Bank

50 / 55 Gold
1. BPA / Roadhouse Blues 50s
2. MD Cougar 55s
3. Finance of America

40 Major
1. East Coast Berserk
2. Hatch's Home Improvements
3. Y'all Next

40 Women
1. Sweet Ladies
2. Twisted Fossils

A special thank you goes out to all teams for supporting this 1st year tournament. I appreciate it and so does the town of Westminster, MD.

, July 9, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Quad-State Shootout (July 15-16)

I sent the full, detailed schedules to the managers tonight. For those players that are more concerned with start times and what time they need to set the alarm clock for, it is pretty simple.

Saturday seeding play-
Men's 40s- 9:30am & 12:30pm
Men's 50s- 8:00am & 11:00am
Men's 55s- 8:00am & 11:00am
Men's 60s- 9:30am & 12:30pm
Men's 65s- 9:30am & 12:30pm
Women's 40s- 2:00pm & 5:00pm

We've got 22 teams sharing the park this weekend so it will be a full couple of days. Being a July tournament with higher heat & humidity, I tried to give everyone breaks between games on Saturday. On Sunday, it isn't possible.

We will have water jugs at the park and a full service concession stand will be available. You're also allowed to bring your own coolers with Gatorade & water into the park.

Let me get ahead of this question on pets.... The park has had issues with pets at the park before and frowns upon people bringing them into the ball field area or the adjacent playground area (sorry for any inconvenience).


, July 9, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous

Thanks Chuck!-

You guys ran a great show this weekend. There was a significant rain event on Friday night / Saturday morning and you communicated pretty clearly with the teams about delays and revised start times / format.

It was great touching base with a number of friends from around the region and taking in some of what Syracuse has to offer (Syracuse Chiefs minor league baseball, the NY State Bluesfest and local restaurants).

See you soon- Tim

, June 17, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: New fields in Florida


I'm not answering on behalf of SSUSA but am offering my observation.

SSUSA probably doesn't offer a ton of tournaments in FL out of respect for it's past relationship with the half-century group. Half century runs 2 tournaments a month if I remember correctly.
SSUSA does a pretty good job of not stepping on established dates of other groups and they should be commended for that.

Another thing to consider is timing.... The events that are run in FL occur when you're most likely to get out of state entries. New Jersey teams aren't going to FL in June / July.

As far as the complex in Sanford goes, it is a nice facility. I'm sure that SSUSA is aware of it and that they will be there if something can be worked out.

Rather than bash them, give Terry and Fran some credit. Their success is no accident.

, June 4, 2017
Topic: Tournaments


1) Hannington’s
2) Deep Purple

60 AAA
1) Talaga Construction
2) Cape Cod Mariners

60 AA
1) Syracuse Cyclones
2) Diamond Dawgs

50 Major
1) Roebell Painters
2) Domino’s / Bob Johnson

50 AAA
1) Central PA Cavemen
2) Chicago Sam’s

Thanks everyone for attending. I'm showering up and making the 8 hour drive home tonight. I will be adding some photos from the tournament to the SSUSA Eastern States facebook page in the next day or so.

, June 4, 2017
Topic: Tournaments

Game 1- Hannington’s- 15 vs Deep Purple- 11
Game 2- Deep Purple vs Hannington’s (in prorgress) Championship game
Game 3- 2:00pm- Deep Purple vs Hannington’s if necessary

Game 1- Talaga Construction- 17 vs Diamond Dawgs- 12
Game 2- Syracuse Cyclones- 22 vs Mike’s Blue Collar- 18
Game 3- Talaga Construction- 17 vs Cape Cod Mariners- 12
Game 4- Diamond Dawgs- 19 vs Mike’s Blue Collar- 15
Game 5- Talaga Construction- 22 vs Syracuse Cyclones- 11 (winner bracket final)
Game 6- Cape Cod Mariners- 22 vs Diamond Dawgs- 16
Game 7- Cape Cod Mariners- vs Syracuse Cyclones- (in progress)
Game 8- Talaga Construction vs TBD (1:30pm) Championship Game
Game 9- Talaga Construction vs TBD (3:00pm) If necessary

Game 1- Hard Hat / Latella - 30 vs JeMar / Perfect Pitch- 17
Game 2- Domino’s / Bob Johnson- 19 vs Johnny’s Auto- 16
Game 3- Roebell Painters – 25 vs Hard Hat / Latella’s- 24
Game 4- Johnny’s Auto- 19 vs JeMar / Perfect Pitch- 13
Game 5- Roebell Painters- 18 vs Domino’s / Bob Johnson- 16 (winner bracket final)
Game 6- Johnny’s Auto- 20 vs Hard Hat / Latella’s- 18
Game 7- Domino’s / Bob Johnson- vs Johnny’s Auto- (3rd place, in progress)
Game 8- 2:00pm- Roebell Painters vs TBD Championship Game
Game 9- 3:30pm- Roebell Painters vs TBD If necessary

Game 1- Central PA Cavemen- 22 vs Custom Logo- 15
Game 2- PGC / Access Security- 18 vs Chicago Sam’s 15
Game 3- Chicago Sam’s- 23 vs Custom Logo- 14
Game 4- Central PA Cavemen- 18 vs PGC / Access Security- 17
Game 5- Chicago Sam’s- 23 vs PGC / All Access Security- 19
Game 6- 12:30pm- Central PA Cavemen- vs Chicago Sam’s - Championship Game in progress
Game 7- 2:00pm- Central PA Cavemen- vs Chicago Sam’s- If necessary

, June 3, 2017
Topic: Tournaments

We still have another day of play at the CT Masters Games, but here are your results from Saturday-

SMITH PARK (Middletown, CT)

Men’s 60’s Division seed games
Hannington’s (Maj)- 22 vs Mike’s Blue Collar (AAA)- 16
Diamond Dawgs (AA)- 13 vs Syracuse Cylones (AA)- 14
Hannington’s (Maj)- 17 vs Talaga Construction (AAA)- 16
Deep Purple (Maj)- 13 vs Cape Cod Mariners (AAA)- 20
Cape Cod Mariners (AAA)- 25 vs Diamond Dogs (AA)- 14
Deep Purple (Maj)- 16 vs Mike’s Blue Collar (AAA)- 18
Talaga Construction (AAA)- 14 vs Syracuse Cyclones (AA)- 17

60 Major (Best 2 of 3)-
1) Hannington’s (2-0)
2) Deep Purple (0-2)

60 Silver seeding-
1) Cape Cod Mariners (2-0)
2) Syracuse Cyclones (2-0)
3) Mike’s Blue Collar (1-1)
4) Talaga Construction (0-2)
5) Diamond Dogs (0-2)

SAGE PARK (Berlin, CT)

Men’s 50 Major Division seed games
Domino’s / Bob Johnson-33 vs Hard Hat Café / Latella- 18
Je-Mar / Perfect Pitch-12 vs Johnny’s Auto & Truck-14
Domino’s / Bob Johnson- 20 vs Roebell Painters- 30
Hard Hat Café / Latella- 29 vs Je-Mar / Perfect Pitch- 15
Johnny’s Auto & Truck- 16 vs Roebell Painters- 21

50 Major seeding-
1) Roebell Painters (2-0)
2) Johnny’s Auto (1-1)
3) Domino’s / Bob Johnson (1-1)
4) Hard Hat Café / Latella (1-1)
5) Je-Mar / Perfect Pitch (0-2)

50 AAA Division seed games
Central PA Cavemen-22 vs Chicago Sam’s-23
Central PA Cavemen-14 vs PGC / Access Security- 29
Chicago Sam’s-11 vs Custom Logo- 23
Custom Logo- 22 vs PGC / Access Security- 14

50 AAA seeding-
1) Custom Logo (2-0)
2) PGC / Access Security (1-1)
3) Chicago Sam’s (1-1)
4) Central PA Cavemen (0-2)

, May 23, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Umpire Got It Wrong - Loudoun VA

Tournament UIC / Field Director response:

Crackerjack06: I will apologize on behalf of the umpire crew for the inappropriate comment made by that umpire. He and I will have a conversation very soon.

Regarding the chopped ball play, I'm wondering if you might be confusing a chopped ball (high bouncing ball) with a softly hit ball (slow roller). The question to consider in that case is- Did the batter complete the swing?

impster23: I was seated in the front row of the bleachers behind home plate (Bolen Park, F10) when this play happened and saw it differently. The ball came to rest in fair territory just out front of home plate, just inside of the foul line. The batter did not make contact with the ball as he exited the box giving us a live ball (Had he stepped on it or kicked it, the ball would have moved again).

Out #1 was recorded when the catcher threw down to first for the force out.

Out #2 was recorded when the Cougar defender tug the runner that started that play on 1b. On contact, your guy didn't hold the bag at 1st or break for 2nd. He chose a 3rd option- standing a few steps off of the base arguing that the ball was foul.

Your team had a very good weekend. Brighter days are ahead for Lynch Construction. See you soon.


, May 23, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: ACC results

65 Platinum
1) Superior
2) NJ Hittmen

65 Silver
1) Jersey Masters
2) Bradford White

70 Major
1) Jersey Masters
2) Bostonian 70s

70 AAA
1) Spicer Properties
2) Syracuse Cyclones

75 AAA
1) Bailey Talent Cavaliers
2) Monkey Joe's Big Nut Company

, May 23, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: ACC results

Women's 40 Gold
1) Chill
2) Sweet Ladies

Women's 40 Silver
1) Lew's Crew
2) Fireballs

, May 23, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: ACC results

40 Major
1) PA Posse
2) Thunder / Giant Steel

40 AAA
1) JD Oxford's / Bob Johnson Chevrolet
2) Superior 40s / Potomac Sports

50 Major Plus
1) Blue Mountain / Team USA
2) Mid-Atlantic

50 Major
1) BH Maintenance
2) Mizuno / RB Lawncare

50 AAA
1) Trinity / Rizzo
2) Gaithersburg Rental

55 Major Plus
1) High Street Bucs
2) FL Automated Shade

55 Major
1) Building Innovation Group
2) Action Auto Parts

55 AAA
1) Maryland Cougars
2) Lynch Construction

60 Major
1) Cardot
2) Omega QSE

60 AAA
1) NoVA Force
2) Pill & Pill

, May 11, 2017
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: 50 AAA team looking for an outfielder

Fine Wine / Potomac Sports out of VA / MD is looking for an outfielder (or utility player) to fill out the roster. The team is partially funded and will play 6-7 tournaments in the region this year.

4 SSUSA + ISSA in Salem & Richmond.

If interested, send email to

, May 1, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Polk County Masters Showcase

This event was played. Because it was an independently administered event, the schedules were not posted to this website. Managers of participating teams received the schedules via email.

50 / 55 Major results
1. RBC / Pro-Grass
2. LeMay Contracting

50 / 55 AAA results
1. Hit & Run for the Cure
2. FL Legends

Have a great day everyone.
, April 30, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: TOC

The WESTERN nationals are the last week in July
The EASTERN nationals are the first week in August

Winners from those 2 tournaments play each other during the World Masters Championships in Las Vegas.
, April 28, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Out of the Batters Box.

Rather than "fix" the rule, maybe players could adjust to the ones that have been in place for over a decade?
, April 23, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Tidewater Classic

The Tidewater Classic was rained out today. The completed game scores and paperwork have been sent to the SSUSA offices.

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