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Sept. 16, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: 55 AAA Seeding information


A-1…11:00am…Angel…N.E. Merchants (USA Champion)
N-1…11:00am…Crosley…Wilson’s (USA Runner-Up)
N-2…12:30pm…Wrigley… Six Five O’s
A-2…12:30pm…Fenway… Alliance / Scrap Iron
A-3…5:00pm…Angel… Texas Threat
N-3…5:00pm…Crosley…Gaithersburg Rental
N-4…11:00am…Dodger…Escobar Auto Body
A-4…11:00am…Yankee…Top Gun Phantoms
A-5…11:00am…Fenway…NoVA Force
N-5…11:00am…Wrigley…Carolina Legends
N-6…12:30pm…Crosley…KC Vintage
A-7…2:00pm…Angel…Shootz Maui
N-7…2:00pm…Crosley…Scrap Iron Mile High
N-8…2:00pm…Dodger…Weekend Warriors
A-9…2:00pm…Yankee…Vegas Hui
N-10…9:30am…Dodger…Tucson Hammertime
A-10…9:30am…Yankee…Caliber / S.E.A.
A-11…9:30am…Fenway…Stars & Stripes
N-11…9:30am…Wrigley…STL Road Dogs
N-12…8:00am…Dodger…Team SW / Woodie’s
A-12…8:00am…Yankee…Oldies But Goodies
A-13…8:00am…Angel…KSS-Taco Bell
N-13…8:00am…Crosley…Top Gun Growlers
N-14…12:30pm…Dodger…Stanislaus Sluggers
A-14…12:30pm…Yankee…Desperados NMU
N-15…9:30am…Crosley…Lone Star 55s
N-16…8:00am…Wrigley…SMASH 55s
A-16…8:00am…Fenway…Cali Gold 55s
A-17…8:00am…Fenway…New Beginnings
N-18…9:30am…Crosley…Dudley Lightning IL
A-18…9:30am…Angel…LB Mafia 55s
A-19…12:30pm…Yankee…Northwest Merchants
N-19…12:30pm…Dodger…Romo’s Derty
N-20…8:00am…Crosley…Fossil Fuel
A-20…8:00am…Angel…CA Coast Plumbers
N-21…8:00am…Dodger…Tin-Ram Sports
N-22…9:30am…Dodger…St. George Raptors
A-22…9:30am…Fenway…Vancouver Connection
A-23…9:30am…Yankee…Undisputed Truth

Sept. 7, 2021
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Can a player run for another one twice in one inning?

No idea what you're referring to breeze53, but here is my response to what I think you are saying.

1) The umpires SHOULD be noting CRs and substitutes as they enter the game.
2) The home and visiting book have the opportunity to note CRs and substitutes as they enter the game and SHOULD be doing so.
3) In the absence of those things and/or the official's clear recollection of player "x" running twice as a CR in an inning then there is really nothing that a UIC or Director can do to change, or create a call.

None of what I just said changes the rule, making it "legal" to run people as frequently as you'd like.

Aug. 31, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Sunset Park

If you're flying into Las Vegas, Sunset Park is the one you see out the left side windows just before touching down on the runway.

The park covers a lot of acreage, but the softball fields are near the intersection of Sunset Rd & Eastern Ave
Fields 5-6 sit on the Sunset Rd side of the park (across the street from McDonalds)
Fields 11-14 sit on the Eastern Ave side of the park.

Fields 5-6 and 11-14 are about a 4 minute walk from one another.

All 6 have dirt infields and grass outfields.
11-14 have standard restrooms and more shade.
5-6 have a spot-a-pot and less shade.

I hope this helps.

Aug. 30, 2021
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Can a player run for another one twice in one inning?

Hi Dave,

When considering rules changes, I tend to ask myself a few questions- "Is this really an issue, or something that is happening on a frequent basis?" And- Does the current rule detract from the game?

In this case, my answer to both of those questions is No.
Aug. 26, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: WAYNE GILMORE make-up tournament

Just a reminder that the Wayne Gilmore Memorial tournament (rained out in April) will be made up on Sep 10-12 in Westminster, MD. All games will be played at the Carroll County Sports Complex.
Tentative scheduling plan-
Men's 60, 65, 70 will play FRI, SAT
Men's 40, 50, 55 will play SAT, SUN
The cost for teams that signed up to play in the original event is $50.
The cost for teams that did not sign up to play in the original event is $250.
We'll use a double elimination format and separate teams by age / skill level as well as we can. This should be a good tune-up event for the World Championships.
You many NOT use this event to qualify players for your Las Vegas roster. You may pick up players to field a team but they must be of legal age (per SSUSA guidelines).
Send email to Tim McElroy if you are interested-

Aug. 12, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Ocean State Classic tournament Warwick RI August 19th

I will be writing that schedule- probably later tonight.
If you are on a 60, 65 or 70 yr old teaam, games will begin at 9:00am on Friday. Assuming no weather issues, those divisions will finish up on Saturday. If you are on a 50 or 55 yr old team, you'll play on Sat / Sun.

Aug. 9, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: World Championships in NV

This isn't really difficult Cookie92. Cases are surging all over the country but events are still happening. If you are concerned about the virus, the variants or have concerns about any impact to your health, then don't book the trip.

It's really the same decision making process that you went through when signing up to play in the Richmond, VA worlds this weekend. PS- good luck down there.
July 14, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: UPDATE: Bert Bennett Memorial Tournament (2021)

Managers received an email just a few minutes ago, but I wanted to pass the information along to anyone who might be participating.

We lost the use of Salt Box Park (Woodbine, MD) last night, so the Men's 40-50 Gold division has been moved. Note that ONLY that division was impacted. All other teams will maintain the same schedule @ Carroll County Sports Complex.

Impacted teams:
Utility Systems C&E (50 Major)
Walkoff (50 Major)
Autism Pride (40 AAA)
Past Our Prime (40 AAA)
Smokin' Aces (40 AAA)
Warpath (40 AAA)

NEW LOCATION for the 40-50 Gold Division
Ballenger Creek Park = 5420 Ballenger Creek Pike in Frederick, MD 21703
(For "that guy" who is going to ask- I checked. Pinecliff Park is unavailable)

What to know about Ballenger Creek Park-
>> We've arranged for the fields to be drug each morning.
>> Frederick County does not allow alcohol in the park. Please be respect the rules.
>> No concession stand this weekend but there is a wide variety of options within a mile of the park.
>> Left out of the park gets you to Subway, Roy Rogers, Taco Bell, and WaWa
>> Straight out of the park gets you to a grocery store, Toppings Pizza, Jimmy Johns, McDonalds, Chipotle and more.
>> There are a number of hotel options within 3 miles of the park. Whether you're a Hilton person, a Marriott person or a Super 8 person, there is something for you.

July 12, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Which Ball travels further: ASA or SSUSA

Your opinion on what should have happened was noted in Raleigh back in May. It's been 60 days and you're still carrying a grudge and refusing to accept what was actually explained to 40 managers before play began. Nothing I say will change that so I won't even try.

I'd like to thank you for the new name though. "Ass hat" is a much nicer name than the one you used while I was at the backstop that Sunday.

Tim McElroy-
June 7, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Crabtown Classic.
June 6, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Northeast Championship - Syracuse NY

Call the office (916-326-5303) or send email (
June 4, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Which Ball travels further: ASA or SSUSA

Here's the bottom line... If you can hit, you can hit. If you're "that guy" who can only hit with the best bat & ball combo then you should consider raquetball. Everybody hits it off the wall there.
May 20, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Polk County

Hi leftybob,

I've got nothing to hide here (including my real name). Your manager (Ric Graber) has received 3 emails by my count covering start times and the full schedule. In case you haven't received the information from him, here it is-

Custom Design Cabinets plays at 8:30am (F4) and 10:00am (F3) on Saturday morning. Bracket play in the 60 Major division will kick off at 4:00pm (F4) on Saturday. Is there anything else I can help you with Robert Morse?
May 19, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Polk County

Steve, Steve, Steve... You really should speak to your manager before making posts like this. He knew a week ago that the entire tournament would be played on SAT / SUN with no games scheduled for FRI. He also received an email with start times on MON. Last night he received yet another email explaining that schedules were revised because 2 teams dropped after schedule posting (1 at 12pm on Tues and another at 4pm on Tues).
May 17, 2021
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Change in the batters box rule

Batters have made adjustments to their stance and swing for years to prep for varied pitch arch of ASA, NSA, USSSA, and every other "SA" out there. Many of the same guys are still out there taking hundreds of cuts each week via live BP and tee work. For the life of me, I can't understand why batters don't use that practice time to work on staying in the box.

I get that power hitters would prefer that all pitched balls come through the zone at a certain spot. I don't get why they can't train to hit a ball that is anywhere in the senior strike zone (while staying in the box).
May 17, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: When I miss a tournament - I never can find the results

I left the tourney last night and am shipping everything to SAC today. Actual game scores will be posted to the online brackets when folks have a chance to come up for air. (Not an excuse- just a statement of fact)
May 17, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: When I miss a tournament - I never can find the results

65 AAA
1- Talaga Const.
2- Scrap Iron / MI Sports
3- Spring Ford

1- Syracuse Cyclones 70s
2- Northern VA Force 70s

1- High Street Bucs 65s
2- Northern VA Force 65s
3- Dan Smith / FAI / Dudley

1- Hamel's 80s
2- Peach Tree Restaurant
3- Blazers

70 / 75 SILVER
1- Code Electric
2- Syracuse Cyclones 75s
3- Carolina Blue Sky's 75s

1- The Bank
2- Carolina A's
3- Sweet Construction

60 AAA
1- Crossfit / RDU
2- Syracuse Cyclones

50 / 55 / 60 Platinum
1- Dugout / Dudley
2- KIKU Imports
3- Omega QSE

55 AAA
1- Carolina Legends

50 AAA
1- Automotive Triage
2- Old Skool

40 Major
1- Team EVG
2- Mission Possible
3- Y'all Next

40 AAA
1- Rough Ryders
2- Warpath
3- Smokin' Aces

May 17, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Polk County

Checking in- I am still with you. Home from Raleigh, I am working on FL schedules today.
May 17, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Quad State Shootout

Managers received an email at 6:46am on May 14th (last Friday). They were posted to the SSUSA tournament page a few hours later when the sun came up in the west.
May 14, 2021
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Polk County

UPDATE- The older divisions at the Polk County Senior Showcase were scheduled to play on FRI / SAT next week. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the park on FRI and will need to squeeze all divisions in on SAT / SUN. All 24 managers received an email on the matter this afternoon and have been asked to provide a response. Once done, I'll get the schedules going-

Teams staying in should expect longer days at the park and earlier start times (no "late" start requests will be accepted). If your team is scheduled to play, have your manager check his or her email.

Thanks- Tim
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