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, Aug. 17, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Retirement Ceremony?

We spread his ashes (at his request) in left field of his favorite softball field after he lost his battle with cancer.----------That's a retirement ceremony :)
, Aug. 16, 2016
Topic: Associations
Discussion: Unfavorable weather conditons......

The actual temps at this tournament were between 97 and 103 with heat indexes apparently hitting 112-116

Ambulances were at our complex multiple times. I went to another complex to watch some buddies after our game finished on Sunday, and I saw an ambulance with lights on, leaving there too. One of my guys admitted himself to hospital Monday after returning home, had to get hooked up to IV for fluids and Doc said his blood test was bad, he was probably a pinch away from heat stroke Sunday. He couldn't even drive his own car home, had to lay in back seat 7+ hours.

We can't change the weather. I am not usually a fan of time limits. but this weekend I think the Manassas tournament was very well run and the time limits were a MUST. Time Limits probably cost us our two losses to a point, as we lost by two and by one. It is what it is to keep games somewhat on time.

It was nice to play some different teams than the ones we run into at every other tournament all season. We Met Good Guys on all the teams we played!!!!!!

Congrats to All World Champs and competitors!!!!

, Aug. 1, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: who won at the ISA WORLDS in Columbus

I don't know who won, we were eliminated at 11AM Sunday morning and drove six hours home.

I do want to say that as a Sponsor/ Coach/ Player, this was one of the BEST run senior softball tournaments I've been to in the past several years!!!

Games on Time, Stuck to time limits and open innings, Grounds Crew did excellent, fast turn around after Fridays heavy rainstorms------Actually to me it was amazing.

Umps for our games were for most part very good ( we all disagree with umps sometimes :)

I had phone calls from tournament directors staff letting me know next game time throughout the weekend. Directors were available whenever needed. Facilities were impressive, bathrooms clean, the town (Columbus Indiana)---- anyplace we went was clean, friendly, nice!!!!

Brackets well done, teams we've never played against before which is always refreshing, and met some very nice people!!!

We will be back in the future.
, June 30, 2016
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 1-1-----0-0 count

k man --- AGREED, outfielders defensively/offensively/base running, just going to their position between innings put on "miles"

I love your assessment of interpreting the rules-----------one of the leagues I play in is a "senior" over 50 league with GSL rules------------senior because we are over 50 and use a mat---------------GSL has a 5-10 arc 1-1 count, NO Senior bats (U Trip only) pitchers use USSSA rules, faking, bobbing, weaving, stuttering, dancing, throw under the legs, flat, fast, windmills, etc etc etc-----------it was OK when we used to play USSSA when we were younger-----------GSL is modified with the 5-10 arc because very few USSSA umps ever called "3 feet from release" properly--------at least 5 feet is some kind of gauge----------------but it throws even seasoned senior tournament players off with the herky jerky stuff nobody has seen in several years. The best GSL pitchers in a 12 team senior league dominate, but there are only about three guys that can do it well.---------Last night I saw 50 Major Plus Players swinging and falling down in the batters box, hitting into DP's due to the pitching.

We do need a QB cheat sheet to play SSUSA/ISSA/SPA/ISA/USSSA/GSL and whatever else is out there, plus every local league seems to have different local rules too (screens, no screens, 65 feet/70 feet bases, ten kinds of balls, ten men, eleven men, I've seen 12 men defensively------------where does it end????
, June 30, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: divivsions..

I have a different idea to "divisions" and honestly I think the current AA/AAA/Major/Major Plus format is good, & for the "most part" it works if teams aren't sandbagging and playing down.

Even if they are, they are still bound by the home run limits of their division, regardless.

What I don't personally like are the 5 year breaks in divisions----------50/55/60/65/70 etc----------I just think those are too many divisions with not enough teams per rating to go around. At least regionally here in Ohio.

Way too many times for the amount of money, I as a sponsor, shell out for tournament entry fees, motels, uniforms and other expenses--------------I just don't like going to a tournament and playing one team in a best of three after the seeding games because there isn't anybody else to play----------or giving, or receiving, five runs because of different age or ratings divisions in the same bracket.

We got a 55 Major trophy in another association last month because we were the only 55 Major team and had to play 50 teams all weekend (both major and AAA)----------& to me that stinks, and its kind if like the silly "participation trophies" they give to all the little leaguers now, win or lose.

We pulled out of another tournament last week because we were going to be, at the time, the only 55 Major again.

I don't know what the "break" in age should be.

Part of me thinks simply 50+/60+/70+/80+-------all in 10 year increments

Arguments go both ways that the best teams in a 10 year break are all going to be guys closer to 50 then they are to 59., and those are probably true? But five years doesn't seem enough??? And another argument is some of the best 50 Major/M+ teams around now actually have A LOT of guys 55 and older anyway, many in their 60's,

If we did (10 years) that more teams might stop playing senior ball because of disparity in age and not being competitive? Then again more teams make tournaments more fun (TO ME), especially for the cost of them.

Another issue is the LACK of younger players moving up to senior softball because once the current band of guys in their 40's move up, there isn't very much behind them, the younger generations just don't play as much softball as we used to. I'm worried about senior softball as a whole, especially in the 50's division over the next 10/15 years. My guess is the current bands of 50/55's will keep playing as they get older--------------its a lifestyle we are used to.

My "suggestion" is to drop the 50 division to 48 years old----------and have the divisions in 7 year breaks------------(48-55)(56-63) (64-71)- (72-79) and 80+++

There is no perfect way to do this and this is me thinking out loud. What our team should have done is stayed 50 major instead of moving to 55, because all of our guys except for one was over 55.---------we thought we improved ourselves and played divisions smart, now we have very few regionally to play without getting on a plane.----------maybe as the year goes on, we'll take our chances back in 50's again????
, June 30, 2016
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 1-1-----0-0 count

I am open to all ideas' not sure about the 8 inning games above.

I'm fine with 0-0 or 1-1 count as long as the batter doesn't get an extra foul ball, because that doesn't speed anything up.
There is another thread going on about "heat stroke" and many others about general health

Do the math if your an outfielder-------------going from the dugout to your position is 250 feet, coming back is another 250 feet---------that's 500 feet an inning

500 feet an inning times 7 innings is 3500 feet without even chasing a ball.

Now the outfielders are going 4000 feet in 8 innings without chasing a ball, and with one less run an inning the innings in theory should go quicker, so even if you don't chase a ball, your coming back and forth quicker.

if you did this in a tournament and played even three games that's 12,000 feet "without chasing a ball" -------------that's over 2 1/4 miles a day, NOT chasing balls down in the outfield. Do the math if you played a 4th or even a 5th game----------heck even a 6th game in a day we've done in tournaments.

Its one thing if its extra innings-----------why add an inning though?
, June 30, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: ISA Worlds Columbus Indiana

We are coming to Columbus, Indiana for the first time next month as a 55 Major. (CPOA Cleveland/NOP)

Looking at past history of this tourney, and the lack of numbers of 55 Majors in the surrounding states, is anybody else planning on going????

The last two tournaments we had on our schedule we were the "only" 55 Major.

, May 5, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard results

Our Guy, who took the ambulance ride Sunday------------------(18) eighteen months recovery & rehab time!!!

NOT a MIS-PRINT------(18) months estimated by the doc. The doc is experienced, works on U.S.A. Ski Team injuries. Certainly age comes in to play.

Surgery was Success Tuesday May 3rd. Immobilized for the next two weeks. Two more weeks of light stuff.

Four weeks total projected off work-----------burning his entire year of vacation time. Luckily he has a desk job when he goes back. Still going to be uncomfortable.

Probably TWO full seasons of lost softball----------he might not even come back to play.

This is also a guy who kept himself in tremendous physical shape, the guy is "ripped", and eats extremely healthy diet/lifestyle. The doc said due to his physical condition------"maybe, just maybe" cut down full recovery time to 12-15 months.

What a shame!!!!!!!!!
, May 3, 2016
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: new 85 team forming looking for players

If you would have told me when I was 16, that I would still be playing ball at 56, I would have said you're out of your mind.

Here I am.

IK------Congrats to still be playing------good luck in your search------I hope the man upstairs keeps me healthy to still play in another 30 years!!!!
, May 3, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard results

Our player and friend is having surgery 8AM this morning as I type this.

Torn Patella tendon, broken bones in femur and knee cap, torn muscles above knee, not sure what else, but he lucked out and got one of the best doctors anybody could ask for here in NE Ohio.

I had another thread going "before" we even left Cleveland for this tournament. As stated, 100% chance of rain leaves little doubt its going to rain. Most of my team was adamant to "not even make the trip at all" but we (I) chose to do it.

The injured players sub came into the game, and slipped throwing the ball back to infield, looks like probable torn rotator cuff.

Moving forward, we will probably just eat tournament entry fees in the future, and save on human injuries and other expenses. You never know if its going to rain or tournaments might be shortened and modified.

We spent a couple thousand $$$$ on motel rooms-------as did all other teams-------so this was win, win, win, for SSUSA/Midwest Sports Complex/ and local motels and eateries.

I was really hoping when tournament director called the 3PM meeting to get all coaches together on Saturday, that they were going to just call it, and send teams home before spending another night in motels. I was shocked it was moving forward.

I mean, as he was saying we were "going to start in a little over an hour" it was pouring like a monsoon outside?????? Yes it did stop raining when the radar said it would stop raining, but common sense had to see the standing water and mud everywhere????????? I took pics of it as I was walking up to the meeting room.

We got done a little after 1AM on Saturday. Sure it was nice being 4-0 at the time. We did not get back to motels till around 2AM. I think the team we beat had to be back to play 7:30AM.

Most of my guys haven't seen 2AM in decades, unless they have to get up to take a leak.

I have a lot of "mixed thoughts" on this situation right now, some of them rational, and others emotional. I'll let others speak their mind as I really do not have anything "positive" to say about the entire weekend.

If anybody has pics of the playing fields please feel free to email me.
, May 2, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard results

I'm not a doc, so explaining the best I can.

Muscles that attach lower leg to upper leg around the knee ripped. & broken bone in upper leg above knee.

He is going to go through more extensive testing at his doc in Ohio today, they think tendons damaged too, not sure what extent? He needs to get MRI for full evaluation. I "think" they only did xrays and doctors review in Indianapolis.

He is in good spirits.

THANK YOU for asking, and was nice playing against you guys.
, May 1, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard results

Kudos to Tim and Nancy for your due diligence under "horrific" conditions (Both Days) Saturday Sunday. I know & understand you need to do, what you needed to do.

I am going to wait a few days to post more complete comments, as "horrific" conditions is a key word.

We lost two guys today who will need season ending surgeries due to field conditions. One took an ambulance ride and spent the afternoon in the ER, and over 7+ hours drive home in my car on his back. A 3rd guy was hurt due to slipping, although his injury occurred two weeks ago and is now hurt worse. He's likely done for quite some time too.

The ambulance crew, who sloshed through the outfield with a stretcher & paramedics, asked "why are you playing in this"????? Keep in mind today was the "sunny day"

I'm leaving it at that for now.

Congrats to all teams/all divisions, who participated, and made it through, hopefully safely??????

, April 28, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Invitational

Well, it appears we will make the trek to Indy.

I have a sneaky feeling I am going to have some upset troops, on the turn around back home.

See you Saturday
, April 28, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Invitational

Nancy--------OK we will have to go with what you suggest, I guess????

I have till tonight to cancel motel rooms, if I wait till tomorrow, if washed out, we still have to pay.

Just like anybody else, I don't want to lose $2,000+++ and twelve hours total driving both ways if not needed though.

Its like a monsoon and 44 degrees in Cleveland right now, today.

It the weather forecast for Indianapolis said 80% chance of rain, instead of (100%)I'd feel at least a little better about this. And look below, I just looked again 100% chance of rain BOTH days, not 99%, it says 100% :)

Sat 30 Rain 100%



Sun 1 T-Storms 100%



, April 28, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Invitational

Rich33------LOL :)

I just "googled" Indianapolis weather this weekend.

Saturday 100% chance of rain

Sunday 100% chance of rain.

100% = 100% & is kind of daunting.

We've got 5/6 hour drive, one way, depending which side of Cleveland our guys are coming from.

We have late 3PM start Saturday but I have a couple guys whose kids are graduating college Saturday AM and are literally jumping in their car between 11 and noon and driving 85/90 MPH to get to games on time as soon as their kids get diploma's.

Most guys coming in Friday night.

between entry fee and motel, its about $2400 bucks +++-------

$2400 also = $2400

I'd rather get games in at $300 to $500 avg. per game LOL, than $2400 for ZERO games, if they can call it ahead of time, although I suspect somebody from SSUSA office also paid to fly and sleep there too :)

, April 28, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Invitational

What is the weather forecast there????

Looks like rain, rain and more rain??? At least on the reports I see here in Cleveland,

I know weather cant be controlled but as a sponsor, I hate spending $2K on motel rooms all weekend for wash outs.

Nancy you got any pull with the man upstairs :):):):)
, April 11, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: The Villages Florida

Guys, just got done with open hitting at Saddlebrook from Noon to 2PM
77 and sunny.

The next open hitting is Thursday the 14th at 9:00AM at Saddlebrook

Good Spring Training for me.

Left NE Ohio Saturday to 9 inches of snow.

, April 8, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: The Villages Florida

Hi Bud:

I will be down the week of the 11th for two weeks.

Thanks for the offer to work out. I'm just looking right now at the "open hitting schedule" at any of the complexes? I think they were doing Sunday Mornings and one day during the week.

Last year when I was down in April they were using Soaring Eagle Complex on Morse Road for hitting?

Any ideas when/where ???

See you over next two weeks. I want to get some swings and stuff in before we start our summer SSUSA Tournament schedule back up at the Brickyard in Indianapolis April 30th.

, April 3, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Team pages

CPOA Cleveland/Northern Ohio Printing 50 Major just started ours last fall.

I think we have more pics of our activities "after" games then the games themselves.

, March 2, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Team Move from 50 Major to over 55 ?

Question to experts. (Story Problem)

My team has been playing 50 Major for a few years in SSUSA & other associations.

We played as a 50 Major Team, in a 2016 Tournament already in Fort Myers in November (Winter Nationals).

Quite frankly (15) of our (20) man roster are Over 55 and (12) of (13) who came to Fort Myers were over 55.

We have decided collectively to "Age Up" to 55's (most guys are actually about 57 anyway)

We have (2) of these Over 55 guys, who in 2015 & 2014 played 50 Major Plus but are now with us full time.

I am hoping we are re-classified as "55 Major" since we are "aging up"??????

I called SSUSA office a little bit ago, and young lady I spoke to seemed to think we would just age up to "55 Major" not Major Plus?

Thanks for any input

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