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, Aug. 17, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Looking for a Senior League Rule


YES our senior league is GSL-----------with all GSL rules.

The only non GSL rule is we use a mat at the plate. I don't like the 5-10 arc and pitchers juking on the mound. It was "OK" in USSSA 25 years ago but I don't like for senior ball.
, Aug. 16, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Looking for a Senior League Rule

Senior League here in Ohio has a home run limit per team

One guy is a "designated home run hitter" (announced before game starts)

He (the home run hitter) can hit as many home runs as he wants in a game.

The "rest of the team" can hit TWO (between all of them) for the entire game, and after two its an out.

If the Home Run hitter is walked for any reason (4 balls or intentional) the next pass through the line up, (starting with the batter after the HR hitter who just walked) gets ONE more home run to hit---------regardless of where the home run total is at the time (a FREE Homer)

So if homer hitter is walked in first inning and somebody else hits a homer between then and the next time the homer hitter comes up (it wont count against the homer limit) and the team still has two more to hit. If you've already hit your two homers and the home run hitter walks, you can hit a 3rd, (Freebie) and so on.

If you have a team made up of guys who can hit homers, GREAT its a good advantage. If your homer hitter is your only legitimate home run hitter, and nobody else is a threat----------its NO advantage, and the home run hitter might take a lot of walks.

This particular senior league plays with USSSA Bats and dead balls----no senior equipment. The bats are OK but the balls---------not so good.
, June 13, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Tournament Scores

Ho-----Extremely, Very Well Run Tournament--------THANK YOU!!!!

Although we didn't do very well, we had a lot of fun playing in this, and all positive comments from my team-mates.

We loved the format-------6 game guarantee---------different teams to play each game, all games started on time, great weather was certainly a plus.

Had we won the last games, we were very curious as to how the potential three way tie breakers would have panned out :) Unfortunately we didn't hit in 7th inning of last two games we played.

Thanks Again!!!
, May 6, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

I was going to take the high road and stay away from this topic, until the above post.

timmyb--> "the ponds in the outfield" is/was/always will be, the entire point.

So thanks for that!!!! If that's the "best fields" you have played on, you must not be an outfielder, or your home complex needs desperate drainage help?

timmyb you guys have a very nice team, we've played against you guys a few times over the last couple years, & I am not mad at you or your post. WE WANTED to PLAY, but our circumstances, our travel time, and OUR BUDGET, to decide to cancel hotels before we had to pay for them will hopefully allow us to play later this season in another tournament somewhere.

But ask my guy, who racked up almost $100K in hospital bills last year,(NO EXAGERATION AT ALL) & who was floating immobile "in a pond" waiting for 30 minutes for an ambulance, that could not get a stretcher on the field, on a sunny 82 degree day (with his leg bent the wrong direction)--------

Had this injury not occurred (and another just on our team)----shoot, (actually there were 3 three injuries on our team due to mud & slippage last year) we would have made the trek this weekend. But it did happen, and everybody including opposing teams (or teams waiting to play) has remembered.

THANK YOU for all the kind words we have received for that over the past year!

Dave, sorry to cause "Hysteria of Panic"-------that's a great quote by the way----thanks for that-------however there was a lot---A LOT--- of dialogue between coaches from many age divisions and states, off line, to try to make the best decisions for "their team" I had three coaches "call or email me" before I ever posted anything. More coaches contacted me later. More today on Saturday.

We ALL knew (as did others) dropping out would cause us to eat the entry fee, that's the rules and that fine, & understood, so we move forward!!!

Good Luck to all who are playing

GK/CPOA Cleveland Softball/
Master of "Hysteria and Panic"
, May 5, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

I am going to somewhat plagiarize another coaches personal comment to me:

But the fact that an established sports complex, is going to go out and buy or rent pumps (because obviously this doesn't happen often, otherwise they would already have pumps) to get the games in, tells me that normally there would be no intent to play the games at all.

I don't care if you ban me from the web-site, I am pulling our team out of ALL SSUSA events the remainder of this year, and will re-plan the season accordingly.

This is a kick off event for many Northern and Midwestern teams.

We all like to be competitive at our age, & softball is supposed to be "fun" though, and I know some softball lifers are going to have fun, regardless if you get hurt, wet, muddy or frostbit, break your $200 bats, or even turn around and go home, and that's fine with me.

My "guess" is many players this weekend who do indeed decide to play, are "probably" not going to have a lot of "fun"??

Speak Your Mind at the Managers Meetings tonight.

Again we have never pulled out of a tournament ahead of time due to weather, we'd like to play too.

After last years fiasco we are proudly NOT going to be there this weekend

Please, everybody who takes the field, PLEASE BE SAFE, that's all that matters!!!


, May 5, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

I would "love" to hear coaches or players comments on this situation after this weekend.

The temperatures alone, will break many senior bats this weekend (on top of hitting cold bats with wet balls) making losing the entry fee a mute point.

If there is anything even similar to last year (which at least was warm), everybody running this shin dig is crazy????

It was still raining this morning---------------

Good Luck to all who try to play, BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!

Don't be afraid to speak your minds about it either!!!!!!

, May 4, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

BTW, Brownie, I was looking forward to playing you this weekend!!! We had been playing Major for years, SSUSA reclassified us as AAA this year, we've seen you at MANY tournaments, very good team, have seen you play & a class outfit!!!

, May 4, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

Brownie ------Yes, I know of one other team for sure in our division that backed out today.

I wasn't taking a poll LOL------six coaches from other teams, other states, (and a couple I have never spoken to ever before) took the liberty to call or email me and tell me their opinions on what they wanted to do this weekend.

It can rain at any tournament--------it has rained at many tournaments we've attended, & not usually a huge deal.

I have never dropped out of a tournament due to weather forecast, ever, until today.

I "think" this one is "that bad"

I'll probably get pics of players with sunburns and wives in bikini's this weekend???

If so, my guess is, its a tournament in Florida though???

, May 4, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

OK--------we just dropped out and cancelled hotel rooms. Had to do that before 4pm or else we had to pay.

I received phone calls and emails from (6) six different coaches in other ages and divisions (and ours) that told me they also just dropped out.

One quote from an opposing coaches relative, who lives near Indianapolis------"It is apparent that the conditions have turned near catastrophic"

I'm watching homes and 18 wheelers floating into bridges on TV from same storm----------that's enough for me.

Good Luck to all those who venture to Indy this weekend and PLEASE BE SAFE and use your heads wisely!!!!

"BE SAFE" in your travels and on the playing field!!!!!!
, May 4, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

I've been on the phone or email with not only my players but coaches from other teams in 50s and 55's--------------Everybody has indecision with what to do at this point, that I have been in contact with.

My guys have a 6 hour drive, another Ohio Team I just got off the phone with is a bunch of guys closer to Erie PA that have almost 7 hour drive.

I don't care what the weather forecast is--------I saw last year after it ONLY rained 8 hours on Saturday----------the outfield conditions worse I have ever seen----------------READ 57Blacks post above (he is not related to me LOL )

This year its already been raining for days.

There is nowhere at Midwest Sports Complex for the water to go, there is no pumping system to my knowledge.

After last year, with an ambulance carting away one of my guys who was laying in 3 or 4 inches of water with his leg bent in directions that it wasn't meant to bend------------I think the wise decision is to wash this out--------------

and that day (Sunday) was 82 and sunny out.

The paramedics couldn't even put their gear anywhere in 2016 on a SUNNY DAY, and all asked "why are you playing in this"????? couldn't get ambulance on field, couldn't put stretcher anywhere dry without pontoons.

^^^^^^^^^^ that is a comment that has been etched in my head for a year.

And not to mention Bob who got hurt still has 6 more months re-hab---------18 months total, the doc wont give him clearance to play.

, May 4, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

Are the 65's and 70's getting their game in?

Looks like a Monsoon/Deluge in Indianapolis on the weather channel right now ????

50/55/60's this weekend looks (to me) to be "bleak"

100% rain Friday--------Saturday looks promising, only 80%

Tournament Staff---------I know you have to make the game decisions on game day, but flash back to 2016, and watch the local flood reports please.------------The outfields at Midwest Complex do not drain well. There is nowhere for the water to go unless they installed a pumping system recently.

Make the right call ahead of time :-)

, May 2, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

Thank You Dave

, May 2, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

????? Am I reading the brackets and tournament rules correctly???????

Only one seeding game not two???----------that makes it a three game guarantee tournament. I swear when we originally saw the tournament posted a few months ago it was a (4) four game guarantee.

That being said, I've not always been a fan of two seeding games, although this week we are bringing a new pitcher I've never seen play, and I was going to see what he could do in a seeding game if we won the first one.-------it is what it is I guess to keep tourney on schedule?

Now I also see a note on the tournament board that says teams that only play 3 games "could" get a refund for the entry fee----------------which is good----- and better than nothing I guess.

As a sponsor the biggest fees for me (us) is the hotel rooms, there is chance teams get eliminated now on day one, and then its too late to cancel rooms or eat the $1000 a night???

I don't want to get back on the bandwagon for my 2016 posts about 100% chance of rain and the tournament should be cancelled before everybody gets there (last year IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN cancelled) Worst outfield conditions in 40 years of softball, and guys got injured horribly.

One guy out for two years, and another all of last season (not exaggerating).

This year the weather doesn't look any better, and colder for sure.

It doesn't look like its going to stop raining between now and Sunday according to forecast? Floods all over the Midwest.
, April 20, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: win loss records next to our ratings

the car, I agree with your comments :)

I will clarify my comment. If you looked up our team (or any team) with a record last year, and saw 16-11, you could analyze that multiple ways for sure.

Certainly, few teams win "every tournament" but if I were to see a record of above .500 for any team, I'd think to myself, "heh, they must be competitive??" If I saw a record of below .500 I would probably think to myself "we have a good chance to win?"

In reality, both of my observations above may not be correct? But looking at your point, you would have some kind of idea, I guess?

Thinking like I think, 16-11 got us bumped down a division. Teams we have beat in last two years got hot and won a tournament and got bumped up. So now-----to me, teams of equal caliber are two divisions apart in some cases (we went to AAA and teams we played and won against are now major plus)??

Actually a few years ago, I made a similar suggestion to yours. SSUSA would certainly have the capability to post records of teams with results in SSUSA tournaments, but I don't think they have the resources to be checking every other association of softball to get an overall record.

^^^^that to me is a key in deciding if anybody should be "re-rated" (How did a team do overall?)

Here in Ohio, not a lot of SSUSA tournaments within 4-6 hour drive only a couple/few times a year, so to fill out a season schedule, we have to play in a few other associations. SSUSA/ISA/ISSA/SPA/USSA & GSL and we are in a non-sanctioned tournament this coming weekend.
, April 10, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: win loss records next to our ratings

"The Car" Your overall record does not matter as we found out the hard away this past December when we got knocked from Major to AAA in SSUSA.

We finished 8-8 in SSUSA/ISA Tournaments and 16-11 including ISSA in Major (we only play about 5 tournaments a year)

The December ratings by SSUSA knocked us down to AAA due to "run differential" I was told???

When the ratings got posted on-line, I was out of town on business, however, several of my guys saw the posting on the web-site and bolted to start their own team.

We are moving forward this year as an AAA team in SSUSA, and waiting for approval of our appeal forms from the other associations, and we unfortunately lost some very good players in the process.

We won or placed in Major tournaments every year for the past 8 years (including ISSA last year) but got penalized anyway, so posting records per your post not even worth it in my opinion.
, March 28, 2017
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Personal note to Gorilla Boy

Mike is awesome!!!

I've had opportunity to play with him "a little bit" here in Cleveland, and have bought several bats from him in the past, & more orders are on the way this spring in 2017 from myself and team-mates..

Mike will also give you any info you need, answer questions and concerns, point you in the right direction!!!

Consider this an endorsement :)

, March 28, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Tournament Indianapolis

Who all is attending this year?

CPOA/NOP Cleveland will be there in 55's
, Jan. 21, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: new ratings in December

Thanks Titan. I had conversation with SSUSA office in December, some of the stats they told me about with the demotion didn't jive with our actual scores or stats?

However, if indeed we were bumped down to AAA, it opens many more tournament possibilities for us.

Softball over the past 6/7 years for our team, has been getting to be like the movie "Ground Hog Day" Same Tournaments, same travel dates, same motels, same toll booth persons :-), same teams, just different outcomes.

With AAA, playing in different tournaments, different teams, more games around Ohio or Western PA instead of 6-7 hour car drives or plane flights. There have been only a couple 50 or 55 Major teams to play against in Ohio since 2010. There is no place local for us to play major, but there are several AAA teams/Tournaments in immediate area 2-3 hours. And tournaments in Akron, Toledo, Dayton where the highest class has been AAA that we couldn't attend in the past.

In Major, we play a lot of the same teams, or players from Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan no matter where we go, including when we travel to places like Florida or Virginia, over and over and over, and over again.

Thinking more clearly, maybe AAA is not a bad option (If we are indeed now AAA). Two players we had in 2016 who had Major + experience in 2015 are no longer with us this year 2017. Maybe we just move forward and see how AAA goes in 2017 and if we get bumped up at some point (assuming we win something, as we haven't done squat yet)------ then its no loss, we are back where we started.

Titan I believe you are correct about the two year time frame, and 50 Major vs. 55 AAA though?? I don't think that's possible except for the fact the SSUSA office is who bumped us down, not us.

I don't know how 55AAA would fly in SPA/ISSA/GSL and other orgs we also play in???
, Jan. 20, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: new ratings in December

This absolutely stumps me how we got knocked from 55 Major to AAA in our first year of 55's after several years of 50 Major.

We played 50 Major and won tournaments every year, SSUSA and other organizations?

We played 55 major one year 2016, (with exact same group of guys, just older) in three SSUSA/ISA tournaments.

Did we win a SSUSA/ISA tournament in 2016? No, but we finished 8-8 in those three we did play?
We had games where we also hit the home run limit of (6) ??

We also won an ISSA 55 Major Tournament in 2016 and finished 4-2 in ISSA Worlds in Manassas 2016?
Some of those we had to play and beat 50 Major teams with no extra runs? Some of those we won by 15/20+ runs????

I don't get it?

I think we can still play "up" to Major, & we probably will if we can????

I think something is wrong though? George were you reading the correct stat lines???

I know a lot of teams complain about getting bumped up. I'm not sure why we got bumped down?

If we were 0-16 or 2-14 "maybe"???? But not 8-8?? We are usually way over .500 with trophies or plaques every year? Is this the penalty for playing 500 ball?

If so, so be it.

CPOA Cleveland (formerly of 55 Major)

, Nov. 10, 2016
Topic: Players looking to join a team

Yes, Great Series, nobody expected The Tribe to get that far:

I was at Game 6 before flying to Ft Myers to play last weekend.

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