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Jan. 25, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Rule changes - where are all the Major Plus players opinions?

PATTY MAC / KEVIN / MAN-on-FIRE: The real QUESTION!!! Why did Bill Ruth, make these NEW RULES??? What is Bill's, beef w/ Major Plus players??

Please, stop blaming the hard work' Terry, Fran, Dave, etc.

Jan. 25, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: OK You Gym Rats Out There

PETE D: U should try & work out 4 times per wk. EXAMPLE: Monday.... heavy upper & then Thursday... lite upper body. Tuesday....... heavy legs / back / bicepts.
Friday..... lite legs & back.

Try stretching... after work outs for 15 minutes. One should try to stretch..... 5 X per wk.

Upper Body.. Bench Press; Inclines; dips; front or lat' raises

Legs & Back... leg curls w/ leg extentions; leg sled. Pull Downs; Setted Rows; curls;

Work outs should be 45 min' to 75 min' max...

Try 5-8 sets & start out do' 8- 12 reps.

Swim' will also, help loosen one up....
The STONEMAN..... C U in Jax...
Jan. 22, 2008
Topic: Rules of the game

GB 69: If, one looks to the left of this page, one will c the word Rules.

Click on this word....... Rules, & the 2007 rules will come up.
Hopefully, the New 2008, rules will "surface" in a few days....

Jan. 22, 2008
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Significant Rule Changes for SSUSA 2008 Season!

PETE D & OTHERS: QUESTION?? Why or better what have we, the Major Plus players, DONE?? to get our just dessert!!!!!!

1) Stolen too many Home Run Balls?
2) Cried or whine too much?
3) Taken too long & or caused to many Tournements to run far behind?
4) Made Umps unhappy about the longer than 60 mimute games? After all, these umps r paid only $20 to $24 / game & want more money....... etc....?
5) SS-USA.........., ONLY THEY KNOW.....

The STONE DWG.....
Jan. 20, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA Rule proposed rule changes

HTG: How many Umps, have the guts to toss a player 4 hit' the middle? I was in Carson City last yr, & saw several players hit the middle 10 or more times in a row..... NO WARNing...........

As a rule, yes, it will suck! This past wkend, was the 1st time that I saw a Senior Tournament, inwhich, a Pitching Screen
was used. Saturday & Sunday, the 2:00 pm & 3:30 pm games, (the N.E. field) a Pitch' Screen was used.

This was a good idea, because the sun was right in the eyes of both pitchers.

How many Umps, know the rule that states......"do to wind or sun..... the pitching height, can be lower"?

As far as protective gear........ what will happen to pitchers when, pitchers r forced to wear all of their gear in 100 to 120 degrees?? Gear in hot or humid Cities?

I do understand...... what next??? Why, NOT make the plate & mat smaller? Why, 17 inches to 19 inches?

After all, if, safety is a "real" question..... does SS-USA, REALY believe that mak' the mat 2 inches wider, will help?

Most pitchers that get hit, r hit when the ball is on the out side or corner of the plate & the batter has 2 strikes on them.

What next??? Batters NOT allowed to Walk-the-Box?????

It appears that this Sumitt, is nothing but a joke. Rules were pre-made!!!!!!!

Good Luck.......... The STONEMAN....
Jan. 20, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA Rule proposed rule changes

FRED: EGOS...... maybe, but, ASA, is directed toward Womens Fast Pitch. Is it players or ASA, that has the EGO?

Jan. 20, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA Rule proposed rule changes

LEFTY: Question 4 u? Why, do Seniors have 4 Divisions?( AA, AAA, MAJORS, & MAJOR PLUS)

Why, do we have 6 diff' age groups?( 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, & 80)

The diff' divisions & age groups, were devised to allow more older men to play Softball. The 4 divisions, were to allow players that may NOT have a great deal of talen, find a level were these players could play.

EXAMPLE: 50 M+ players, DO NOT want to play against 50, 55, or 60 AA or AAA players. 1 reason, safety.....

The mound is 50'-6" to 56'-6" from Home Plate. That means that a Batted Ball will get to the 60' area, in less than .4 of a sec.

Try NOT & blame pitchers....... What is SS-USA...... THINKING??????? I believe that it is time 4 seniors to call SS-USA or send E-MAILS......... to Terry & Fran...

I hope that I never c pitchers in full body Armor...

Jan. 20, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA Rule proposed rule changes

HIT THE GAP: How about think' this out?
1) No matter which ball, a 50 cor, 47 cor, 44 cor, or even a 40 cor softball, will travel the 1st 60' to 70', in less than .4 of a sec.
2) At our present ages, most Seniors need .42 of a sec, to react to a ball.
3) Most Seniors & I am not
4) We r also, talk' about 1st & 3rd basemen, that play w/in that 75' area.

HTG, how about u start pitching? Then tell me that those that do pitch, r whimps.

I hope that u r just mad about this stupid rule. NO one needs to c another human hurt.

LAST THOUGHT:::: Have any of u great big Senior studs, seen a man killed? How many of u studs, have seen a pitcher killed on the mound? Had there jaw broken? Had their teeth knocked out.

As far as I am concerned, I never, want to c any, pitcher hit again. Any one out there, did u c Don C, hit & break Eistein's arm.
This is why, I hope that Thump's New 53 cor ball w/ a 260 comp, is "the real deal".

Good luck to all the PITCHERS, this yr. The STONEMAN
Jan. 18, 2008
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Significant Rule Changes for SSUSA 2008 Season!

Jan. 17, 2008
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Interest level for an anything goes Senior tournament

LECAK: How about us' U-trip / ISA bats? GET RIDE of ALL THOSE SENIOR BATS....

Balls? How about us' the new 53 cor balls that have a 260 comp? One needs to hit that ball & players will earn any Home Run that is hit.....

Location... how many Seniors want to take off 1-2 days to play ball??? How many Seniors want to spend over $ 400 in plane tickets?? Spend $ 150-$ 300 for rooms???

Joe, many, many Senior pitchers, do NOT or can NOT c @ nite. Will hit' a pitcher @ nite be an out??? Will there be a Screen to protect pitchers dur' nite games?? hOW LONG OF REST BETWEEN GAMES. This would be great, if, one is play' in a HOT climate....

Will this take us back to a time when there was only 1 division???

I would like to c bring ur own balls & the other team can hit theirs or ur balls?

3 games in 1st day. 2 back to back w/ only a 1 hr rest between the 2 & 3 game.. No play' 1 game, rest 1-2 hrs, play ones 2nd game ; then a 1-3 hr rest before the 3rd game.....

Time to hang NO-MO. The STONEMAN....
Jan. 15, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: TRUMP

ENVIRO - VAC: Here is Kevin's, phone number: (800) 327-0074, ext....... 210

Good Luck....... The STONEMAN..
Jan. 15, 2008
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Big League Dreams

AFTON: Nice thought & it has been tired before. The PROBLEM..... we seniors do NOT drink or spend enough money in the concession....

The Field of Dreams Management, will let Seniors play on Friday, but, Sat' & Sunday r 4 the kids..

WHY? the kids, spend more money...

Sorry, but, we do have to face these facts. Several well off persons, which includes Kenny, have tried very hard to get the Fields of Dreams to open up to seniors. But, it feel thru.

Jan. 15, 2008
Topic: Tournaments

BRUCE U GA. PEACH: I no longer belong to LVSSA. But, here r some facts.

1) Seniors r not well liked in Vegas
2) NSA, is relpac" ASA, in Vegas.
3) 2 yrs ago, NSA, (Marty) lost it's butt in Vegas 4 that World. Marty, does NOT give a crap about Seniors. NSA, will NOT give up their fields.This also, comes several NSA Vegas Umps... Politics or just to h..... w/ Seniors..

Maybe, some of u Seniors, can talk to Hugh.

4) Freedom & Lorinzi, will be down 4 2 yrs.
5) Desert Breeze, has been made into lil' brads baseball. The parents, will NOT give the fields up to Seniors. De.... to those Cal, sob busters that have moved to Vegas from Cal. The county commisioner, 4 that area, does NOT care about Seniors. THAT's the Vegas politics in actions.

6) There r just NOT enough fields, open @ that time of yr.
7) Do to the diff' kinds of grass, YES, grass, the 1st of Sept, is the time of yr that Clark County, reseeds their parks.
8) and a few more reason or childish actions.

GOOD LUCK.... The STONEMAN............THE TRUTH & this post may get me 86ed.....
Jan. 10, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Advisory Board Makeup and How Do You Get On.

AUDIE: My good friend Joe Lecak, just got on that board. Here is Joe's E-Mail.


Jan. 10, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok Dictator?

HOMBRE: This cis found on EASTBAY, W/ a photo.

Reebok Dictator Softball Bat ASA

The RBK Dictator Softball Bat is engineered with a super soft feel and explosive performance. Optimal barrel flexibility is designed by using a compression-molded seamless construction fused with super light, aerospace grade carbon fiber and glass composite materials. The result is one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios on the market. Delivering optimal barrel flexibility and durability, the RBK Dictator Zone dictates explosive power and performance. Comes standard with the RBK tackified handle grip that provides exceptional comfort and control. ASA, USSSA, 1.20 BPF, NSA approved. Weights: 26, 27, 28, 29 oz. 34 length.

Product #: 1257225 Price: $279.99

Hope this helps..... The STONEMAN..
Jan. 10, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok Dictator?

HOMBRE: If, one goes to SOFTBALLSAVING, the follow' will come up, under BATS: This New Bat sells for $ 249...

Reebok Dictator Plus Slow Pitch Softball Bats
Reebok Dictator Plus...High Performance Bats!

Reebok Dictator Plus Slow Pitch Softball Bats feature:
Compression-molded seamless construction fused with superlight, aerospace grade carbon fiber and glass composite materials
Delivers optimal barrel flexibility and extraordinary durability
Tackified handle grip provides exceptional comfort and control
Dictates explosive power and performance
High strength-to-weight ratio
USSSA 1.20 BPF, NSA approved
2" barrel
1-Year Warranty

It appears that this Bat can NOT be brought @ the present time.

Jan. 9, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Why Composite Bats?

BASH BRO: Thanks a lot..... Piled Higher & Deeper. U r start' to sound like that Georgia Peach. (- -)
What a friend? Keep ur E-Mails a com'....

This New Ball will cause less damage if, a player is hit in the head. @ 170 (#/") or more, a person is @ risk of die'.

Hope to c u @ a few events...... The STONEMAN..
Jan. 8, 2008
Topic: Product review
Discussion: INFOR on all the DIFF' SOFTBALL BALLS.

FRED S: Here is a list of most Softballs: 1) A D Starr 2) Baden 3) Champro 4) Demerini 5) Decker 6) Diamond 7) Dudley / Spalding 8) Evil 9) Legend 10) Thump 11) Worth

List of Countries that MFG Softballs: 1) China (7) 2) Taiwan 3) Haiti (2) 4) USA (?) 5) Pakistan & a few more

Different Centers: 1) Solid Kapok Core 2) Rubber 3)PVC, PU, TPU 4) Cork / Rubber 5) Solid Poly / Cork 6) Poly Core 7) Multi layers 8) & a few others.

Makers of Softball Cores: (3). The 3 Major Companies r: 1) ISO Tech. 2) DASS 3) I forgot, the last one.

There r 2 major companies that stich most of the Softballs.

I hope this might help, u understand why, certain softballs
last longer or travel farther.

Good Luck......... The STONEMAN....
Jan. 8, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Why Composite Bats?

THE ONE & ONLY BASH BROTHER: What u have stated is a well known fact in the field of Engineering.

I have been hit' 2 End Loaded test bats that r Composite. These bats hit almost as good as the U-2.

The only problem, after 6000 swings, hit' in cold, wet weather, these 2 bats have not broken.

We have put 400 swings or so, on them, in 1 day. These Bat last too long. Bat Manufact' will not make their ton of money.

The New Story..... this yr, balls maybe, made that will do 80% of the work. Look 4 the New 53 cor balls w/ a 260 comp. Great balls, that will fly, weather one uses a Composite, Double, or single wall Ball. Todays bats, do 80 % of the work.

What I have posted, comes from several SGMA members.

BEST FACTOR. These New Balls, have a impact of less than 160 ..... At 170 .... or greater, a human, will have serious head damage, if, one is hit in the head.

Have a great yr....... The STONEMAN
Jan. 6, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Need some bat help ?

DESERTPRIDE: Senior bats:
1) U-11. 2) Senior Combat. 3) DeMi' Juggernaut (Geezer).
4) MIZUNO-- has also, a Senior Bat.

As far as balls?? What brand (Worth / Dudly / Decker)??

From what I have read, players that r not power hitters, should buy a Bat that has FLEX tech'.

U can call Kelly's Ultimate Sports (Anthony) or Anaconda Sports (Kevin S.). These 2 men can help u pick out a good Bat.
ASA BATS...... try 1) Combats Anti-Virus 2) Mizunos Wrath

Good Luck...... The STONEMAN..
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