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Discussion: Terry, Tick tock, tick tock.

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Oct. 6, 2007
Men's 50
3114 posts
Terry, Tick tock, tick tock.
There's a larger issue at stake here
vis a vis the "who's banned and who's not",
situation and that is the credibility
and ongoing development of associations like
Remember most importantly
the senior softball community is ours,
belongs to us, all of us and not you, Terry.
And I remember a number of conversations regarding some of your rulings and choices in the past
that were thought of as provincial in nature.
self serving, that is.
That you tend to listen to only a few executives
and executive friends when making important decisions.
Decisions like who's suspended and who's interest was furtherred most by them.
Decisions like who's ellligible to play and who's interests are perceived to be being served in result.

I'm not trying to bring up old arguments to begin again
but rather to state that you have the opportunity
to do as you seem to have been trying to do,
especially through the excellence of admistrators
like Dave and Fran Dowell, to continue to recognize
and effect changes that have to do with all of us
and what is best for senior softball itself.

You have the opportunity to help members enjoy and feel secure posting on your site ideas and things that are positive and postively enacted
that will only help all concerned/involved with the site, i.e
advertizers, members, players and friends.

You have banned a member for being contradictory to the best interests of us and the site and you were right
and what has changed?
He's back with a different name but is the same guy
and you can justify doing nothing and you think
that is representing the most, best of us
and what is in our best interest going forward?

As you continue to do nothing
you show your lack of involvement in the kind of organization and accountable with both need
and deserve in the Senior Softball community.

Perhaps you take us, and our true concerns and well being too lightly.

Actions speak louder than words, Terry
and your clock is running.
You are being judged as a "stand up guy
in stand up organization or
as something less.
We need you to stand up.
It's really up to and about you, now.
Not me, not Gary or Pete or Dave
or anyone but you and the SSUSA.

What's it going to be?
Show up or not.
It's up to you.
Oct. 6, 2007
Men's 50
307 posts
Didn't I read this somewhere else on here? Codger, are you having trouble remembering things????
Oct. 6, 2007
Men's 50
68 posts
Einstein, how well do you know Terry? You made the statement, "senior softball community is ours, belongs to us, all of us, and not you, Terry." Why the hell would you make a statement like that? I know Terry and have played on several teams with him and I am completely confident that Terry is very aware who the senior softball community belongs to and he knows it belongs to everyone. I just don't know why you'd make a statement like that.
You say that you know that TNG is Gary19 who was ban once before. How do you know that? Are you sitting there as he types his messages? Could you stand up in court and swear that TNG is Gary19? Even if "you" could swear that to be true,Terry probably couldn't because he can't go on what you might "THINK" is true. Terry "has" to deal in cold hard facts and not on what somebody might "think."
Again, I'm completely confident that Terry know's what he's doing. Who knows einstein, he might be collecting facts about this right now. I'm sure he'll respond in a manner he feels correct and in the best interest of the senior softball community and not his.
Oct. 7, 2007
Men's 50
128 posts
Seems Einstein wants someone banned from the board, so he threatens Terry with "clock is ticking" and "clock running out".About the only statement that makes any sense is "It's not really up to and about about you, ME ,not Gary or Rete or Dave blah blah blah "If you believe in this statement then get off Terry's butt and maybe open your own baord where you can toot your horn and blow smoke.If Terry is to start banning people on this board for negative input,and harassment, I hope he reviews all your past posts and includes you, which I don't understand why he hasn't already,If I was in charge of this board and recieved the continious criticism and threats that you give him , you would be one of the first to go.This board is not about you and what YOU want.You can bad mouth this reply all you want, cause it pretty evident you want to be the center of controversy,but I won't belittle myself to argue with you,like you think you have to with Gary.If you would have ignored him from the start ,he probably would have gone away, but no, you just kept throwing fuel to the fire.Now you have a blaze going and want Terry to finish what you started.
Oct. 7, 2007
Men's 50
307 posts

"einstein's" criticisms of Terry started, probably not coincidentally. around the same time Dave Dowell chastised him for his posts and for his part in all of this.

He truly seems to think he is the patron saint of Senior softball, and his cronies seem to think he is above any criticism. Kind of sad, really.
Oct. 7, 2007
Men's 65
181 posts
TNG Gary19 is once again dominating this board with his constant negativity. Please get rid of the cancer that is growing here.
Oct. 7, 2007
Men's 50
307 posts
I can only hope that was tongue-in-cheek, otherwise you really are kind of dumb.
Oct. 7, 2007
Men's 65
601 posts
Mitch - check with Dave at the SSUSA. He has the most info. with regard to the situation.
Oct. 7, 2007
Men's 50
307 posts
Yea Mitch, please do check with Dave. He will give you BOTH sides of the situation, which you WON'T get here.
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