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Discussion: las vegas winter world

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Nov. 25, 2004
35 posts
las vegas winter world
my thoughts on the l.v.w.t. last weekend.
this 50's aaa-aa tournament was a joke.we were sent to play aa ball agianst other aa teams but the powers that be decided it would be a good idea to let MAJOR teams play agianst aa-aaa teams,how nice of you terry!! its seems your tournament director ,i quote,"i dont know what these teams are rated" b.s. i say!! if your the tournament director and you dont know these teams are rated MAJOR(the buccaneers, master collision,otherwise know as the col. rockies as eveyone knows,we may be old but we have memories of these teams that are major,the molson team from canada,they have NO BUSINESS playing agianst aa-aaa teams, and you know it!! tell me then ,how come when the col.rockies(master collision)team went 1-2 in the round robin games, you guys(terry and the tourn director) said OH NO, THIS CANT HAPPEN, THEIR TOO GOOD TO PLAY IN THE AA BRACKET!! so instead of them playin in the aa tourn. based on their 1-2 record,because it would of been a embrassement to your org. to have a MAJOR TEAM beat up on aa teams because they were to strong a team, you moved them up to the aaa bracket. this is my point....they were too good to play aa ball and should of been in the major division like they belong, not playing down to beat up on aa teams just so they can win a RING!!!! and dont tell the aa teams that nobody knows the rankings, their right their on the SENIOR SOFTBALL web site,you fellas need to run a fairer tourn. where aa teams play aa teams and aaa play aaa teams , not aa agianst MAJOR teams ,this is totatly wrong and could of been righted if the t.d. and you, terry had done the right thing and moved the teams where they belonged!!
congrats to the indy fog on your winning the aa, world
Nov. 26, 2004
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey K of P,
That's always a drag when teams
are mis-matched.
But it seems that tournament directors get hamstrung depending on who does and doesn't show up.
I've played with a run handi-cap before and it seemed to help a lot to keep things meaningfully fair.
Major plus had to give as much as 8 runs to a triple A club for example.
I don't know the answer but it sure can be a kick in the groin being unfairly over-matched.
And, more importantly,
some thoughtful beings need to start making some decisions about bats, balls, rules and ranking to keep the game enjoyable and fun for us,
else risk destroying the fabric that binds us all.
Nov. 26, 2004
35 posts
we as a team, have no problem with whatever bats ,balls or rules are used,my motto has always been"if you can swing it,bring it!!"my bitch would be with teams that knowingly enter aa-aaa tourn. that KNOW they are MAJOR teams and want to play down just to win a ring my advice would be if you need a ring that bad, go to any jeweler and have one made up to say "i won a world"but we were a MAJOR team playing in a aa tour. arent we good!!!!! point is, these directors know who is who and ANY MAJOR team that plays in a aa tourn. should be totatly embarssed to be their!but......some teams will do anything to win a ring.
Nov. 27, 2004
Bobby L
Men's 55
29 posts
Kof P,
Know exactly how You feel about these sandbaggers playing down and the directors letting them do it.Check out my posts from 11/7,8.and9.Had many good threads and some good suggestions on ways to help fix the problem.I personally wrote to Terry 2 different times and asked if he ever reads this board to get an idea what the players want.As of this date I still haven`t had a response of any kind from Terry or Fran.SO I`LL ASK IT HERE .ARE YOU SO FULL OF YOURSELF THAT YOU DON`T EVEN FEEL THAT IT IS NECESSARY TO RESPOND WHEN A MEMBER TAKES THE TIMETO WRITE TO YOU OR ARE YOU JUST THAT DAMN RUDE?
Nov. 28, 2004
Men's 50
64 posts
King-Of-Pain---I read your post and have to say I donét share your view regarding the winter worlds. I donét see where the directors of the tournament did anything wrong with the way they placed the teams and given the small number of teams in the tournament donét know what they could have done different to appease you. I seen a tournament with 11 teams in it that were all pretty good ł some better than others. Six of those teams who played better than the other 5 went on to play in a Gold division and five went on to play silver. That seems fair. I know that a couple or maybe three teams have been previously rated major but I did not see any teams that IMO should be considered major in the 11 team tournament. I talked to the coach of the Colo. Rockies / Master Collision and he told me they are rebuilding, they had 7 players move up to 55s---fair enough for me and besides they lost 2 out of 3 games in the RR and should have played in the silver but ASKED to be moved up. Thatés a classy move-not sandbagging.

I coach and play on the Canadian team you are referring to that you say "had no business playing AA-AAA" and am not sure if I should defend that statement or feel honored. I can tell you we do not sandbag. A little history on our team for you. We are rated AAA this year and based on our play all year can say we belong in AAA. We played in the SSUSA AA Worlds in Winnipeg last year and finished 2nd. And that was with a stronger team than we what we managed to scrape up for the winter worlds in Vegas. We also played AAA in the LVSSA Worlds in October and won only one game in the elimination round and again that was with a MUCH stronger team. Did we have a good week-end in the Winter Worlds? You bet! We got hot and had some luck and got some bounces along with some down home weather on Sunday and by the way, we did loose a game to an AA team.

Dec. 25, 2004
65 posts
Hey kingof pain, check out my article in cheater or not on Oct. 30 for an issue that happened in 03 and why we didnt go back this year. Its been sad but now its been toooooo consistant for this tourn.
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