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Discussion: Tanel 360 Top Gun IV - San Clemente

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Aug. 27, 2012
Men's 60
1058 posts
Tanel 360 Top Gun IV - San Clemente
Just want to give profs to Kevin and Top Gun. Great competition and the tourney was well run. San Clemente is a great location with good facilites. The city has done a good job reclaiming the park.
Aug. 27, 2012
Men's 65
840 posts
I played in San Clemente too, but the only things that were great about it was the competitve teams they drew and the food at the concession stands. In addition to that, I enjoyed talking with the guys from other teams, that I have known for over 10 years. It was great to see so many of you out there. This was not your typical class run tournament that Dave, Fran, and Terry run for SSUSA.

I do not know where to start here, so I will just jump around on topics. It was very difficult to get 6 or 7 innings in per game. I am not sure that we got a 7 inning game the entire weekend. I believe we only got in two 6 inning games or maybe 3. With the team I am filling in for this season from Las Vegas, it is quite a trip to play 55 minute games. On top of that, being shorted the 55 minutes. In our first seeding game, we were cut to 52 minutes, In our second seeding game, we were given 49 minutes. Are you kidding me!! I believe the 49 minute game was shorted, because the umpire was so late getting to the fields. That is not our problem. Maybe one of the gentlemen running the tournament should have stepped in till he showed up.

We were allowed 2 balls per game. After one inning, we had to go use batting practice balls. As a pitcher, that was good for me. As a batter, it was not good. The fields were rarely dragged, if at all. Nor were they chalked after each game.

A couple of the umpires were clueless about senior softball, as well as their judgement poor about calls and the rules. In fact, there was one umpire asked to not umpire a particular team's game, and had to trade with another, because he was so bad. Guess what, we got stuck with him for the second time, and he was so bad again with a chip on his shoulder now, that a couple of our guys comfronted him, and he eventually kicked one of our players out of the game. The same umpire from our seeding game, was trying to short us again on the time limit. There were about 4-5 umpires that called a good game, so thanks to them.

These are just some of the reasons, that I typically do not have my teams play in a Top Gun runned tournament. With all of the teams that you have in SSUSA, you should know who your good umpires are by now, spend a little more time on the fields, and use some of your profit to buy a few more softballs. BTW, maybe you can splurge for 2 people to take care of the fields. You may not like what I had to say, but it is the truth.

Just My Opinions,

Andy Smith,
55/60 Majors
Aug. 27, 2012
Men's 60
1058 posts
Played 5 games, depending on the score, we either went 7 or not.

One umpire does not a tournament make, ours were pretty good and there might have been some missed calls, but not enough to speak of.

I have never seen the need to rechalk after every game. Most of the time the box is gone after the first batter and nobody chalks the outfield.

Did not see any bad hops on field 1 or 2.

All I know is if you don't chase the HR balls, you throw one in, not to hard to figure out.

I guess we see things different, just my opinion.

Mike Adair

Aug. 27, 2012
Men's 60
128 posts
I also played in this tournament with my 55AAA team from AZ. We were the only Az team and it was nice to play the CA teams. There was 1 other 55AAA from CA so they grouped us in with the 50AAA teams, which I didn't mind. What I did mind was that we didn't get to play the other 55 team in the seeding games. We did finally get to play each other in the Bracket on Sunday. The tournament could have been run more smoothly, our 1:15 game on Sat didn't start until 2:15 and our last game on Sat night at 7:15 started about 8:45. So we were at the fields from 12:15 PM to 10:00 PM for 3 games. That we didn't enjoy very much but it's always fun and I enjoyed the great weather.
Aug. 28, 2012
Men's 60
106 posts
It's all in the hustle.
Breakdown of innings played in the 55 minute time limit and then the open inning.

5 innings: 26 games
6 innings: 55 games
7 innings: 13 games

Age Group:

65+ - 75+
5 innings: 5 games
6 innings: 9 games
7 innings: 2 games

65+ - 70+
5 innings: 2 games
6 innings: 10 games
7 innings: 2 games

5 innings: 9 games
6 innings: 13 games
7 innings: 3 games

50+ - 60+ (Major/Major+)
5 innings: 3 games
6 innings: 10 games
7 innings: 2 games

50+ - 55+ (AAA)
5 innings: 7 games
6 innings: 13 games
7 innings: 4 games
Aug. 28, 2012
Men's 65
4549 posts
So how is it you cannot \ did not abide by the SSUSA RULES that REQUIRE longer game times since you supposedly represent SSUSA in this?
I understand the possibility of time 'wasted' switching teams between innings but to be boastful about screwing teams for allowed game time before last inning is called is another thing. For what, to save some money someplace?

Nice breakdown of innings here.

I have a schedule and notice some games were 1 hour 15 apart, others 1 hour 30 min apart and still others 3 hours apart but figure that was a field problem or typo. in the Prowler division.
I know many people will not speak up and frankly don't blame them because more than likely they might suffer in some way.
I know too this isn't the first time, probably not the last, which you should be allowed to represent SSUSA.

You have all great teams that attend each tourney you put on, when they aren't cancelled for some reason. A few I do not know and some other I expected to be there but weren't it seems.
Shame on SSUSA for allowing it when you had notice on here.
My $.02.
Aug. 28, 2012
the wood
Men's 65
1123 posts
We played in this event and took exception to the schedule lay out. We started @ noon on Saturday and finished up @ 10:15 or so (we played 3 games). Then played our first game on Sunday @ 7am. We haven't done this in 30 + years. We're used to the logical schedules that Dave Dowell provides and this was anything but.
I wish TDs (or whomever creates the schedules) would understand that seniors prefer to get in, play their seeding games, and get out. We do not really want to be there all day for what amounts to exhibition games. We recognize the DE games are different and we have to expect to be there all day.
We had some good umpires that hustled but there were a couple of misunderstandings over the rules... quickly worked out.
We did run short of game balls and had to use some of our BP balls at times. This really didn't impact the games though.
The fields seemed fine with us. It was a great place to play (I live less than 5 miles from the complex) but being there all day is really unnecessary, which was/is our primary gripe.
I know that the TD and his wife worked hard to make this event a success. I believe that too many teams were allowed in, given the limited number of available time slots.
All things considered, we'd play in it again.
Bob Woodroof
Aug. 29, 2012
Men's 65
204 posts
I guess our team (the Silver Sox) played both of the 5 inning games in the 65-70 division, because we had 2 of those, 4 six-inning games and only 1 seven-inning game. Doesn't seem long enough to me, either.
Aug. 29, 2012
Men's 65
4549 posts
Things will continue unless the managers speak up on here about it. I agree good quality events except for the shortened games your playing for.
Were screwed guys.
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