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, Sept. 25, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Schedule for 40's World

on average the world schedules get released 7 to 10 business days in advance. Session 1 usually earlier because its the first one. So if history is any indication Session 4 brackets will be posted sometime between Wednesday and Friday of this week. My guess is Friday due to all the other tasks needing higher attention like on going sessions.
, Sept. 21, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Player who had a CR now becomes a CR

so clear the ump got it wrong in our favor LOL
, Sept. 21, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Player who had a CR now becomes a CR

to clarify what constitutes " the moment he entered the game as a CR"?
I am of the interpretation that it is when the CR touches the bag AND PLAY RESUMES.

Ex "hey blue runner" as the CR gets close to bag "hey hey you cant run dont touch the bag"

real life scenario time was called for both umps to talk. During the time out we got a CR for man on first. CR stepped on bag the hitter/runner stepped off. The other team yelled hey blue he's out he was a CR this inning. Our guys immediately switch back to original runner on 1st. Time had not resumed yet.

Other team coach discusses it with umpires and our CR is called out. I ask to speak with home plate umpire. Umpire states because he was on the base and we saw it, he is out. I ask if our runner was also out at 3rd for getting a drink of water. He says no time was called.

I then say exactly if actions of any runner during the time out mattered both would be out. Since you all had time and did not resume play or acknowledge the CR at first, it would be the same as the first base coach kicking the bag, straightening it out etc. While time was held.
Umpire discusses with field ump and overturn call. Advised the other team that they should have stayed quiet until play resumed then appealed. YEA US!!!
, Sept. 20, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Adding players

Thanks for the answer. Also when I try to hit the rules on home or cell internet it wont let yo open it. Any suggestions?
, Sept. 18, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Adding players

Can you add a player anytime before the world starts. Has only played 1x 2 years ago. Session 4
, Sept. 14, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Rest In Peace Elby Bushong

This is upsetting. While I never was close to him, I met him as a young pup playing in is namesake tourney. Nervous as all hell playing in my first A/B tourney he came over to my dugout after my first at bat. The 30 second version was I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Stop stressing and just go have fun. I ended the weekend hitting in the top 4 of my team of grown men as a 25 year old. It was that moment with him I fell in love with softball!! RIP my dear sir!!!

, Sept. 13, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: BP in Vegas

if you go to google maps you can look. There are soccer fields across the street so depending on when you go you might get lucky

, Aug. 23, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Players with the same number on a team

Im with the majority that it wouldnt bother me either. But for boombah's sake the question of who cares has been answered by the op. He cares. Why, maybe he will let us know or maybe he would of if he wasnt bashed about it.
Maybe he's a cut and dry type of guy and feels why have a rule if the rule doesnt get enforced?
Maybe his team in the past was called out for it and it was enforced.
Maybe he follows all rules and reads all rules and had to buy more jerseys to stay compliant.
or maybe just maybe he is a mathematical genius and has developed an algorithm that takes a players bat speed coupled with his jersey number and is able to pin point exactly where to position the defense for the highest probability of making an out.

What say you BOOMBAH we need to know!!!!

, Aug. 21, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: message board standard for all

I truly think whoever is in charge of this message board should have a standard for posts responses etc.

Often there are repetitive posts that should be deleted by an admin. Comments made attacking someones character and sarcastic remarks by employees.
Some examples

What ball we use has been discussed 500x

why arent bracket results posted yet

some SSUSA staff responses

Why do anonymous posters that post something factual have no merit? Fear of repercussion is a real thing.
Sarcastic responses to posts and refusal to respond to other posts.

I think if this board is run by employees then they need to decide if employees use it as an avenue to address all concerns with responses or not. Personally I love reading some of ssusa staff responses as a player but also see employee being sarcastic to people that are frustrated and they then get mad. Ex recent post on 3 team late championship event. I would have never guessed if you call you can get earlier games to address travel. Thats awesome to know. Dont get me wrong I am as sarcastic as they come, just saying there needs to be a standard for all of us players and staff. Often we read if you have a concern call us directly but some concerns get answered. We cant know which concerns staff will respond to on this board. If this board has specific do's and dont's SSUSA staff follow and want players to follow, just let us all know. I think it will make for better communication for all.

I would like to see a moderator make a standard so we can all follow it. I believe it will help with people that are frustrated etc. Many softball boards have a search section. A common question section area and rules ex before posting use search feature, personal attacks will be deleted by moderator etc.

Thanks for listening. If nothing changes, no worries just a suggestion to evolve this page.


, Aug. 18, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Vegas umpires

it is not up to the umpires to chalk the box. 97.5% of the time its entry level maintenance who eye it up.
As an umpire I will not enforce a box once the lines have been kicked away unless its very extreme.

As a big guy I pay close attention to how the box is chalked. Many start the inside line close to the plate. Rule is 6 inches out from the plate and 36 inches wide.
if you take away half a foot or more from a tall player and require him to have both feet touch the line you are not being fair to everyone.

Biggest pet peeve I have with some umpires and the batters box is " I know the box isn't regulation you can tell but I still need to enforce the rule, now move in" Wait you have to force something thats not legal....I dont get it.

Funny story we were playing against my old team (good fun razzing each other). Every at bat the guys are yelling get him in the box get him in the box.Umpire took no action. By the 3rd at bat the lines had but almost disappeared when the chants got loud. Ump calls time says get in the box. But blue ive bated the same way all game and the lines are gone now. Ump says I let you get away with all game and now your going to be an a$$ to me. I didnt know if I should shake his hand or lose it for cursing at me. He then draws a line with his foot. Kid you not the box must have been 28 inches wide. Guess what I grounded out. lol
Fast forward bottom of the seventh, game on the line, they walk the guy in front of me to get me jammed in the small box. I look at the ump he says cryin out loud just bat. I back up go to original spot and tie the game. Oddest set of at bats ever.

, Aug. 17, 2017
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: legend 9

I know I know my opinion wasn't asked for but.......
Not sure this style of self recruitment is going to win over teams. I see red flags. For you to claim you are exceptional and great at defense is a tall order.
I can only guess that the south east is so overloaded with talent that someone with your skills isn't on a team as we approach the end of the year.
The fact that you are as good as you say and bring sponsorship money but not on a team cant be a good sign.

Feel free to bash away LEGEND
, Aug. 11, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 1st basemens mitt

until the 1st baseman is replaced with another player his designation is still as a first baseman.
40 years at first base lol

Another way to look at it is on MLB shifts when the 3rd baseman is playing at SS the put out still goes down as 5 to 3 or wherever he throws to.
, Aug. 7, 2017
Topic: Bats
Discussion: shaved bats

Blaming anyone else but the culprit is ridiculous. If USSSA, ASA and all other sanctions haven't come up with a be all end all solution in 10 years no one will. Way too many factors that fight against stopping shaved bats.
1. money!!! bat companies lose when shaved bats go away in young man slow pitch at least. Most wont send a shaved bat back for warranty replacement. So companies sell 1 bat at retail or 2 bats for same price.
1a. complete redesign on manufacturing cost big money. All to fix a problem out of the bat companies hands.
2. Bat Testing.... Tell me whats a good pass/fail number? ASA (1450) and USSSA (220) use the same testing process just different number measurements. My big cat tested 180 and 170 with 20/30 swings on it so does that mean i couldn't use it at worlds last year?
2a. Testers... who trains them? Banned for life or that tourney if it fails and turns out tester was incompetent. ex On a Friday night my USSSA bat tested 230. On sat 2nd game hit pitcher and bat re tested at 270. Bats were in bucket. So my bat got newer???? If I go to say a world tourney and my Sr bat fails am i ejected? will i be reimbursed for travel expenses if the tester didn't test it correctly?
3. To put it simply make a new set of rules and cheaters make a new way to cheat. Good Vs Evil!!

So bottom line is you cant make black/white rules on integrity and enforce it without interpretation!!

, Aug. 4, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Vendors at events

Thanks will do

, Aug. 4, 2017
Topic: Bats
Discussion: For U hitting experts

For the most part grip and rip. The exception is when breaking in a new bat. If its BP I will mark top of barrel with colored tape and rotate it a quarter turn every round. I like to make sure it gets broken in as evenly as possible. After break in the tape comes off.
, Aug. 3, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Vendors at events

Thanks staff for responding. If you can direct me to the contact to be a national sponsor I would appreciate it.
Also what can I do to bring this up at the national meeting, other then fly out lol.

There are many small and large companies that wold love to set up at many big and small events and are willing to pay set up fees to do so. I truly believe its a win win for both players and SSUSA.
Ultimately SSUSA would have to figure the economics out. I'm thinking if you have say a glove company that is a title sponsor and pays X amount of dollars and only sets up 2 or 3 times a year compared to 5 vendors paying x amount of dollars and set up 5x8 times a year the later would be more profitable.

Anyway thanks for listening

, Aug. 2, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Vendors at events

No harm or foul here just looking for advice from SSUSA. In the young mans game they are often have multiple vendors at events and it gives the players options. From multiple bat companies to apparel to various equipment. Most are required to pay a set up fee to the organization. It seems to be enjoyed by most to have options as well as buy new stuff.
My question is why doesnt SSUSA allow this style at their events? I know for SSUSA vendors pay to be a sponsor just wondering if the sponsor fee to make a vendor exclusive is higher then if multiple vendors pay per event a set up fee. If this is the only way you will operate how does a vendor get set up to sponsor?

If this thread becomes a bashing of what SSUSA doesnt do then feel free to delete it and send me a private email in response.
, July 26, 2017
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Batter hitting the strike mat

wow hold on
Are you saying his approach to hitting the ball is an OTL pendulum swing and bat hits ground before contact?
or are you saying while in the box he hits the mat like bam bam then swings. You know like a routine or rookie would do first time playing (ax chop)

I could deal with the 2nd option but not the first.

When do you play again I live close I have to come see this first hand!!!!!

, July 14, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Beach Bash 17


Quit telling stories....everyone knows what you last posted isn't true.
If the average age of sommerville 55 is 59 years old then how can 5 guys under 55 play on a 50s team. Even if you had a 25 man roster and 20 were 59 and 5 were 54 you are still averaging 58 years old.

I expect better from you in the future. TELL THE TRUTH see you soon

Let me answer a few of your questions. JK 50's consists of 7 Sommerville guys. Five still play on the 55 team and the other 3 weren't old enough. So essentially JK and Sommerville are synonymous.

And the average age of the Sommerville 55 team is 59 years old. They currently do not have a player under the age of 56. Sommerville played in the 50 division for 10 years some of which the team name was Mavericks and most players could have moved up to 55.

, July 7, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: You make the call

Good explanation Dave.

I used something similar on another call.
Runner came into right hand box to pick up bat. No play at the plate but I called the runner out for coming into the box. He wasnt happy saying I get the rule but I was just getting the bat out of the way for the guy behind me in case he tried to score. I did it for safety not for anything else.
I said I understand what your saying but your saying you did it for safety and the runner behind you must touch the line so there was no safety issue with the bat laying there.
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