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, Aug. 17, 2015
Topic: Tournaments

Rocky Mtn Championships:

65/70 Platinum Division
1. Scrap Iron/Phiten 65 Majors
2. Cen Tex 65's
3. Scrap Iron 70's Major Plus

, Aug. 14, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Tournament Results

Here is an idea! When you win a tournament why doesn't the winning team post it on the message board? Everyone will see who won it the day after the tournament and Dave will get the scores to us as soon as possible.
I'll start:
Western Championships: 65 Major
1. Scrap Iron Phiten
2. Enviro-Vac Marauders
3. Stixx

Anyone else?
, Oct. 11, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Why Not Reward Performance?

Don, I agree 100%. I have played in tournaments for over 40 years and the Senior Softball tournnaments are the only ones that have not awarded the winners bracket team the home field choice. We just won the 65 AAA in Vegas and were the visitors in the Championship game. We won it, but still should have been given the choice to be home team. The other thing that needs to be looked at is the automatic seeding for the East and West coast champions.
MIke Massong
Scrap Iron Phiten 65AAA
, Aug. 17, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous

65 AAA
1st Scrap Iron Phiten
2nd Scrap Iron Diamonds
3rd Scrap Iron Reds
, May 1, 2014
Topic: Teams looking for players

Need and outfielder and infielder for Reno, Sacramento, and a few more tournaments. Scrap Iron / Phiten 65 AAA team. Contact Bill at or Mike at
, April 30, 2014
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Looking to join 65+ team for Reno

What state are you from? We are a Colorado team looking for an outfielder. If you in our area get in touch. Mike 303-324-6421 or
, April 29, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: NEED PLAYERS

Due to injuries we are in need of 2 players. We are a 65 AAA team and play under the name of Scrap Iron / Phiten. We have a very solid team but are down to 10 players and need an outfielder and an infielder. We will be playing in Reno, Sacramento, and most other major tournaments.
Please contact Bill at or Mike at You can also call me at 303-324-6421.
, April 9, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Miken's New Mike Macenko Signature Model is Coming Soon

Good to hear you are doing well. It will take time, but you are a fighter, and will succeed in coming back to the "Gorilla Boy" we all know.
I had to do the same, but I feel great now and looking forward to a big season. Keep in touch.
Your Colorado connection.
Scrappy 6 - Mike Massong
, April 2, 2014
Topic: Tournaments

SSUSA do you have a list of the top finishers in each age group from the Spring Worlds in Mesquite? Don't need all the scores but top 3 per age group would be great.
, March 1, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Face masks

I have been in the business of protective gear for players for over 25 years. Both for catchers and fielders. Our opinions for pitchers protection do not mean much right now because it is the rule in SSUSA.
Don't be cheap when you look at protection. It is your face and your career. You can buy cheap masks or step up and get better protection. NOCSAE requirements for facemasksa is only in the 60 mph range. I don't even think there is an official requirement for pitchers masks. Some companies state they pass a NOCSAE test but remember it is only 67 mph.
Go to the web site. Go to protective gear and they show some tests of a ball hitting a mask at 70 mph. Use your judgement but I have seen them all and some of their tests. Our pitchers wear the Combat mask. It is more expensive but like the old tv ad says "you can pay me now or pay me later".
Investigate the product. You get what you pay for, and no I do not have any affiliation with Combat.
Scrappy - Mike Massong
, Feb. 23, 2014
Topic: Teams looking for players

We lost our second baseman for the season due to an injury. Looking for long term replacement. Must be adjacent state to Colorado. 65 plus AAA player. Our injured player was top notch in fielding and hitting. Hard to replace but that is what we are looking for. Solid, top competitive team. Please contact Bill @ 303-588-7565 or Mike @ 303-324-6421. Scrap Iron Phiten 65+ AAA team. e-mail or
, Jan. 23, 2014
Topic: Teams looking for players

Due to the loss of one of our starting outfielders, and infielders, due to injuries we are looking for a couple of top notch AAA players. Our team is the Scrap Iron Phiten 65 team from Colorado. We won the Winter Worlds and were looking towards having a great season this year. Please contact us if you have interest in playing on our team. Our first 3 tournaments are Mesquite, Vegas, and Reno. We will be playing several tournaments this year. Contact Mike at 303-324-6421 ( or Bill at ( Bill just had back surgery so please use his e-mail.
, Dec. 13, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous

I have know Mike since the 80's. He is a good friend whom I speak to often. What a shock. This is a guy with a heart as big as anyones. My prayers are for Mike and his family.
I played against him on the field but we spent a log of time together as friends.
Hit one more Home Run Big cat and get through this thing.
Scrappy6 Mike Massong
, Aug. 15, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous

One of the founding fathers of the Scrap Iron Club has passed. Phil Field passed away this week and services will be held on Friday. Phil helped set up our non profit organization and was also a dedicated player. He battled prostate cancer for years. Phil will be missed by all and I will remember him as an outfielder playing next to me many years ago. God bless Phil and his family. He will be remembered at the Rocky Mountain tournament this weekend.
Scrappy6 - Mike Massong
, July 29, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: need a white combat cent ,

I have a new white Centenarian in the wrapper and it is 30 oz. If you want it I can get it to you for $ 149 which is what I paid for it. I dropped down to a 28 oz and willing to trade if someone has a 28 oz.
Get a hold of Mike Macenko if you need a different weight at the numbers above. Big Cat is top notch. Known him for too many years.
Scrappy 6 - Mike Massong
, April 3, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Tuff Shield

Tuff Sleeves are a good product and versitle. They also protect your bat in the cages and also in cold weather. I have represented this company for over 20 years and use it myself. If your local stores don't carry it have them order it. Tuff Sleeves and Tuff Toe which is the pitchers toe protector is used by most major league players. For more info go to
I will discuss with Corky about carrying it on the truck.
Good to see Steve Imlay out swinging the bat. I have played against you many time with our Scrap Iron teams.

Mike Massong
, March 31, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: looking for a certain style bat bag

3N2 Sports has a bag that will hold 4 bats with smaller sleeves in it. You can also put one bat in each of the outside zip compartments and 2 in the main area to keep them seperated.
, March 11, 2013
Topic: Bats

I have just been notified that Combat has filed Chapter 15 bankruptcy. If you are a fan of Combat products you may want to get your bats while they are available. More information is available on line.
, Jan. 7, 2013
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: THANKS SSUSA

I wish to say thanks to SSUSA for asking me to vote on the 1-1 count survey. It is not often that an association asks its members on what they wish to do. It did not matter so much as to who "won" the survey as I would have played either way, but at least we were asked.
Shame on those who did not vote. Have your voice heard whenever possiblle. Another great thing is that the Electoral College was not involved!!

, Dec. 27, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: survey

I don't remember one game in several tournaments we played in this year that the time ran out on. The difference between a 1 and 1 count with a foul and a 3-4 count is one pitch.
More time is wasted between innings and substituting runners than the pitch count. Half the time a guy asks for a runner and the players on the bench don't even know who is going to run.
Why take more out of the game? It seems like more importance is placed on making money and getting the game overwith than playing it. What's next, a one pitch tournament? It would save time and get more games in for associations to make more money. SSUSA increased their game times to help with this recently and we should be able to get a whole game in with the increased times. Have sub runners ready to go in and the guy on the base can leave the base as the other guy is coming out to take his place.
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