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Discussion: Einstein

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Oct. 23, 2006
Men's 50
23 posts
This message board should be used as a forum to express our questions and concerns about our sport, not to be used as someone's attempt to mock or poke fun at one of our members. We need to police this ourselves, as just one means to maintain this as a legitimate organization, and attempt to better our sport in the process. Einstein has the right to pose questions or statements about "altered bats" or any other topic (concerning the sport) that he feels compelled to discuss, and we have every right not to acknowledge him, or discuss a particular topic with him. That said, the only real way that we will not have an "altered bat" controversy is for the bat companies to supply bats for each tournament, and those bats would be the only ones allowed to be used. At the very least, bats should be supplied at the National Tournament events.

This posting isn't about bats though, it's about one of our fellow "Senior Softball" players that feels compelled to post messages under the id of "EB", and sign his name as "einstein". It seems the "EB" cannot pen a message without referring to a "fart". It's a real shame that this "gentleman" has to make a sophomoric attempt at that I am sure is of no interest to the vast majority of the other members of this organization. It's also a shame that this moron has too much time on his hands to write and contribute something intelligent to this message board.

I do not know Einstein. I do not know where he plays, what division, or what age group. What I do know is that he doesn't deserve some coward attempting to pose as him. If "EB" has something personal against Einstein, then (EB) provide him with you real name and contact information, and take it up outside of this message board...none of us really want to read, or are impressed by, how eloquently you use the word "fart".

I suppose, EB, that you do attempt to write some meaningful messages, but every time you pound on your keyboard your lower GI tract acts up and the only way to find "relief" is to spell it "fart" out in a message. It's sad, and troublesome, that "fart" is the word that you choose to use most often in your postings. You may want to think twice about that, in the future. After all, by definition, a fart is a term (albeit slang) for "somebody who is considered to be unpleasant, boring, or irritating". Well, I guess if the shoe fits...
Oct. 23, 2006
10 posts
MPB33 - Thanks for writing what I believe a lot of the rest of us have been thinking for a while. There's no place in any serious discussions for the sort of stupidity EB has made us suffer thru on serious topics lately. I wish the people in the home office would just throw him out, but maybe he will take your suggestion. Thanks again
Oct. 23, 2006
Hit the gap
Men's 70
154 posts
I must give Einstein credit for his persistence and tenacity. I'm sure he brings the same kind of attitude to his game.

Here's the problem. Persistence is good to a point but there comes a time when it becomes annoying and overbearing. A good salesman knows when that time comes and runs the risk of being completely irrelevent and losing the sale when he crosses that line. In my opinion and from the responses on this board, Einstein has crossed that line many times. It's called beating a dead horse.

In an open forum you will always have a few people that will put up childish posts in response to that. Get over it. It's not the end of the world.

I look forward to Einsteins comments, questions and suggestions as long as they do not not become obsessive, repetitive and yes finally irrelevent.

Just my opinion and hope it is taken in the spirit in which it is given. I too would like to see this board as a place for the exchange of ideas and information.
Oct. 23, 2006
60 Bill
27 posts
Thank you Hit the gap. Einstein (where that came from only he knows) he must not have a life other than pitching.

Oct. 24, 2006
Men's 50
3114 posts
Here's another suggestion.

It is manly to want to solve problems
that challenge us.
Not just talk about them.
Oftentimes, persistence is the way
to get through from the beginning
all the way to the end.

As serious ballplayers,
not anonymous bomb throwers,
we should get that.

Don't you get that when you don't sign in
honestly and completely
we don't even know if you're a man
or a senior or a ball player?
Why would you listen to whatever anyone has to say
if they won't/can't show up as and who they are?

By signing in and showing up
you command respect, and have a right
to be taken seriously and respected
by all of us.

Someone like HTG who doesn't reveal himself
is showing intentionally or unintentionally a lack
of will to pose and/or solve any problem.
He and I for example, could have settled whatever differences we had off line, if he really wanted to.

That being said, education and growth are lifelong and
it's never to late to 'evolve' so if he (or she)
is beginning to "get it" that is, see the light,
But it's more likely what we see with all this anonymity
is someone who likes to play at life but can't or doesn't like showing.
Likes to play but doesn't like to pay.
Talks about stuff but doesn't really want
to get anything done.

We have serious problems in Senior softball.
Some of them are dead serious like altered/illegal
bats and their consequences.
If you can't follow or don't like a subject
show some class and not your ass
get out of the way
and give others a chance to learn and grow.

Oct. 24, 2006
Men's 55
91 posts
ENOUGH WITH THE LECTURES ALREADY! You have more than made your point about how you feel about anonymity. It will change nothing.
Hit To WIN!!!!
B Mac
Oct. 24, 2006
Men's 70
267 posts

Our “id” is a psychological internal system which behaves as though it were the unconscious mind; a reservoir of need-gratification impulses such as the primitive instinctual drives of sexuality and aggression, resembling our anonymous “EB” on this msg. board which is not the proper forum.

Our “ego” task is to find a balance between primitive drives, morals, and reality while still trying to satisfy the id.

Our “super-ego” tends to stand in opposition to the desires of the id because of their conflicting objectives, and is aggressive towards the ego. The super-ego acts as the conscience, maintaining our sense of morality and the prohibition of taboos.

We need more 'super-ego' types of people; people with a conscience and sense of what's appropriate and what's inappropriate when participating on this msg. board in my humble opine.

Question? Did our webmaster DELETE all of “EB” nonvalue-added threads? I certainly hope so!

Bashbro1 (Kent, WA Super Major+ still looking for a team to play on in 2007)

Oct. 24, 2006
Men's 60
20 posts
Huhh? What did you say?
Oct. 24, 2006
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey BillyMac,
Long time.
Respectfully, Billy, because you are an honorable man
who acts so when you sign your threads,
passion, reason, enthusiasm, argument,
all help to teach, stimulate and instruct us.
Of course, things will change.
They have already.
How are you guys liking the 55's?
One of my favorite ballplayers in the Universe
and probably the best hitter in all Senior softball,
Donny Clatterbaugh plays with Rekko.
Did I see you guys beating them one time this year?
Oct. 26, 2006
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Bash,
How's the home run swing coming?
We gotta be ready for Bogie when/if he gives us
the call.
I heard you got a Combat or 2.
Good news travels fast.
You're gonna love 'em.
It'll take 250 swings or so to get in the range of the Ultra 2 then, as I have found, it goes right by it as it is
end loaded as the U2 is not.
I have 400 or so swings on my 28 oz EL
and it's a monster.
Let me know.
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