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Discussion: New ball talk part II

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Sept. 29, 2009
Men's 60
1024 posts
New ball talk part II
How are there not more teams in Las Vegas for the LVSSA, especially the 50 age group. It looks like the 60 Major plus figured it out they got 8 teams. We tested every ball imaginable and the 44-375 that got picked the MCT X-rock is lively as hell. We got 5 major plus, 11 Majors and 8 AAA teams if you read the board we should be turning teams away. The HR rules are the best, 7 runs and inning and no PPR. The number of teams attending LVSSA does not match the rhetoric. Logically maybe the ball, HR rules and PPR are not the driving force for attendance.

We the LVSSA did not even have a 50 division of any type this past spring. Same rules except they used an even better ball the UTRIP distance 47/525 ball.

Sept. 29, 2009
Men's 60
1712 posts
Joe, It's because it's too close to the "real" Worlds in Phoenix. To expensive to go to both, unless you are close to Vegas, like the Bandits are.
Sept. 29, 2009
Men's 60
1024 posts
Dave that would point to it not being about the balls, the HR rules and the PPR rule.
Sept. 29, 2009
Men's 60
1712 posts
I agree. Don't think it's as big a problem as on this board. Thousands of players out there, and only the same small handful arguing on here.
Sept. 29, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I think most players are quiet
and tend to go along with whatever
just like most citizens in the larger society do.
That doesn't mean they like or prefer
what is taking place.
Most players, as we've both agreed to before wanna hit good balls
with good bats.
Money was/is a factor in 2 of the teams
that didn't make it from NorCal
that I'm aware of and it takes
a little bit of time
like we talked about Joe
to change peoples minds about
which tournaments are best.
I remember it taking a couple of years
to convince seniors that Huntsman
was a good tournament.
Sept. 30, 2009
26 posts
First time responding....some of you spend way to much time here.......
1)I have trouble understanding how ANYONE who likes to hit would not want to play with a quality ball.
2) Also it has been my experience, most of time, that the players who seem to want home run rule limitations or ball reductions are usually the guys that can't hit home runs, even with MIken's, trying to make everything "fair for Johnny" - great American concept.
3) Yes the 60's got it right because when they started to play softball THERE WERE NO just pool play.. you went to a tournament and either learned to play or you went home after 2 games.

YEA for Vegas!! - let's have fun hitting the ball again - good balls - no stupid home run limitations!
Sept. 30, 2009
Men's 65
3146 posts
Good post bb. Yes, I've been told the same, that I spend too much time here.
Joe, the teams in Ga are playing in the SPA Winternationals in Pensacola this weekend. Even if the winternationals weren't this weekend I doubt if these team would fly to Vegas, (very expensive). I'm trying to talk the guys into playing at least once out west next year, Phoenix, Reno, Spring Vegas or World Masters in Vegas.
I'll be in Vegas late tonight, hope to see you this weekend.
Sept. 30, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
lecak,i think dbax has the answer for you,to close to phx,which has been always a prol for the vegas tourney.also since ssusa has one in nov that kinda is also hurting lvssa.i know my guys from out here went to the vegas tourney this yr.
also if you ask your other joe,those mct x-rocks are not worth using,yeah right.
bbullet,yes pplayers want decent equipment to use,but if you go back and check softball history,its been a continual down grade in equipment and rules.
80's mound moved back to 50',
90's 1.20bpf came to life,also balls were being down graded 47's to 44's.
2000's bats were brought down again(ASA) and balls again brought down(b/c of rampant cheating going on).

also there has always been limitations to hr's being hit,unless you played at the highest level of softball(major),only time i ever saw no limits was back in the 70's before any of the hot equipment came out,and some were still using wood bats,yes i'm that old,used my first metal bat in 73(i started playing softball in 69 in the military).

now all of this happen b/c (mostly ASA behind it)equipment was getting to hot and making it dangerous.we should not have to put our life on the line to enjoy playing softball.
also since cheating(shaved and painted bats) is rampant in softball its the only way assoc change keep a hold on safety,is to dumb down the equipment.oh by the way i'm not one of those never hit anything(hr's) or can't field a ball,always was able to do both and still can,i'm just throwing the facts out there why all this is happening to the softball game.some people will have you believe that i have some pull(and getting paid to do it) with company's,people, and assoc to get the worst equipment out there so the companies can make more money.boy i wish that was true b/c i would of been able to go to more tourney's than 5 this yr.
Sept. 30, 2009
Omar Khayyam
1243 posts
Mad dog, you’re right. Softball has been changing for years as technology evolves (and to some extent, health and power of players), making the game more difficult and/or more dangerous. But it is hard to remember all these changes. Thanks for your historical reminder.

I’ve been playing since 1953 and started with a 37 1/2 distance to pitching rubber! As softball became more popular, and attracted better athletes, mound was moved back to 40 feet. Then along came hotter balls, and mound went to 42 feet. Then came metal bats (not always hotter, but could be) and mound went to 45 feet. Next came the titanium and the hot composite bats, and now mound is at 50 feet (55 in senior softball if you desire).

To counteract the increasing speed of the ball (more danger for pitcher and corner infielders) and the resultant “home run derbies” that were ruining the balanced beauty of the game, lots of restrictions have been imposed. You can call these dumbing down the equipment, but they have been going on for a long time (I remember when our rec department banned blue dots in the 90s because of the increase in injuries).

In a tournament recently, our third baseman took a shot to the thumb. We were using an unsually dead ball and although it knocked him out of the game and tourney because of a bad and ugly bruise, it did not break the thumb. Anecdotal? Maybe. But lots of guys on my major team are not complaining about deader balls and a lot of them would give up their Mikens if everyone did, to return the game to the safer, livelier, defense-respecting, strategy-rewarding deserved-homers sport that they grew up with.
Sept. 30, 2009
Gekle BUilders
Men's 50
204 posts
Joe after reading how expensive it is to make both of these tournaments,which we are.I was hoping I could down grade that dinner I owe you to a Happy Meal.See ya Friday.
Oct. 1, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Ray,
How're you and the boys doin'?
I heard Reedus and his crew
won the Black World this year.
Is he rolling with you guys this time around?
Looking forward to seeing you and Jack
in Vegas.
Good luck.
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