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Discussion: It can't happen to me?

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July 29, 2010
730 posts
It can't happen to me?
I want to share a story with all of you about someone having a stroke, and that someone was me. Yes I didn't want to believe it either.

Saturday morning I got out of bed at 6:40am. I fell to right around my bedroom eventually landing in the closet. I was having trouble opening my eyes also. I thought I was still tired and stumbled my way to the bathroom. Upon leaving the bathroom I was stumbling again. I made my way to the back porch thinking I was just tired and needed some time to wake up. Well after a good shower I was on my way an hour south to a friends house stopping at the mcdonalds for a sweet tea and a sandwich. While I was waiting in line at the drive thru right side of my brain felt like it was hot. I called my wife to see if she was up and told her I was going to pull back in the drive way for a few minutes just to see if I felt any better.

When she came out and looked at me she told me we needed to go to the hospital. I got out and walked in myself, it all changed from there.

12 hours in the ER with many trips to the ct scan, sono whatever and everything else. Countless hours of flashing lights in my eyes pricking my feet with sharpe objects, making me do simple yet very diffacult at the time tasks they tell me I had a stroke.

So that was saturday, got there at 8 am and finally to a room as I've been told around 7pm. Sunday I don't remember sunday, I've been told some interesting stories about sunday but I don't remember any of it. Monday, finally monday. I am awake, some what alert asking questions trying to get answers and of course I am superman, I want to go home. Tuesday rolls around and I am feeling much better, I tell the Dr I want to go home. He tells me if I can walk a staight line he will let me go home. Well I still don't know how I did it but I went home on tuesday. Here it is thursday and I still have a little imbalance in my walking today.

My blood pressure was never over 134/84 my blood sugar was high, but they tell me that is not a deciding factor in a stroke. After many tests the only conclusion they can come to is maybe and only maybe that ther was a blood clot in my hand from the surgery I had in march. They think that it may have moved into my brain and caused the stroke. lucky for me That I don't have much of a brain to effect and got back to work wensday.

The Drs are telling me that it will be 2-3 weeks before I am back to normal in which my response is "are you sure you want that"

All kidding aside I dodged a huge bullet, the blood clot must have disolved while it was passing through my brain. Which this left very minimal damage. I am performing almost all of my tasks at work normally, a few take a little longer but are still getting done.

So I guess the lesson for the day is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY if it is telling you something is wrong it probably is. I was literally 1 minute away from driving a hour while having a stroke.
July 29, 2010
Men's 50
3114 posts
Wow, Kevin.
Take it easy and get better soon.
We're all in the same boat of vulnerability and
thanks for sharing.
July 29, 2010
352 posts
Hi Kevin:

I wish you a complete and quick recovery. My older brother had nearly the same thing happen to him 5 months ago and he has nearly fully recovered. You put it in a very simple but accurate way when you say we must listen to our body. We don't always get warning shots but when you do you better listen.
Thanks again for sharing.

July 29, 2010
Men's 65
2237 posts
trumpball-prayers for your complete recovery. Sounds like you were lucky. People should take heed of the warning signs. I found out 4 hours ago that I am also at risk of circulation problems. The catalyst was an auto accident around 2 yrs ago that triggered episodes that I ignored. Momentary disorientation-just a couple seconds or so, occasional, short-lived light headedness after a 20 mile bicycle ride. My bp is 125/75 and my pulse is 55-58 usually. I exercise and bicycle quite a bit and went 8 games in the outfield in Reno. Superman? Right on-trumpball!! We all believe we are in a small way. I am struggling with believing this is happening, too. Players, no matter what your conditioning is, pay attention to the small things. They may not be as small as you think!!!! Especially at our 'advanced' age!!!
July 29, 2010
Men's 60
873 posts
Thanks for sharing Kevin, like Joe said, we are all in that vulnerable boat. Take care and dont rush it.
July 29, 2010
Men's 50
23 posts
Kevin -
Sorry to hear just take it easy and get back to the "old you". If you need anything you know where I am!
July 29, 2010
Men's 50
178 posts
hey Kevin,, don't know you eacept on the board,, but I hope all is well now and in the future.. listen to your body and the Docs cause as we all know there's only one time around in this wonderful life we live.. I'm 58 and people tell me all the time that I don't look it but I do try to take care of this one body the Man upstairs gave me.. Use to abuse it pretty good but now I try to take care of it the older I wife tells me to quit complaining but we all should keep an eye on all that happens in our so called Golden Years..
July 29, 2010
Men's 50
202 posts
Yes. I am another one that doesn't know you Kevin but you take it easy and I hope you are feeling better.
July 30, 2010
730 posts
Boonie your still the greatest. Thank you to all for the emails and post's. I am and will be fine, time will heal all.

The post was meant for all of you to learn from. I am just as stubborn as most of you and it could have killed me and others on the road that day. I am just glad for once in my life I actually found my kryptonite.
July 30, 2010
Men's 60
1023 posts
Kevin take care of yourself. Enjoy your new endeavor whatever that may be.
July 30, 2010
Men's 55
567 posts

sorry to hear that bro! i hope it all comes out better!
July 30, 2010
Men's 55
88 posts
Kevin - thanks for the story. My prayers are with you for a full recovery. Sounds like you were lucky and that you still have some more important things to do here on earth. I sent you an email about a bat before I saw your message here. Just ignore it, no worries. Get better man and talk to you soon.
MTC 55 #44
July 30, 2010
Crusher 70
Men's 75
21 posts
Kevin: Get yourself well buddy! Looking forward to again seeing you bouncing it off the bat a couple of times and then blasting it out of the park! It was great fun when we were testing the protos of Mike's bat. My thoughts and prayers are coming your way. "Crusher" 70' Sidewinders
July 31, 2010
Men's 70
439 posts
god's speed in recovery. we sometimes think we are indestructable, and are going to live forever. things that you went thru s/be a warning to the rest of us to not ignore the warning signs. best of luck and a quick recovery. frank armijo DALLAS SPURS 60'S
July 31, 2010
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
glad to hear your ok kevin,good thing you went to the hospital instead for the drive.
July 31, 2010
79 posts
Kevin, thanks for sharing this information with us. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you but I'm glad your recovery has gone very well. It could have easily turned out very different.

By giving all of us your first hand account of what you were feeling and when may very well save a life. Here is to your complete recovery and I hope to see you at the ball park soon!

curt hollis

Aug. 1, 2010
Men's 65
3146 posts
I heard the news this weekend in Gallatin. I'm glad you're doing better. Best of luck for a full recovery!
Aug. 3, 2010
Men's 65
1000 posts
Kevin, I live in Colorado and need to share with you that riding a bike during this recovery time may not be wise. My good friend, Gary Conrad, was in fantastic shape and rode his bike up and back along the mountain passes near here. He was 56 and one day, he felt dizzy at the summit and sat down next to his bike.

A group of guys drove by, stopped and gave him a ride back to town. He went to the local clinic and after tests, learned he had a stroke. He spent two days in the hospital and then was released. H

He went home and rested a couple days but went back to his office to work. He called and asked the doc if he could ride his bike. The doc said "No". In his office, Gary had a massive heart attack just 5 days after the stroke and passed on.

So, please rest and be very careful about what you do for awhile.
Ed Andrews
Scrap Iron
Aug. 3, 2010
730 posts
Well surf thanks for the advice, I don't even own a bike so I am safe for a while. I am however in the office everyday and I am trying to keep my pressure's down.
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