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Sept. 22, 2010
425 posts
I have a concern. I no longer have the time to truly committ to a team as a permanent player, however, now and then I will like to play a tourney here and there. Why can I just do that without having to be a permanent player? I wonder how many players are on my situation? I beleive that it is a win win situation for the teams and the players. Have a pool of just pick up players...however, if the player plays with the same team more than 3 times then he is no longer on the pool but rather is put on that team roster for good. Opinions please.
Sept. 22, 2010
Men's 60
156 posts
Paco , what restrictions? Player to stay at level of last full time team? Would you use the bordering states rules? So many questions, but viable.
Sept. 22, 2010
Men's 70
501 posts

I thnk you're onto something. Here is something I posted on this site a couple of years ago in the same vein.

Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Picking Up Players for Tournaments (long post)

Bruce's question about picking up with a team for the NSA tournament got me thinking about the subject.

You frequently hear of teams dropping out of a tournament at the last minute or not even entering a tournament because they are short handed. You also frequently see teams trying to muddle through or having to withdraw when injuries strike during a tournament.

I live in in the DFW area, but play with a team from Arkansas. We've had three tournaments in DFW this year, but for various reasons my team could not attend. I found myself a spectator, and much like Bruce, wanting to play. At the same time, I was watching teams play shorthanded or with injuries.

Here's my thought:

Why not let players whose teams are not competing in the tournament register with the tournament director by age and classification. When a team needs someone to have enough to play (either before hand or due to injury) they could pick up the first registered player in their age or higher that is in a classification no higher than their team (AAA's could pick up AAA's or AA's, but not Major's). They have to take the first player on the list; not cherry picking for the best players or pre-arranging for someone to register so that they can be picked up later. If the registered player can't or won't play with the first team that needs him, his name is removed from the list and not eligible to pick up with anyone else.

I'm sure there are some issues that would need to be resolved, but something like this might encourage more teams to enter tournments and, at the same time, provide idle players a chance to get into the action. One of the things we all like to see is more teams at tournaments.

Any thoughts?
Sept. 22, 2010
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
TT,sounds good but,it only works if the teams know before that they'll be short.what about injuries at the field,hard to get a replacement there then.
it would be that the pickups would have to be at the field at the tourney beginning,kinda like Russian roulette,maybe you'll be used maybe not.i do it at my senior league to try and sometimes get in another game or 2.

but yeah its something that maybe we should look into,tho.
Sept. 24, 2010
Omar Khayyam
1243 posts
This is a really good idea that needs exploring. I know guys that don't want to take up a roster spot on a team because they can't commit to most tournaments. Yet they are in shape, are often available, and in northern California, in case of injury, can reach most tournaments in 2 hours or less, and always on a Sunday. Let them sign up with the tournament director for a tournament they can make and see what happens.

Their ranking, how early to sign up, their skill positions, etc. would all take a bit of thinking, but Paco has a real good idea.
Sept. 24, 2010
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
omar that has happen there in norcal with ncssa a lot.we didn't even have to do a sign up, just know someone and ask them if they were gonna be short.i used to do it a me that is one of the things ncssa got right,the allowing of pick-ups,i think it was up to 2 and any more you had to play as an exhibition team.

here in texas it would be a little harder as we are more spread out,as i think it would be in other states also.florida would prolly be the only other state that could do it like cali.
Sept. 24, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
It is a good idea and NCSSA does allow 2 pick ups from any level at same or older age.
Perhaps if data base list was by name, location, current team rating and position(s) played, that way a shorted team could request by position needed instead of just a body.
May still get an unknown at the top of the list but you have a general idea that he should be able to fill the position.
Sept. 24, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
Don't count on anyone doing it, they focus on some strange things it seems, at times like editing the board, changing rules, you know the basics teams want, to play ball on an equal par or as close to it as possible.
Sign me up.
Sept. 24, 2010
Men's 65
4549 posts
I posted a 'template' on my (your) site and perhaps salsakid49 could do the same on his Facebook page.
perhaps the one on SSPSO would be better if players just used the age bracket forums with said info so teams could look as needed.
These are what is there:
Web ID:
Position(s) played best:
Available for:
Current team rating.

I think it is close anyway, I left out a way to communicate purposely. Not hard to figure why. You should be able to reach those on site or here via message.
The important ones are the last 4 and either of the top 2.
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