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Discussion: Home run rule for handicapping

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May 27, 2014
8 posts
Home run rule for handicapping
Your thoughts? When AA plays AAA or AAA plays Major, etc. the options for the lower classified team to receive runs and/or choose to have an extra defensive player make sense. However, it seems to go overboard to have the higher classified team also have to play DOWN to the lower classification home run limit. This significantly limits the higher classified team's ability to overcome the runs/extra player equalizer. We are suggesting that each team should retain the home run limit that applies to their classification. For example, the AA team would retain their one home run limit and the AAA team would retain their three home run limit.
May 27, 2014
Men's 55
377 posts
I believe this thought has crossed the policymakers minds, but the current rule is the one we must play with! I like your idea….Aloha, Fabe
May 27, 2014
Men's 65
4549 posts
Do not think that would keep equalizer 'rule' relatively equal.
I for one do not like outs for excess Hr's. Prefer walks and or one up rule.
Believe no one masking the rules can hit them (HR) so they control them.... oh yea. lol

You could add age to the HR's that swing the equalizing scale one way or another.
Those get mixed as well. Lastly ratings are occasionally thrown in for a few events that lack teams, those really suck.
May 27, 2014
360 posts
Don't really see how having an extra fielder would help a lower-rated team when the higher-rated team is hitting their extra home runs.
More eyes to watch the ball go over the fence?
May 27, 2014
8 posts
I like the concept of excess home runs being walks instead of outs. We've used that for over five years in league and it works well. Plus, protects pitcher and infielders.
May 27, 2014
Men's 65
4549 posts
Not sure where you are since nothing is listed but the primary assn I have played in here in Ca uses the one up rule for all events. It does a very good job keeping Hr's at least on par for trying to keep teams fairly equal at least in that respect.
Some are a mixed bag of how they rate teams, but over all a pretty good job. Some events are spread out 'ratings' wise so it leaves something to imagination as to the why...other than maybe just getting the fees...

They primarily rate teams by wins vs who's on it. But since the group who rates keeps is basically a closed group, same old same old as they say it's a closed to new blood.

Here too if a teams needs a pick up player, they can get anyone of any ability, if they choose and only may need to worry about a possible move up should they win the event.

Any rule can change every year at the annual meeting always held in Dec. Managers can propose rule changes to be voted on at that time, and if a majority goes for it, that will be on the books for the next year. One of the few assn's I'm aware of where the players actually have a say. It works pretty good.

May 28, 2014
238 posts
I have always felt that HRs should be unlimited. The reason being that a limit keeps the power teams down. Let the power teams hit the HRs. First it would get the innings over quicker; second it would allow for quicker separation of the better teams to the higher classifications; and third it would eliminate the power guys from hitting the middle (at least to some extent).

Just a thought but would like to hear others on this topic to see a difference in opinion.
May 28, 2014
Men's 50
451 posts
Robo2 hit the nail right on the head!!!! The biggest thing for me at our age is safety. It makes no sense at all to me to want people to hit the ball at someone with these bats we use. If not unlimited then make it a walk or a single. I know I would not want someone to hit the ball up the middle if I was pitching. In the lower divisions maybe, but not in the Major or Major plus division.
May 29, 2014
85 posts
robo 2 is right 5 guys hitting 5 straight ends the inning quicker than 8 guys batting also would keep the middle safer home runs are a part of the game
May 29, 2014
Men's 50
149 posts
A lot of the discussion about the HR rule seems to circle back on the safety issue related to balls being hit up the middle once the HR limit is reached. If safety is REALLY the concern, get rid of the bats. That is the most unsafe part of the game we are playing. That would also likely result in the HR rule being less important because the HR limit would be met a lot less with the possible exception of the M+ divisions.

I don't care what the rules are or will be to be honest. I'm just glad as heck to have an opportunity to still be playing and will play no matter what they come up with.
May 29, 2014
72 posts
I get tired of hearing that a person has to "hit the middle" to get a hit after their home runs are gone. Good hitters can hit the ball to most places on the field. I can hit the ball between the pitcher and second baseman or short stop. If they play me to pull and put on a big shift, I hit it to the opposite field. Very rarely do I hit one right back at the pitcher. I spray the ball and force team to play me straight up. It opens up the whole field. I know no one is perfect, but a good player practices bat control. A person saying they have to hit the middle for a hit and then says they care about player safety really doesn't care or they wouldn't try to hit a ball where it could hurt the pitcher.
July 5, 2014
1 posts
I completely agree with what Fuzz said about the AA & AAA run home team limit.I find the concept of excess home runs being walks instead of outs. Such handicapping rules are really useful for more such handicapping tips navigate to this website.
July 7, 2014
Men's 50
13 posts
***ONE UP RULE or OUT***
July 8, 2014
Men's 65
840 posts
Not sure that I would agree that playing to the lower rated team's home run limit would "significantly" limit the higher rated team's ability to overcome the 5 run and/or the extra fielder. I can see that it is another handicap for the higher rated team. I would think the one up rule or something similar would suffice. Maybe take the AA rule of 1 home run and take the AAA rule of 3 home runs and average them to 2 home runs??

On the other subject about hitting up the middle, I think the definition of hitting up the middle may be bit out of context. I believe hitters will go up the middle, but realistically, try to hit a ball between the pitcher and SS or 2nd, or a line drive over the pitcher. Yes, nobody is perfect, so some balls may be hit directly at the pitcher. As a pitcher myself, I do not care where a batter hits the ball, as long as you get out some where.


Andy Smith,
R & R Strokers,
60 Major
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