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May 12, 2013
21 posts

I play for the GOD'S SPORTS COMPANY softball team ,50 major plus.
We are very BLESSED and PROUD to have the opportunity to
"INTRODUCE" the GSC ~P413 SENIOR BAT to the softball world.I
know it has been over two years in its creation but the world was'nt
created in all it's existance overnight either,book of GENISIS.MY friends
this is brand new technology MADE IN AMERICA!!AND A GAME CHANGER
! We thank
you all for YOUR patience and most .... your understanding.
You will not be disappointed! I will be in RENO
,MAY 23 THRU JUNE 1 ...please call me to test/swing the bat.I
know there has been alot of negative but we've turned the other cheek
and are going to make it right.Please visit the website to
see film footage of the bat in action !!

CELL 530 3049816

May 13, 2013
Men's 55
255 posts
Hey Dan,

Its my understanding from Steve that hes going to keep his promise & make everyone whole that was still owed a GSC batIs this still the case & if so, when should we expect a delivery? (for those that wont be in Reno)
May 13, 2013
21 posts
STEVE WILL make good on all who are owed,pretty cool dont you think?!,WE are in production as we speak,SO MAKE SURE WE HAVE YOUR NUMBER AND YOU WILL BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO GET THEM.TKS FOR ASKING AND GOD BLESS
May 13, 2013
Men's 55
195 posts

Please send Arizona Elite 1ea - 27, 28, 29, and 30 Ounce Bat. We will put them through some Brutal Testing for you. If they are as Good as Proclaimed we will Bless them and put our Stamp of Approval on them. Maybe even Add them to our Arsenal!?!?

Kind Regards,
Cupcake #7
AZ Elite 50M+
May 13, 2013
Men's 60
322 posts
Hey Dan, Sent you an email on behalf of D&K Looking forward to do bussiness with you.
D&K 60M+
May 13, 2013
Men's 65
74 posts
I feel that I need to reiterate that I'm not a paid spokesperson for GSC or for the senior bat, P413. As a result of the video on their web site I've been asked by a few friends if I was promoting the P413. No, I'm not.
I consented to the video filming on the same day that I was able to hit with a prototype (4-5 weeks ago). At the time it was not approved but, as has been reported, now it is. While I have no reason to feel that the bat we used is any different than the one that was approved (in terms of performance), I do not know for certain as the one that we used had no graphics or any printing on it whatsoever. I am not making any insinuations, just merely verifying what I can.
I'm very anxious to hit one with the approval sticker on it... and I'm told that this is just around the corner. When I do I'll give my honest assessment of it.
From what I personally witnessed, the bat we tested performs as well as the red Miken. I was told that it had over 1,000 swings on it but I only personally witnessed 500+... it was still going strong when I left the BP session.
Still, 500+ swings on a high performance bat is impressive! Even more so when you consider the size/power of some the hitters.
As I stated previously, I am impressed with the bat we used and would like to have one even if it's just a BP bat.
Bob Woodroof
May 14, 2013
Men's 65
1000 posts
Bob, I can appreciate your candid posts and I understand your engineering mentality. My father was a structural engineer and a bridge builder in the south. He built the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, SC and the Cape Fear River Bridge in Wilmington, NC among others. I worked with him building bridges for a number of years and recognized that engineering mentality first hand. Things need to be proven and not speculated.

It was in Charleston, where I was visiting for my 40th James Island High School reunion, that I visited the plant where the GSC bats are being manufactured. I met the young engineer who Steve McKinley searched out and my wife and I spent an afternoon with him.

I was particularly impressed with his knowledge of industrial coatings, composite fabrication and engineering. He was at the top of his college engineering class. I spent 14 years in fiberglass, epoxy, and urethane application and fabrication in the Carolinas prior to moving to Colorado. I have interacted with numerous professionals in the industry over the years and I believe I looked at his plant with a critical eye. Steve could not have selected better in my opinion. Another aspect that I felt was very impressive to me was the integrity level that I saw in this young engineer. He will not cut corners even though there has been a great voice from players wanting to see and use a bat yesterday, if you will. As he shared with me, his goal is to manufacture the best quality bat possible and in doing so, has taken time to evolve to that point. I hear about the performance and the durability of the latest and recently approved bat and I believe truth is being shared but because I perhaps have inherited an engineering mentality, I also want to swing it here where I play ball and test other bats.

There are players who want to order the P413 from me and I have a reservation list but I have not and will not charge a cc until the bats are built and ready to be shipped and until I get to use one myself here in the Rockies to compare to the bats I am currently using. I've done business with hundreds of ball players and they count on my reliability.

Bottom line, the P413 will soon be on the scene and players will no doubt migrate to the bat if it in fact meets the criteria that has been shared by the folks at GSC and those who have been testing the prototypes. I can remember approximately 3 years ago when the Melee Legend by Reebok was new. Almost no one knew anything about it back then.

Thanks for allowing me to respond to your threads. I believe that healthy criticism is a good thing.
Ed Andrews
Andrews Companies

May 14, 2013
Men's 70
473 posts
Ed, this is the best thread yet why this might be the real deal and also why it is prudent to wait until you and other trsted professionals field test the final approved bat.
May 14, 2013
the wood
Men's 65
1123 posts
I am not an engineer, as you know from our personal dialogues. But I do believe very strongly in the practice of 'rigorous honesty'. My picture and name is on GSC's web site and, IMO, this heightens my responsibility toward full disclosure. If you're looking for a reason why I am this conservative, blame it on the SEC, NASD or FINRA.
I have lots of friends, and some clients, who view this board. Any time that I 'endorse' (read = speak favorably) a product I feel an extra obligation toward truth... not just part of it.
In speaking with Steve McKinlay I was told that they appreciate 'whole truths'.
May 14, 2013
swing for the fences
Men's 50
1203 posts
BW I was waiting for"I'm not an engineer,but I did sleep at a Holiday inn Express" LOL
May 15, 2013
the wood
Men's 65
1123 posts
Swing, I tried to stay there but somebody's ASME card fell out of my wallet during the check-in process. They told me that they didn't need any feedback on the building's structure and that they had no vacancies. :-)
(ASME = American Society of Mechanical Engineers).
Too bad, because I had spotted a couple of obvious code violations.
A good friend of mine told me that the 'I am not an engineer' comment sounded a bit like Dick Nixon... I'm pretty sure that he didn't mean this as a compliment. :-)
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